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  1. The Pastor was correct and it is the stance we should all be taking.

        1. But, but, but … it’s EXACTLY what the ChiComs want. And PM sockstuffedinhisPussy complies.

      1. This is an unbelievable sight! The Government has used the RCMP and a private security company to double fence off a Christian Church? How low will they go? Are mosques subjected to this? Where’s proof?

        Folks, watch the news tonight, Global News is there, City News is there. It will be interesting to see and hear how they’ll spin this.

        Like the videographer said, what a waste of resources for a flu bug that has a 99% recovery rate! This is our tax dollars at work and these tyrants are all on the same page! How can they get away with this?

        This is against our civil rights. This is insane!

        1. Islam socially distances women from men at the Mosques. The women are “safely” placed behind a screen WALL. Right? So Islam is COVID compliant …

          1. I know that is tongue in cheek, but really why they leave mosques alone is they dont want their heads cut off, and mounties are only tough when no one fights back. That’s why most of them slap around their wives.

      2. Yea…just saw that live on FB.
        NAZI filth aka. RCMP SS Division

        Sent the link to FOX.’
        I’m sure Ezra has it already

        1. The blockade has been bungled.

          First, the fence was put on adjacent private property and had to be moved.

          Second, that property owner can’t get his combine on or off his land because of the fence. If he wants to move it, he has to call the local RCMP detachment to get permission to do so because the fence has to be moved to accommodate it.

          This is completely nuts…..

      3. These are NOT Police whatsoever.
        These are Paid SA/SS NAZI FILTH…

        Bring on NUREMBERG Trials.

      4. Watched the entire livestream from Rebel News. Sheila Gunn Reid is there.
        The Gestapo blocked off a private property. The owner didn’t back down and made them move the fence.
        Meanwhile a member of the secret police drove by praising Satan for wearing masks and mocked the parishioners.
        Very sick, that there are idiot sheeple that will trade our freedoms so they may live in the false security of a modern day DDR.

  2. It’s distressing to see how many of the commenters suffer from the Baghdad Bob Syndrome, despite clear evidence of what actually happened.

    Now we know how NenXi managed to not only get into office but stay there as long as he has. Morons…..

  3. Mayor Nenshi of Calgary is a Muslim.

    This crap happening in mosques in Calgary?

  4. Within the comments there are far too many “why won’t they just wear their masks?” comments for my liking. Why are so many willingly blind to “you can” as opposed to “you must”, and how easy it is for “you must” to be abused? Particularly for “leaders” who are anti-freedom elitists in the first place.

    1. Well it is Twitter after all…..which is largely an echo chamber for brain damaged leftists….but I repeat myself.

      1. That is one aspect of twitter.
        As I have mentioned before I do not have a twitter account but I can check Rebel, Rubin , Candace Owens, Kelly Brown, Dr Phillips, and Dr Gil, and many others by clicking on their twitter accounts thru Duck Duck Go.
        They are great sources of real news.
        Guess I should thank Jack!!

    2. And far too many commenters who seem to “accept” the idea of Uniformed, Armed, “Health Dept. compliance officers”. WTF!?

        1. I may have related this before.
          Between Christmas and New Year, I ran into one of the summer neighbours. To borrow tools, during last summer, from him we would be in his shed, both of us maskless, to look for the proper wrench, socket, etc. Yet, in the store I extended my hand to shake his and wish him a Happy New Year. He jumped back like I was going to clobber him. It didn’t dawn on him that he didn’t get sick during the summer; the chances of getting sick shaking hands was even slimmer. It just shows you how brainwashed people get from watching the state/union sponsored propaganda media.

          1. One of my next-door neighbours at my house in B. C. was like that.

            I promised her that she could have a few things, like some teacups, left by my late mother. We often talk over the fence, but when she came over to get those items, she insisted on wearing a face diaper, claiming she was “accustomed” to it.

            B. C…… a province where logic goes to die.

    3. C_Miner.

      YES, it’s kinda like, with regard to surveillance: ‘Heh, if you’re not doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about”.

    4. “there are far too many “why won’t they just wear their masks?” comments for my liking”

      If masks actually ‘work’, then go ahead and wear yours. You are protected, aren’t you?
      Why should I have to wear one if you’re protected? Why do you have to be a Nazi and insist that I wear one?

  5. From the comments, I am beginning to sense a level of social disintegration. The masks, social distancing, lock- ups, and constant media drum beat of ” be fearful” are taking a toll on civil society. Very damaging, and I am not convinced the damage of mistrust and anger will easily be healed.

    1. It’s remarkable how free people succumb to diktat.
      That is not to say that a person should look after self.
      It should be number one for number one.

