“America is back.”

Richard Fernandez;

Russia and China — not to mention North Korea and Iran — are all on the move and don’t seem deterred by Washington. If disaster overtakes the Biden Harris restoration future historians will conclude that organized self delusion played a leading part. The cultural and political establishment belief in the Great Reset after Trump sputtered and instead of the predicted return to normal the global world has continued its descent into crisis. Perhaps the status quo overattributed the problems of the old global world to populist unrest and failed to address the basic weaknesses which caused them. They thought they could pick up where they left off and couldn’t. […]
Those “far enemies” are now giving Washington a headache. The actions of China and Russia show the actual Great Power perceptions at variance with the way the Biden-Harris administration sees itself in the media mirror.

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  1. Not much sense in clinging to the idea of the Russians being the big enemy of the west. The Chinese are competitors and aggressive imperialists. The Russian economy is small and it’s politics mostly defensive. Governments need Russia as a bogeyman with which to scare their populations. It’s funny how some of the same people who accuse lefties of not learning from Orwell do not recognise this foolishness in themselves.

    1. “Not much sense in clinging to the idea of the Russians being the big enemy of the west. ”

      Always are and always will be. their entire inbred identity rest on this,

    2. Russia has only recently emerged from their post Soviet collapse Dark Age, so it will take them some time to regain a decent amount of strength on both economic and military fronts.

      1. Never emerged from anything it is still ruled by a KGB thug who the Siberian Mongols worship just like they always worshiped their tyrants. Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, Catherine the Dog F***er, Stalin all worshiped by the blind, drunken, pathologically aggressive delusional horde.

    3. “The Russian economy is small and it’s politics mostly defensive. ”

      Merkel and Macron are doing their best to make their countries dependent on Siberian Mongol natural gas. While those russian neighbors who do not belong in NATO see their countries invaded and curved by the horde, see Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia. Russia is cancer to all those around her. Patton was right, they should have been wiped out with nukes.

      1. That’s just rabid nonsense. But thanks for illustrating my point. Like I said, the bogeyman.

      2. “Merkel and Macron are doing their best to make their countries dependent on Siberian Mongol natural gas.”

        Yes, and Russia is number 3 in the world as a gold exporter after South Africa and China.

        “The Russian economy is small and it’s politics mostly defensive.”

        Yeah sure, Russia is defensive when it isn’t invading and annexing chunks of sovereign nations like Georgia and Ukraine.
        Yes, Russia does rest in between invasions and shores up the defensive posture of the new real-estate it’s conquered.
        John Schulting, you wouldn’t be a paid Russian internet troll would you?

        1. Yup that’s me. That’s why I post in my real name instead of hiding it like some of you do. Calling the Ukraine and Georgia invasions is over simplistic. The west has and continues to do far worse. So Russia should be prevented from selling natural gas to Europe and gold to anyone at all I guess. The fact remains that the Russian economy is nothing compared to the USA. Russia itself poses little or no threat to the US. Had the US kept its nose out of the Ukraine there would likely not be the problems there that currently exist. Again, thanks for proving my point. I actually didn’t think anyone really believed the Russian bot nonsense.

          1. Bitch please, you’re so transparent. Oz is right to call you out. You’re like paleosimians claiming to be libertarians every time Ron Paul advocates abandoning Israel.

        2. Yeah, and Oz is my real name.
          There have been defectors from Russia, who were paid Russian internet trolls, who took pictures of the offices that the Russian trolls worked in. I’ve seen the pictures.

          1. Well, there are Russian bots, so therefore any post you don’t like has to be a Russian bot. Makes sense when you think about it. Certainly better than admitting inconvenient facts of the kind Mr. Schulting was rude enough to mention.

          2. And what facts did ‘Schulting’ mention? I observed that ‘Schulting’ didn’t state any facts at all.
            Like you, ebt. Other than the very real existence of Russian bots, you have no facts either.

  2. Why did Benghazi happen? Because SHE pursued a college sophomoric policy that insists if America simply acts “nice” to Islam … then Islam will act nice to US. So she refused all the requests for additional security for our Embassy. Multiple requests. Ignored.

    Biden and all his handlers, are from the same Ivy League, Ivory Tower sophomoric school of thought. Do nothing. Appear weak. Signal “Peace”, via unilateral surrender.

    No. This policy will not end well. It will just lead to more burned American bodies defiled and dragged through the streets.

    1. Kenji, extra security for Benghazi would have required a formal request, leaving a “foot” print , and Hitlery and the CIA, with O’Butthole being complicit were running a zero “foot” print operation. They had one of the emirates finance the operation, and sent the weapons to the UAE and then had them shipped back to Benghazi.And that is how they lost rack of 500 stingers, one which took down a Chinook in Afigan. And there was/is NO actual embassy in Benghazi, so when the house committee asked for info about the embassy, they got none, there is not one there. In Nov 8 2016 there was to be a trial for a arms dealer, as to the weapons that were being found in Afigan, after the Benghazi thing, as the USA death toll in Afigan rose to previous levels because of the weapons diverted and sent there. Sun Dance at CTH covered this very well.

