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    1. Let’s see, Nenshi the self styled smartest man in the room working for Mr self styled boy genius Justin Trudeau. Could get interesting.

      But end result? More taxes.

    1. Her family should fundraise $10 million for lawyers and sue. Discovery would be a joy to behold. Which brings up a question – have they already been paid off?

  1. L – The Calgary Pastor, who repelled the moral/legal outrage attempted against his church and congregation at Easter service. He’s from Poland. He remembers the Polish people facing down totalitarian evil by way of the Solidarity Movement. Growing demonstrations of citizens
    against Murderous Marxist tyranny freed Poland. Political refugees have a better appreciation
    of the clear and present danger than do Canadians being slow cooked into oblivion do.
    Pastor who stood up to police in viral video speaks out

  2. L – The Trudeau regime has decided that Chris Sky’s ‘social credit score’ it too low for him to
    be allowed to travel by air in Canada. Trudeau’s dictatorship cancels the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Rights to : freedom of expression, to peaceful assembly, revoked.

    Justin trying to worm his way back into compliance and in an axis of evil with the C.C.P., of which the Liberals are a puppet club.
    Chris Sky lands on Canada’s No-Fly List

  3. Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson fighting the good fight against our governments and politicians.
    BC schools teaching kids and fighting parents wishes on gender changing issues.
    Data reporting is not being reported by the media in both vaccination body rejection and lockdowns that makes no sense for the extremely small infections.
    Gene therapy vaccination makes no sense to this virus.

  4. Whiny Indians in Quebec are opposing a hydro transmission line to New England, because all land and hydro belongs to Indians or something.

  5. Know your enemy.


    The titles of the sessions are pure bullshit: “Building Back Better: A More Resilient Middle Class and a Robust Recovery that Leaves No One Behind”
    “Building a Fairer and More Equal Canada” whose featured panel is, Maryam Monsef, Bardish Chagger, Filomena Tassi, Deb Schulte & Taleeb Noormohamed.

    But Sophie’s speaking at 7:40pm on Friday.

    1. Since the snivelling servants don’t do much while at the office, and are well-paid for it, why not do that at home?

      Ah, but it’s to keep people “safe”, isn’t it?

  6. Kinda funny. FOX News has an article about a :”Liberal Hack Tournament”:

    The contest was won by a Washington Post reporter, who the corrupt newspaper anointed as their “conservative voice”, but who came out for Biden. Scroll down to look at the seeding chart midway through the article. There are two “divisions”: a liberal activist division and a establishment liberal division. Hilarious stuff, seeing who is in each division. The contest is run by an obscure conservative news podcast somewhere.

    1. This month’s stay-at-home-order is brought to you by Amazon – the only store you will ever need.

  7. Trudeau mucked up vaccine procurement and now he’s blaming the provinces for not getting them out fast enough.
    He’s setting himself up as the saviour prior to calling an election. The stupid electorate will fall for it, he will return with majority government.

    1. In his defense, there is nobody to vote for.

      This country is all out of people with ideas of normal, not new normal, just normal.

      The politicians as you can observe are only after a position, not after good government, less government, a government that people can ignore.

  8. More lockdowns of varying severity, more travel restrictions that also include quarantine facilities for Canadians, more variants but struggles with vaccine rollouts and efficacy, etc.
    YET….daily international flights arriving in Canada from virtually everywhere, notably many from China, especially in Vancouver.
    I wonder why variants are spreading. Stop Asian hate.

  9. And now Blacklock’s Reporter this morning. Test kit manufacturer had a couple of good meetings with Blackie and then was awarded a 149 million dollar contract. The company is now bankrupt and owes taxpayers 25 million dollars. Blackie’s favourite former Supreme Court judge wants websites removed that say hateful words.

    1. Trudeau, your a bad boy.
      Exit paid media.
      That is as far as this Fool will get.

    2. Oh, thanks, Nancy. I feel better now, knowing that Erin is uttering idle threats.
      As for the statement that Trudeau was “ slow to close the border”, the Canada US border is one border, but international planes fly into our country daily. I guess if you fly over borders it doesn’t count.

