We Are All Treaty People

The Campaign to Thwart Paleogenetic Research Into North America’s Indigenous Peoples

In a 2017 article published in Science, Ann Gibbons wrote about the power of DNA analysis to “bust” the myths associated with Europeans’ origins: “Despite their tales of origin, most people are the mixed descendants of many migrations… As techniques for probing ethnic origins spread, nearly every week brings a new paper testing and then falsifying lore about one ancient culture after another.” Gibbons properly describes this as a positive development. But if this principle is true for the so-called old world, why is it untrue in regard to Indigenous peoples?
The only way one might consider Duggan’s research to be offensive or controversial is to such extent as one might wish to preserve the idea of Indigenous peoples as staking out an unbroken genetic (and therefore moral) claim to this or that part of North America. Certainly, I can think of no other basis on which Duggan might be required to secure the permission of modern First Nations (as they are known in Canada) to conduct scientific research on populations that haven’t existed for thousands of years.


In many cases, paleogenetics is revealing that even those “true” homelands were not as ancient as once believed.

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  1. Follow the money.

    You will find it in the hands of Canadian federal government Ministers of the Crown, tens of thousands of federal civil servants in the Department of Sucking Blood from Natives and Taxpayers Equally, the Multi-Racial Race Hustler Union and quite a few native Quislings.

  2. About the only nation whose own traditions mostly tell the truth about where they came from are the Jews.

    Genetics destroyed the “Khazar hypothesis” by which Jew-haters claimed that the biblical Jews were extinct and that Europe’s Jews were Turks from central Asia.

    It also destroyed the fairy stories told by the Jew-hating elites of countless shitty little countries whose peoples were mostly unworthy to loosen a Jew’s shoelaces. On the basis of nothing but ignorance and prejudice, they claimed that the inbred, pig-ignorant natives had been a “pure” race of supermen until the “Khazars” came along. Some even claimed to be the “real” Jews.

    Genetics also long ago exploded the globalist notion that all men are created equal except in the sense that they are all born depraved and equally worthy of hellfire, or can be made equal short of killing them, as all men are equal in the grave.

    Different breeds of humanity have different characteristics, and yes, some are better fitted for life in an industrial capitalist society than others.

    1. Yes.
      What one forgets is that the Jews are from a tribe called Judah .
      Itself packaged with 12 other tribes forming an ancient Nation called Israel.
      Some say that nation was responsible for building the Great Pyramids amongst other things and saving Egypt plus the known world at that time from a devastating famine. ( Joeseph and the Technicolor Dream coat ).
      As time went on 3 Tribes merged into one , namely Judah of who the Jews are desendants of.
      And as history records the other ” Lost 10 Tribes ” are vanished into the mists of time.
      Or are they ?

      One can trace the history of the people of Northern Europe and especially the British Iles.
      A great book was written by Sir Winston Churchill called , The History of the English Speaking Peoples although it focuses on the time from the Romans.

      Some say that those ” lost 10 tribes ” actually ended up in Europe.
      Eg. Dan for Denmark, Reuben for the Gauls aka France.

      So in essence if true for those of European heritage, the Jewish people are our relations.

    2. Only 3 to 5% of Heebs in Israel are Seeds of Abraham Jews
      The rest are Converts from Eastern Europe about 1000 years ago

      Had the Heebes done what they were instructed to do, Kill all the Amalakites, there would be no Arab scourge today

      So the Heebee Jeebes are reaping the rewards of their disobedient ancestors.

  3. Looks like these anthropologists have killed their reason for existing as a ‘science’. First Cultural then Physical Anthropology scummed to the progressives leaving a vacuum where once there was research. I’m glad I didn’t pursue this area of ‘study’. When wacky US Senator Fauxcahontas claimed ‘native’ status she lost her primary chance and a different ‘indian’ got the job.

  4. Interesting how the Micmac in Newfoundland get to determine whether research can be done on ancient tribes who are no relation to them. The Micmac were brought to Newfoundland by the French to kill all the local Beothuk.

  5. Question…
    Why does land species exist?
    Over population and in history going back, add water.
    Lots and lots of water.
    You could almost walk on spawning areas of fish they were so over populated in the past.
    Many Architectural questions would be answered if you include more water to understand how stones moved over massive distances on wooden barges. Boats found in impossible areas are possible when you add water in the past.
    All the carved canyons and basins, just add water…
    Our scientists never have, just theories on land mass rise and never water loss in space.

