16 Replies to “O, Cascadia Subduction Zone”

  1. Conifers really don’t have the branch structure to serve well as a hanging tree. Now, if you want a hanging-type tree, try a maple. So maybe we should ditch that symbol.

    1. My first thought, too. Anybody who has tried to hang a pack from a pine tree in the bush will know that you are better off with a deciduous – any deciduous – to sling a rope over.
      Before declaring a pine or fir a “racist” tree, did they do any research to see how many lynchings were done in the state of Washington using conifers? Facts should inform choices.
      “Muffled guffaw…”

    2. Just what I was thinking. Do these morons actually think lynched people were hung from evergreens like a Christmas tree ornament? I’m long past the point of caring about ANYTHING or anybody who lives in or near Portland, Oregon. If there are still “good” people there, what the hell is the matter with them?

  2. Using an evergreen tree with it’s weak and abundant branches to lynch an innocent man would be stupid.

  3. really, using any tree to lynch an innocent man is stupid, lynching an innocent man is stupid!

    1. You probably knew this, but not all readers will….it’s lumberjack lore – probably based in fact, but for lumberjacks cutting them down, not lynchings.

      1. I grew up in northern BC. Outside shop class in school there were injury and fatality warnings over the dangers encountered during a standard workday in the Forestry (harvesting) industry. IIRC there were about 5 times the numbers of fatalities among fallers as any other Forestry job.

  4. I don’t blame them. Have you SEEN the antics of the Stanford Tree? (and marching band).

  5. Is there any record of the Douglas Fir being used in a lynching? Talk about “hang ’em high”.