    1. Will Calgary be next?

      Yes, it will. I suspect that what’s happening at GraceLife Church was a result of the congregational elders pushing back against the AHS JBT who insisted on invading a service to conduct an “inspection”:



      After all, the police officer did hint that there would be consequences, didn’t he?

      Today I’m ashamed to be an Albertan.

      1. KATE…YOU GOTTA see if you can find a very very recent live broadcast from the GRACE CHURCH….!!! INSANITY. 10:23 Calgary time….just saw it come up live…I just dont know how to share it here…

        RCMP are erecting 2 large FENCES around the Grace Church as we speak.!!!

        NAZISM is FULLY ALIVE and in KANADA.
        With the RCmp SS in full compliance.

  10. Scott Moe finally kicks back at Trudeau.150$ tax on electric cars in Sask.Pitiful small amount but rest assured it will get young Fidel’s attention.We need way more of this only on a larger scale.

    1. Why is plastic to build these electric cars not considered as a fossil fuel product?
      They certainly burn extremely well when they catch fire.

  11. True North reports on a new poll that shows half of Canadians don’t believe journalists. The other half probably vote Liberal.

  12. L – Is the RCMP action turning the Grace Life Church into a concentration camp ?

    Or are they shutting down the church with gating and blocking views of the entrance ?
    Someone has ordered them to do whatever they’re doing. Who is that?

    After the High River Raids, violation of Charter Right section 8, there was a cover-up of who ordered what. Alberta’s Dept. of Justice under Premier Jason Kenny has refused to investigate that. Now we’re seeing a repeat, more violations of Charter Rights (Freedom of Worship), but no politician, nor public servant announcing or justifying, what is going on.

    A free press would ask questions. Rebel News should have drones and send video online,
    including to Fox News, CBN, et al. I’d like to see international news request an interview
    with Premier Kenny and P.M. Justin Trudeau and report the response.

    Are there more deaths and illnesses due to lockdowns than due to Covid-19 ?
    If so, the political purpose of the lockdowns becomes obvious. Unmasking the agenda.

    Meanwhile, many American states are opening up for spring, without mass Wuhan virus
    deaths. Compare and contrast.

    1. Is the RCMP action turning the Grace Life Church into a concentration camp ?

      Something weird’s been done there. There are actually two fences around the building, one close in, draped with tarps, and the one out towards the property line.

      During Sheila Gunn-Reid’s interview with Alex Jones on Infowars earlier today, she used her camera to show, as best as she was able to, what was done. There will also be a permanent security presence at the site, so there will be guards and, presumably, surveillance cameras.

      GraceLife Church was used to set an example. The government won’t have to try hard as the mainstream denominations all willingly rendered unto Caesar what is God’s.

      Psst, Jell-O Kreampuff–it’s only a building! Do you think that’s going to stop the congregation from gathering for worship? If they can’t have services in the building, then they’ll have them outdoors nearby.

  13. The main story in Blackie’s bought and paid for media, seems to be about Ontario teachers. Thousands will die unless they get to sit at home and collect their paychecks, and thousands more unionized teachers need to be hired to sit at home. And teachers should be vaccinated before anyone else.

  14. More evidence that the NDP has turned full commie. Post Millennial reports on an advisor to the B.C. premier, who stated that the massacre in Peking didn’t happen, and the muslim genocide is made up.

    1. I think this is the URL:


      So that bozo defends what happened at Tiananmen Square, does he?

      While I was working on my second master’s degree, we had someone in our lab who was there with his wife. When the shooting was over, he went into hiding and slowly managed to make his way to the West. His wife was missing for a year but she eventually turned up as well. The poor guy couldn’t concentrate on his studies while her whereabouts were unknown.

      He eventually got a Ph. D. in electrical engineering. His wife got a master’s degree. I haven’t spoken to him in more than 20 years but I know that they had at least one daughter while in Canada.

      I think I know what might happen if that goofball and my former colleague got together and that subject came up in the conversation.