    2. It will not be. We are being balkanised, for reasons I won’t speculate on here.

      1. We know the reasons we just don’t want to look like con……. y …..

    3. LindaL:

      An old friend – ex RCMP, ex CSIS — has been frightened to death by the daily propaganda drum beat of MSM. He told me about the surge in BC cases and had ready numbers at hand including metrics such as “3 day rolling averages” of “cases”. I said nothing.

      I am 100% agreement with you on social disintegration.
      And as mentioned here a few times the close to 100% mask wearing OUTDOORS by youth today is one of the most disturbing aspects of this.

    4. I fully Agree with that Linda.

      I’ve been “quietly” ANGRY for over a year over this SCAM.
      All predicated on the Fraudulent results of a DISCREDITED Test procedure to justify de-facto NAZIism.

      I have absolute ZERO respect for, or BELIEVE in ANY utterance from ANY Govt paid apparatchik from the MSM, PMO, Health Ministers, CMO’s & Premiers down to your local traffic Cop wearing a mask outside.

      They ALL WENT into LOCKSTEP 1 Year ago and the Global narrative has Not changed 1 IOTA. Those of you with armaments….lock n load. I truly wish I had something….hmm Crossbow is better than nothing..?

      It WILL Absolutely come to this….History is no LIAR.

      1. steakman,
        I am somewhat surprised you have nothing to “lock n load”, after all we have observed these last two years. Give your head a shake man! Better to have, than need!

    5. The phrase I’ve come to HATE … “new normal”. Sorry. Fear of seasonal ChiCom viruses is NOT my “new normal”. Sorry. Wearing a mask and wiping down with sanitizer will NEVER become my “new normal”.

    6. That is a feature, not a bug. Look at all marxist nations, the playbook was always the same, and is being done here according to the same book.

    7. LindaL, At the risk of repeating myself, I think you are correct!

      Your observations and comments although not as cryptic as vowd, they are just as prescient and astute.

    8. Heh. Wait for ‘mandatory’ “vaccinations”. Cue the howling, baying mobs. Yellow stars anyone? I don’t give it until the end of June.

  6. OK Calgarians, it is up to you to make sure these officers face charges for the crime they attempted to commit… on video. If you can’t muster the force to accomplish something this small, then please stop wasting my time with speeches of how you are the bastion of conservatism in Canada. Or am I to believe that creep Nenshi’s long reign is solely Ottawa’s fault, too?

    Anyways, I am so sick and tired of laws being enforced based on the identity and social class of the perp. If Calgarians can’t muster the strength to fight this in their own back yard then I hold no hope they have the needed fortitude to execute a comprehensive separation plan, either.

    Canadians are too damned soft to make any real personal sacrifice to save our freedoms. It is an absolute disgrace and a spit in the face to all our fallen heroes.

      1. And as one who served, albeit back in the 70’s, I look upon this country with utter DISGUST….

        My dad who spent 4 yrs in a slave labour Kampf in Germany 41-45….a place for the NAZI’s (KRUPP), to profit from. I listened very carefully over the years when he would speak of those times….and he never ever got paid either. suffice to say, my dad had ZERO love for GERMANY nor its citizens.

        I believe we are reliving those times right now….and with a populace far far too indoctrinated in the Belief Govt is their Friend.

        Bring on the NUREMBERG TRIALS Reiner Fuellmich….!!! You will be busy for decades with this pile of filth

  7. Read the Twatter comments. It’s disgusting to see how many idiots want to trade our freedoms so they can enjoy living in a modern day version of the DDR.

  8. From the moment I first saw that video the bottom line for me was those cops were there to impose as many huge fines as possible under the direction of a nasty low-level government official.

  9. Fines are for breaking laws. Laws are voted on. Fines are not for disobeying the whims of petty state bureaucrats. This isn’t the Soviet Union, 1960!

  10. It’ll only going to get worse.
    Its a race to the bottom for this country.
    So many Canadians who say “just do this” or “we all must do this” or “don’t be selfish” are one in the same as the “you don’t need” crowd. And that means they’ll take anything and everything from you and they’ll even cut off their nose to spite their own face because miser loves company.

  11. They are now apparently fencing off and closing down the Edmonton church that stayed open.
    I never liked or trusted Kenney but never thought he’d become an authoritarian. This is beyond the pale. All of us in Alberta need to be phoning and hammering the UCP MLAs to make things right and, if not, starting the recall process.

      1. This is fucked. They’re straight-up trespassing and harassing at this point. At minimum, I’m thinking the church should file papers in court directly against Paladin and asking for injunctive relief against the gov’t and RCMP, and I’m wondering if the sheriffs would be willing to arrest all the trespassers. And blocking public roads? Not sure there.

