18 Replies to “Pollspotting!”

  1. Free beer site, I’m okay with that. Why are liquor and cigarettes taxed to death while they hire babysitters for smack addicts?

    1. Because they expect YOU to pay for their pet projects that the media will cover as they enjoy stirring the shit disturbing pot.
      You racist pig. And anti everything that we say you are should you show any resistance.

      Free Beer?
      Oh, bummer, your joshing me..

    2. Because our addicts are a rare and precious species who have to be protected at all cost or we may lose them and their huge contributions to society. I guess.

      I have never agreed with bleeding heart Liberal Larry Campbell and his four bullshit pillars strategy which after about 18 years is still stuck on Pillar One. We piss away way too much money trying to save junkies who are never going to be productive members of society and will cost the legal and medical systems millions over their lifetimes.

      If Regina brings in this shooting gallery, expect nothing but problems and rising costs year after year, and no positive results except that you may keep more junkies alive longer to cost the systems more.

  2. Just check what happened in Lethbridge and Calgary where they opened these sites. The crime is off the charts and City does nothing, zero, nada, to stop it, in fact in Calgary they actually have a no arrest policy regarding Native crime.
    So glad a few of wokes like Nenshi are not running but the bad news they will probably run Liberal and Calgary is full of leftist now.

  3. I certainly agree with the decision. At least common sense is usually the order of the day from the Sask government. On a somewhat related topic, I was extremely pleased to see the levy imposed on electric vehicles for using the province’s roads. The wailing and gnashing of teeth from the virtue signallers is going to be entertaining. In the meantime, the Sultan of Stupid, Ryan Meili announces that the budget should have contained a minimum wage of $15/hr. Impose shutdowns and restrictions galore on small businesses and then stick them with a $15/hr. minimum wage. That’ll work.

  4. People should be responsible to pay for their own entertainment. That includes sports. I’m looking at you football fans.
    No public tax monies should be spent by government to fund entertainment. No to Bread and Circuses.

  5. Yet again, why put effort into solving a problem when you can morph it into an entire industry instead. Especially if it’s an industry in which your hapless, social studies degreed friends can finally share some time at the public trough with you.

  6. A lefty acquaintance friend of mine was all pro injection site till her and her neighbors started ‘losing’ porch packages. The site wouldn’t let the cops in to see if the spotted perp (I’ll call him Tracks) was in there. She complained to the site supervisors, telling them that she was on their side. They didn’t care.
    You can’t fix addicts by feeding their addiction and you can’t fix liberal brains with facts.

    1. Imagine screaming down highway 1 at 200km/hr. A cop pulls you over but instead of giving you a ticket, he hands you a $100 bill and says, please be careful sir
      Next day, same thing happens; you go 200km/hr. Cop pulls you over and gives you a $100 bill and an admonition to be careful
      Next day, same thing happens
      What do you think you’re going to do the next day and the day after that.

  7. The addiction industry, right alongside the homeless industry, have created a self-fulfilling prophecy. The more addicts they keep alive and strung out, the more social workers they need, the more social workers they have the more addicts they can keep alive and strung out. The cycle has become a bureaucratic wet dream. Add in the fact that colleges across the country are pumping out new social workers faster than the Turd can kneel in front of Xi, and the government has to find jobs for them somewhere since private industry has absolutely no use for them.

    1. You’ve got that right. Up until the early 60’s, organizations such as the Salvation Army, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and kind hearted souls from a host of non-profit organizations took care of the addicts, the homeless and the underprivileged. In the 70’s, social workers saw the golden egg in the treatment of such individuals. And don’t get me wrong, if you can afford a good treatment facility and your goal is to clean up, it’s OK to do that. But how many homeless or hopeless addicts can afford that?? Very few. As volunteers, our goal was to get these people cleaned up ASAP. Now it seems that keep them on a merry-go-round. Sad but true!!

  8. Clearly the poll wasn’t going the way they wanted it to so they swapped it for a different pole.
    Now, I’m offered the chance to cast my vote for or against a new baseball stadium.

  9. To echo Wakeup above, the establishment of a “Safe Injection Site” was an absolute unmitigated disaster here in Lethbridge. Our downtown, no great picturesque utopia to begin with, was turned into a giant toilet to accommodate the imported addicts. The site became the busiest in North America! Local businesses had to deal with the horrific waste and garbage left around. But hey! Let’s raise property taxes on them to pay to cleanup after an addict shitting themselves in their business. Plenty more where that came from! (Your tax dollars that is)

    What it also created was a tremendous amount of opportunity for the typical government parasite to leach off the misery of others. A little empire was built under the NDP so that their friends could enrich themselves mightily while doing absolutely nothing to get people the help they needed. (Why would you offer help when that might derail the gravy train)

    The moron Chris Spearman is not running again. I think a tumbleweed could have done a better job than that twit. Obviously, he saw the writing on the wall. Quite frankly, he is the poster child for bringing back tarring and feathering. Him and that…ahem…Shannon Phillips.

    On the bright side, it did employ many drug dealers and manufacturers and gave them a nice convenient spot to meet up with their clients

  10. My experience as a volunteer worker with different addiction treatment plans tells me that giving free drugs to an addict is like trying to treat people with diabetes by giving them Dairy Queen shakes. It may curb their cravings temporarily, however the most likely scenario will be death.

    Addicts need to get cleaned out then find a plan to live by. Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous have the answer. (Many who suffer are dually addicted.)
    Give it a try!! And remember. No pain, no gain.

  11. Check out Vancouver’s DTES and you’ll see how that’s turned out. Hint: not well.

  12. All in favour…..of not funding them. Let non profits and charities help them out, hire their clients out to do yard work for seniors, have car washes and I’m sure there are many other ways that they can earn the money to keep them open. While I feel sorry for people who have allowed themselves to become addicted to drugs, as a tax payer I’m tired of having the gov’t continually digging in my pocket for another ,…and another…program.