Jonestown Precinct

They got the government they voted for;

Contemplating the 266 shootings and 25 homicides in just the first three months of this year, Antoinette Edwards was struggling to understand how Portland city commissioners could oppose the mayor’s proposal to restart a Portland Police gun-violence team.
What more do commissioners need to know to understand the trauma neighbors feel about repeated shootings on their street, Edwards, who headed the city’s office of violence prevention for 10 years, asked at a Thursday press conference. What daily data report can bring the reality of the threat home to commissioners? How many more loved ones need to die before commissioners match the urgency of this crisis with courageous action of their own?

Good and hard.

15 Replies to “Jonestown Precinct”

  1. Build that fence, build that fence around these corrupted cities as they self destruct themselves.
    Keeps collateral damage to a minimum then.
    Since also these cities were Democrats strongholds.

  2. The models and the theories are rock solid proof, the data are merely anecdotes.

  3. It’s called IOTTMCO – “Intuitively Obvious To The Most Casual Observer”. I mean seriously, what did they THINK was going to happen?

    Orwell summed it up nicely; some things are so obvious that only the very intelligent can’t understand them.

  4. Because the PortIand city “commissioners” don’t have to Iive with the stupid decisions they make. They are free to virtue-signaI behind the fences and gates of their private communities; and everyone eIse has to Iive with the consequences of it.

    1. “Because the PortIand city “commissioners” don’t have to Iive with the stupid decisions they make. ”

      Dead on. And ditto that for just about every North American politician. Nothing will change until the mobs are torching and howling through the places our Ivory Tower Trash call home: Westmount, Rockliffe Park, The Bridle Path, and Point Grey. And by that time it will be far too late.

  5. Thugs are settling scores thanks to this permissive environment.

    Except for the people who live in select neighbourhoods, no one cares, everyone is still getting paid.

  6. Chauvin will be found guilty despite the lack of evidence that George Floyd or Floyd George or whatever was killed by anything but an overdose. Which is unfortunate, because I wanted to see Minneapolis burn to the ground.

    1. *
      tales of systemic racism…

      “Handwritten notes of a law enforcement interview with
      Dr. Andrew Baker, the Hennepin County Medical Examiner,
      say Floyd had 11 ng/mL of fentanyl in his system.”

      Deaths have been certified with levels of 3.

      chauvin is a sacrificial lamb.


    2. I suspect Minneapolis will still burn to the ground even after a guilty verdict. But it will be a celebratory burn.

  7. Yes, the government they voted for. Also, they NEED to be told that at every opportunity. No sympathy, no help, just told “this is what you wanted for. This is the city you voted for. This is the policing you voted for.”

    Without suffering, there is no learning.

    Another thing you know; all the police the world over know Chauvin’s name. They know Daren Wilson’s name. They know “the White Hispanic”. And they know they are next as soon as they try to enforce any laws.

  8. Virtue signaling psychopaths aren’t capable of deconstructing their conflicting pathologies sufficiently to fix anything for which they are responsible. Nor are their brain-damaged supporters. This applies to the vast majority of politicians of all parties. Portland being the epicenter of hipsters is just one of the worst examples.

  9. The Coast has a long tradition of correcting the excesses when local authorities fail or stray into the dark side.
    Hang ’em high.
    Tar and feather the enablers.

  10. I visited Portland in 2011 … other than the stench of deep seated leftism, it was a lovely city with entertainment and great food. It’s a shit-hole now. I believe the far left cities are all doomed to shit-holery and will not ever come back until the majority of Portlanders are Chinese. All part of the re-imagining of America.

    1. My wife and I used to dine in Seattle years ago, but no more. Just to darn unsafe in the area. Most of all at night.
      But the people of that area “voted” for it.