        Suffice it to say, I’m wondering if this is going to be the actual flashpoint that ignites the powder keg.

        1. I hope so. Time to take a stand and push back against the destruction of our society, communities and personal freedom.

    1. Kenney’s definitely lost my vote now. This move is way over the line.

    2. He’s been of that bent after being Co-OPTED by Justin and a duffel bag of YEN.

      Just another Globalist PIECE Of SHIT in my books. I asked this asshole over 8 months ago about the INTERNMENT KAMPS that were set up in Ft McMurray and Ft Chipewyn. Because there was an Ad on INDEED seeking a manager to look after these KAMPFS. Company seeking said Mgr was MEDIKA INC North

      Still no reply…..not surprised whatsoever. He is as DIRTY as they Come. And this shouldnt come as any surprise…Kenney has played Softball with the Public Unions, is a promoter of UNDRIP and a globalist NAZI.


      1. He betrayed his voters. He made a good start 2 years ago, he got rid of that harridan Notley, but he did absolutely nothing after that.

        He, like Pallister and Ford, is politically contaminated. He will need a Jerusalem Road conversion like that happened to the apostle Paul and immediately redeem himself before I’ll ever think of voting for him again.

    3. Where’s Rachel Notley in all this and her partisan, communist AHS, plus the UFCW et al?

      1. Figuring out how she’s going to decorate the premier’s office when she moves into it again after winning the next provincial election. Oh, and composing a thank-you note to Kenney for keeping the chair warm for her.

      2. Going on all available media to argue that Premier Kenny is endangering us all by not totally locking down the province while keeping all the snivel serpents on full pay and bonuses. Not that she’ll quite phrase it that way, but that’s the intent.

  12. The pastor stated an inarguable fact that the fascist methodology has been creeping into our way of life so insidiously that most Canadians are unaware of its dangers. Many here have commented over the years trying to warn others but unfortunately until some people get smacked outside the head with a two by four they fail to understand. This ‘pandemic’ has given the fascist/communist, otherwise known as Liberal/Democrat ideology a huge boost in furthering the ultimate objective.

  13. Other than her odd choice of apparel which suggests she’s having difficulty coming to terms with her age (Good Grief Woman!!) and her opinion on SNC Lavalin …ex Supreme Court Justice Bev Mclaughlin comments in support of fed regulations to shut down websites should unsettle everyone. What did Canadians do to deserve these freedom squelching judicial monsters? Small wonder she was given a seat on Hong Kong’s court of appeal.


    1. She’s an alumna of the University of Alberta, which is fond of trotting out her name to solicit donations. I’m an alumnus as well, and she makes me embarrassed to be one.

      1. She’s part of the elite, from what I’ve seen. She’ll never go to bat for Canadians. Totally for hire.

      2. I’m a UBC alum, and they just gave an honorary degree to Gretta the school-skipper.

        Because, like, you know, we need more people who are like total parasites or whatever that want to save the planet.

  14. He was spot on in calling them names commonly associated with the third reich. All bureaucrats need their asses kicked. The smug health department lady was ready to cut loose the storm troopers but was taken aback by sheeple who wouldn’t stand for uber government crap. I like it. More, more, more.

    1. Her shock was the best part. I think the cop was actually embarrassed to be there. Hopefully, more of them come to be that way, but I’m not holding my breath.

        1. Two of the three uniforms were *bylaw* officers–ticket issuers–not CPS, plus the PH inspector. The media response stated “one uniformed member”, which is all I see in the video. Is there some reference to who the two dudes in regular clothes were? Because they certainly weren’t *uniformed* cops.

          Awakening people to the insanity is all well and good, but let’s not let them poke holes in our responses with obvious disconnects like this. We can’t afford to give them any openings for discrediting.

  15. As I have said many times, Canada is not turning into a third world dictatorship because of loser politicians. It’s because of the people who elect them. Yes I include Albertans in this.

    This is a repeating cycle that has been repeated many times in history. Kind of sad that the majority of people are too stupid to understand what is happening in any sort of a historical context.

    As a sidenote: it is interesting to watch people in Alberta protesting the new k-6 curriculum that teaches kids about history. Why would learning about history be such a threat that it leads to protests? (somewhat rhetorical)

    1. Who was it who said “People get the Government they deserve”?
      Wise words.

  16. Section 176-2 Criminal Code of Canada

    176(2) Every one who wilfully disturbs or interrupts an assemblage of persons met for religious worship or for a moral, social or benevolent purpose is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.

  17. He was right about creeping communism but wrong on timeline. This probably goes back to Deff the thief or maybe longer. My memory only goes back to Deff the thief as he poisoned the well so to speak for conservatives. This asshole allowed Lester Ballsless Person to impose a flag (AKA the liberal flag of eastern canada) that at its centre is a piece of dead foliage. This now becomes a true symbol of Canada.