  6. The whole mess was created by Liberal judges and scholars.
    Most with the brains of a day old donkey

    1. Don’t insult Day Old Donkeys. One donkey has more intelligence than all liberals combined.

  7. It’s truly ironic that while living in a time in history where people have access to so much information we’re heading into an intellectual dark age. It’s just shameful what’s happening to the sciences and honest, critical thinking.

    1. “Science, after all, is about openness and transparency in communication,” I wrote. “Has your group had requests from Indigenous people that this work not be carried forward?”

      Of course, he received no response.

      The Author almost sounds like a naive foundling, pounced upon by bloodthirsty birds of prey. What with his “openness” and “transparency”. Sheesh. A scientist should understand … “the narrative” uber alles.

  8. Where I live we have an unwritten rule – You find bones of any kind…put it in the blue box. You’ll thank yourself later.

      1. Lol…no, not anymore Gym. Don’t ask what happened to me when I was digging at the foundation of my house to replace broken tile. Someone thought it would be funny to phone the police and report that I had found aboriginal bones during the dig.

        Biggest learning experience of my life. Now I know.

  9. Does anyone need more proof Liberals are knowingly stupid anti-science useful idiots?

  10. I understand the Great Lakes Ojibway have European mitochondrial DNA.
    Big questions arise as to who really came to North America first.

    1. yes . and from a much earlier source than the columbian migration, also the earliest tools in North American are exactly like those of prehistoric spain

  11. If you have been following the DNA story you will be aware that mitochondrial DNA (mDNA) haplogroup X is found in Native Americans and is considered one of the original founding groups. OK, so what you may say, but this particular mDNA is not found in anywhere in Asia but is found in Europe. This has caused just a little bit of an uproar and many questions. One answer is that mDNA X migrated from Europe through Asia without leaving a trace and then crossed into Beringia. From there these native American ancestors populated NA and SA once the ice of the last glacial maximum (LGM) receded the people then migrated through the ice free corridor.

    So one might then expect that mDNA X would be most common in Western North America and Alaska since that would fit with the migration route. This turns out to be wrong and mDNA X is most common in Eastern North America and parts of Europe. So, mDNA X is a bit of a mystery and even the slightest hint that there might be a connection to Western Eurasia may get you burned at the stake. If you really want to have the proverbial stuff hit the fan you can investigate the enigmatic Clovis Culture and their amazing stone points and then look across the pond at the Solutrean Stone culture which looks very similar.

    In fact some brave archeologists wrote a book that suggested the ancient Solutreans of Southern France and Spain, who lived during the LGM and were skilled hunters, may have used boats and hunted seals and fished along the ice edge all the way to Eastern North America. A very interesting theory that caused much vitriol even though no one questioned that Kennewick Man may have hunted and boated his way to Western North America. In any event the new protocol with ancient bones is that they must be repatriated to the nearest group ASAP for proper burial which is unfortunate since there is much to be learned and much we don’t know.

  12. The chiefs on the taxpayer gravy train would have the gullible believe that natives spontaneously appeared in the Americas.

    1. that is the native narrative that is taught in native courses. in university. equal time or better .

    1. I wasn’t aware that Chiefio had addressed the Solutrean Hypothesis and looked at the genetic evidence way back in 2012 which was the year the archeologists published their book. I stumbled upon the idea when I first noticed that Clovis and Solutrean stone points looked amazingly similar. Later when I looked at it more closely I discovered that this was not a new idea.

      Chiefio also looks at the Y Haplogroup R which is most common in Amerinds in the Great Lakes area along with mitochondrial X. Since R is common in Western Europe this has been explained as a mere post colonial artifact, although some are doubtful and point out that some of the R’s may predate the European’s. In any event X is a real mystery and CBC’s Nature of Things looked at the Solutrean Hypothesis in 2018 and interviewed the authors of the book. Cries of racism followed. In any event I have not seen the CBC show but I have read the book which I really enjoyed. You can find more on the book here, or go to Amazon:

      1. While I certainly don’t understand DNA charts but the shading for Squarehead was was a lot closer to Clovis than pretty much anything else.