Fly the Unfriendly Skies

Non-Spirit Airlines knows how to treat its customers with disrespect, animosity and malevolence:

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  1. Aside from unbridled stupidity on the part of the airline, I’d like to see a charge of religious discrimination/antisemitism brought forward. The dad is very clearly wearing a yarmulke.

  2. “The entire flight was deplaned.”

    Can anyone tell why? It is rally easy: they want other passengers to hate that family. The entire charade is designed to seek a mob of vicious Karens and UnMes at rule breakers to pressure them to conform to the arbitrary theatrics du jeur.

  3. And the followup is that all passengers were allowed back on the plane and a different flight crew was brought on to take care of them (or at least the offending stewardess was removed from the flight crew).

    1. Too late Spirit. I’ll never fly with them EVER. I’m going to avoid Westjet and Air Canada too after the covid scam they were pulling where you’d book a flight, they’d cancel it and keep your money and give you a “credit”. I had that happen the day after I booked with Westjet for example. How the hell is that even legal? Anyway fool me once.

      1. WJ tried pulling a similar stunt with me late last year.

        I booked a round trip to my house in B. C. and paid for it. A few days later, WJ informed me that the return flight had been cancelled and it offered me an unworkable substitute. After spending a few anxious minutes on Air Canada’s website, I got a return flight close to what I had originally scheduled and I postponed the one for WJ I had paid to later that month.

        After that, I couldn’t get a decent reservation with WJ that fit with my schedule, so it’s been Air Canada ever since–not that AC’s much of an improvement.

        In WJ’s case, I’ve heard rumours that much of its shenanigans are due not to the airline itself, or the phony-baloney plague, but its owners, Onex. I’ve heard that morale among WJ employees dropped after the takeover.

  4. Who wants to bet the incident was initiated by a really nasty Karen in 13B? Sadly … the airline caved to the whiney crank. Our Country is being run by angry, uninformed, Nannies.

    Not to worry though. They’re spending US into certain bankruptcy, and hyperinflation. It won’t be long before the expats will exceed the immigrants as the nation collapses into a morass of totalitarian communism

  5. The family were orthodox Jews, he was wearing a yamulke. Everyone including the family was allowed to reboard the plane after an hour; except for the stewardess that started the whole thing. Wonder if there are any followers of Louis Farrakhan working for Spirit Airlines?? Like the killer that crashed his car at the White House barricades. Just asking.

    Seems like anti-asian and anti-semitic activities are on the rise under Joey Bribes, the divider in chief.

  6. I don’t have the facts here, but I used to have to fly a lot. The most evil and psychotic individuals put on this earth are female flight attendants. I’ve always assumed they’re mostly Dims as well.