    Go WEXIT

    1. This now becomes a true symbol of Canada.

      Not quite. The maple leaf needs to be replaced by either a hammer and sickle or a red star.

      1. Actually, a beaver on a chain with it’s arse in the air saying please sir, may i have another? would be most appropriate.

    2. WEXIT won’t happen…see Canadian Observer at 08:48. Too many Albertan talkers and no doers. This seizing of the church without pushback is proof of that.

      1. Using force or violence to resist the authorities would not be in keeping with the congregation’s beliefs. I suspect that people will be figuring a clever, yet passive, way to get around what happened.

        What’s to stop them from erecting a tent nearby and holding services there? How about forming a human chain around the property and praying or singing hymns?

        Remember, the church itself is only a building. Being deprived of access to it is a mere inconvenience, though a rather discourteous one on the part of the government. If it’s supposed to break morale, the JBTs will be disappointed. Persecution, which is what this is, can only strengthen the resolve.

  18. Would the RCMP attempt this if there wasn’t an entrenched anti-clericalism or overwhelming trust of an incompetent government?


    The RCMP are tools, a means to an end. It is the rotten culture that has let this global house arrest go on. The more comments I read about mask-wearing and even disdain for those who attend ANY church, the more I am convinced that Canadians would embrace Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot or even Darth Vader provided that they still got their beer and Netflix. The unthinking crowd cares about number one.

    Oh, and Doug Ford is shutting down Ontario further because that will work:


  19. knothead Nesharia. The gay Muslim – not running for Mayor again. Where do you think he is going? provincial seat? Federal seat? Don’t kid youself that he will sit on his obese butt at home with his THREE pensions.
    We cant be that lucky to not see his smarmie face ever again,

    1. YeahWell, Another astute observation. I have lost all respect for all Police and RCMP. To see them do such things is an abomination of the powers we thought we allowed them to have over us. To blindly follow orders from the Feds and the Provincial weenies is sad and sickening. The cover up in Nova Scotia re Wortman is another example. They are compliant toady thugs for our authoritarian federal and provincial government thugs.
      We are so screwed.

      1. Not quite. They burned an FLQ barn once and the boots. Remember the boots? Some spaghetti Obersturmbannführer had him some nice boots. Bets he went to bed with them on. Oops, I wonder if it’s a pre-crime to disparage Der Arse Cee Em Peein these days.

        Where’s Aislin and Allan Fotheringham these days? They’d have a field day with these antics.

        1. It’s sad to see. Grew up with the RCMP in small town BC and they were generally good folk. Also grew up with the tales from Mum, who grew up on the prairies and well remembered the red-coated Mounties on horseback patrolling the area. One time the horse drawing the buggy my aunt and Mum were returning from school in decided it needed a drink and headed down the bank to the nearest stream (on the prairies, rivers and streams – except during flood – are down in what looks like a ditch).
          They were rescued by a patrolling Mountie who persuaded the horse back onto the road.

          Many years later, Mum had a run-in with the RCMP when some over-zealous copper decided to check the streets for wrong-side parking before the snow. Unbeknownst to him, our street had a special by-law allowing vehicles to park on the uphill side of the street (this was mountainside, the downhill side wasn’t the most stable, and the street was a dead end) facing outward. Mum took the tickets from the street and headed uptown to the local RCMP office. When the officer on duty attempted to lecture her on correct parking, she calmly suggested he read the city bylaws. The tickets were quashed.

  20. If the fence prevents a religious service, are the fence installers in violation of the laws against preventing a religions service?

    1. Fast Fence in Edmonton did the installation. A more apt name would be Fascist Fencers. I believe they are complicit, with the RCMP, of a crime; a violation of section 176 of the Criminal Code. It would be a shame if something happened to their 4.1 star Google Maps rating…


  21. Enema666/GYN must be compulsively pleasuring himself watching his glorious JBT heroes putting the evil KKKristians in their place.

  22. Well, the question needs asking…..who, exactly is running this Province right now? The elected souls, or the un-elected, dictatorial and unionized bureaucrats in cahoots with out of favor Political parties?

    1. the un-elected, dictatorial and unionized bureaucrats in cahoots with out of favor Political parties

      Them. One of Premier Kreampuff’s biggest mistakes was in not purging the provincial civil service of all of Knothead’s acolytes. The Dippers still run Alberta, though at a somewhat lower level.

      1. Agreed. Ex-premier Notley is allowed all sorts of air time to spout her venom because the province isn’t totally shut down and the private sector demolished.

  23. What is Paladin’s role?

    Do Paladin contractors have a mandate for lethal force? Are they armed? To what level?