21 Replies to “If you’re a Blind Paraplegic”

  1. Sounds like “What kind of plane does your dad fly?” won’t be the most important question during the job interview anymore.

  2. That’s like hiring the Spawn’s cabinet to be pilots or brain surgeons. Qualifications be damned, its the vagina, vagina wanahave, and melanin quotas that are important. Yah, that’s the ticket!

  3. *
    don’t be black… don’t be black…

    TAKOMA PARK, M.d. (FOX 5 DC) – “Two people were shot and killed in Takoma Park, MD
    on Wednesday after an off-duty Pentagon Police Officer thought he saw them breaking
    into a car, according to the Takoma Park Police Department.”

    will it be another episode of… “as the world burns?”


  4. If their flight deck is going to truly reflect the diversity of their passengers, how many unruly, drunken louts are they going to have flying their airliners? And as paying passengers can we get a heads up as to when the diversity hire is scheduled to take our lives in his/her/its hands?

  5. The only good news is that most of this crap is empty signalling. They either won’t follow through or they’ll pluck the ones that would obviously have made it anyway.

    These targets aren’t as hard to meet now that the United States is only about 50% white anyway.

  6. It looks like I picked a good time to give up flying to my house in B. C. and start driving there instead.

  7. The most frightening thing is that the United brain trust (sic) seem to believe their planes are essentially … “self-flying”

    Hence, there’s no reason why most of the pilots should be – white males. They figure ANYONE can sit and watch the computer fly the plane … so might as well be a rainbow of skin color and “genders”. Right?

    Yes … the Smithsonian Channel will get many, many new episodes of Air Diaster … all with the same conclusion… pilot error

  8. Affirmative action, still a thing. As the white male slowly gets relegated to the cultural and societal ghetto.
    Believe you me, they will not stop at 50%.
    Gee Mr. White Man. Thank you for inventing and creating almost everything. Now get the hell out!

  9. Sorry United, but that’s not woke enough for me.
    What about transgender pilots?
    And alcoholic career criminals pilots?
    And blind pilots?
    Obviously United simply doesn’t care.

  10. It’s good to see all the negative responses based on best pilots only please.
    Sum Ting Wong
    We Tew Lo
    Oh Eraine Eraine
    Bang Ding Ow
    Will be a crew we hear from often.

  11. I think that it is high time, and UAL’s decision clears the path, for diverse surgeons starting today. This is what Mao did in the Chinese revolution, that is, qualifications mean nothing, only diversity. If you oppose you will be “reeducated” We are not far away now.