  3. Biden will finish off NATO if he attempts to drag them in to intervene in Ukrainian bluster for Russian Crimea. He will also enrich the ChiComs with “stimulus” cash for solar panel purchases while watching them take Taiwan rather than sacrificing multiple carrier groups in attempting to stop them.

      1. Good for Ukraine, they deserve to be freed from the Siberian Mongol occupation.

      1. Crimea was traded to Russia by the Ottoman Empire as part of the treaty provisions and annexed in 1783.This republic was dissolved in 1945, and the Crimea became an oblast first of the Russian SSR (1945–1954) and then the Ukrainian SSR (1954–1991). Khrushchev assigned to the Ukraine as part of the USSR. Putin took it back after the USSR no longer existed.

        1. Blah blah fucking blah. Every border in Europe has shifted thousands of times and everyone can always claim whatever they want. Crimea was majority Tatar until russians ethnically cleansed the region and settled their vermin there.

          Putin has invaded Ukraine because Ukraine wasn’t in NATO and wasn’t strong enough to defend itself. That is all.

          Ukraine gave up their nukes after the fall of Soviet Union in exchange for guarantees of their sovereignty. They made a mistake. Of course Ukraine herself is hopelessly corrupt thanks in no small part to the cancer that is russian minority in the country.

          1. Ok colon. Getting a little tired of the anti Russian slurs. You need to grow up. Calling a whole people ‘vermin’ is over the top.

          2. How about: Siberian Mongol vermin that should have been exterminated with nukes in 1945.?

          3. “I don’t give a f..k one way or the other. ”

            You’re the one who brought history into this. History is very simple and easily summarized: to all russian neighbors russians are a malignant cancer.

            Also, historically western useful idiots (like the two Johns) romanticize the Siberian Horde.

      2. It is now, just as it was before the Soviet dissolution. It will remain Russian, unless they trade it to the Chinese!

        1. Yes it is occupied by russia. Will remain russian until russia collapses into civil war which given their demographic trends is both very desirable and inevitable.

          1. Yeah if you say so. But then again, people who talk about exterminating whole nations of people are obviously too messed up to be taken seriously.

          2. You’re the one fellating a genocidal dictator and his loyal Mongol horde.

  4. Entirely predictable results of the Biden administration and the endless flow of statist sophistry to serenade DeMarxists.
    An overrun border, rudderless leadership in charge but nowhere near the action, armchair generals ignorant of logistics.
    Congress usurping federal voting intended to support ludicrous false narratives about voter ID, infantilizing black citizens.
    Adversaries sharpening their swords resulting in big events as mentioned above, while a muted caricature falls up the stairs.
    China running rampant through Asia, protectionists demanding free trade, fentanyl exporters expecting civilized treatment.
    Erosion of ME peace as DeMarxists (aka Israel haters) try to destroy the Abraham Accords, which effectively isolated Iran.
    Coupled with egotistical idiots like John Kerry trying to reflate their legacy, kowtowing to Iran, resetting the Sunni/Shia fuse.
    Add to that America’s newfound energy dependence, having to secure foreign markets with a now ethnically cleansed military.
    Actually, I give the US military forces far more credit that the DeMarxists, but no doubt they will be called to duty soon.

    Add to that every ridiculous, power mongering, underhanded, downright nasty, hateful, vengeful mistake possible, all for their own sake, hoping to outrun the 2022 midterms as they did Trump, but it took an international pandemic/act of war to achieve that.

    The censors, provocateurs and thugs have always been there and will all be called upon soon. That is all.

  5. Blacklock’s Reporter lets us know that a former Bank of Canada executive states that we should be more helpful and friendly to China. Canada is broken while China is a happy country.

  6. The article stated “Russia and China continue to defy the rules of the Biden-Harris administration despite their expectation that the world would return to its pre-2016 order” and “They thought they could pick up where they left off and couldn’t.”
    These statements, to me, are misdirection to establish conditions that did not actually exist. The problem is that the world actually has returned to its pre-2016 state. The 4 years of constructive progress to peace has been thrown out. To me the real question; is the return to diminishing the U.S. deliberate. Probably an example of asking the question answers it.

    1. The US Military backed global currency is no longer a weapon it once was as China and Russia have made great advances to break away from the sting of Washington’s sanctions.
      Calling into changing the reserve currency status the US has.

  7. the COLON should just change it’s name to ASSHOLE, it is more fitting, OR unme 2 would also be fitting!