33 Replies to “I, For One, Welcome Our New Self Driving Overlords”

  1. Holding a cellphone = bad.
    Having a TV in front of you while the car drives itself = good.
    Any questions?

    1. It’s a complete absurdity!! The current generation(s) suckle at their screens (and hate driving). Putting massive touch screens into automobiles will not end well. I pray these Tesla drivers ONLY drive their cars as an occasional novelty. Anything to reduce the miles driven.

  2. Sort of like trying crack cocaine or heroin, I will never once entertain utilizing this technology. That is all.

  3. Would I buy one tomorrow? No, but given that transistor radios and Pong were hi tech when I was a kid, my kids will probably buy them.

  4. L- What you save on gasoline will be small compared to the insurance premiums, which are likely to double each year, until you are forced to sell it. Because you can’t afford the premiums.

    To keep driving skills sharp enough to take over when it makes mistakes will require doing most of your driving yourself.

    Rumour has it, that Kamala is buying one as a gift for Stumblin’ Joe.

  5. I’m bullish on self-driving cars. Within seven years they should be to the point where they’ll have accidents/miles driven parity with human drivers and I’ve put money on that.

    That said, they are absolutely not ready for consumer use on actual roads now and everyone involved in that decision needs to be flogged.

    1. Over 20 years ago they kept telling us that voice command computers, like you see on Star Trek, were “just around the corner”.
      Any minute now. A much easier goal than self-driving cars.
      FYI, I had to type the above on my keyboard.

    2. Buffett believes that self-driving cars will bring down insurance premiums. He should know, he owns Geico.

  6. Hey, I can barely afford to drive my 15 year old truck. And it’s a 4 banger basic Tacoma.
    What did Toyota say, again, recently!?
    Piss the fuck off, Elon, you goofy mutant.

  7. Come to think of, self driving cars have a potential… to greatly reduce the number of cyclists. See? Think positive, there is a silver lining to every cloud.

  8. We are not near and WE WILL NEVER BE NEAR.
    It’s too complex.
    Excessive complexity precedes collapse.
    Tech nerd vanity is a frightening thing.
    Autonomous works on rails only I feel.

    1. I think parking lots would be another obvious place. The car only area is fenced off. You drive in, get out of your car in the designated area, car parks itself. When you are done, you press the key fob, your car unparks, gets in queue to pick you up at designated area.

      Since there is no getting in or out of cars, they could self park very densely.

      1. IIRC electric cars have been coming since about 1850 and haven’t gone trans-Atlantic as yet

        And there is a story of the announcement from a meeting of the directors of the Baker Electric Car company that they needed a better battery to deal with competition from the Stanley Steamer

        1. Yep electric cars are actually older than an internal combustion engine. And they’re useless while the ICE is glorious.

    2. I drove everyday professionally.. New signs are the norm.. Explain that to your selfdriving car.

  9. Would it constitute “violence against Asians” … if I observed … that’s how most of the people drive in Oakland’s Chinatown? Perhaps the software programmers for Tesla all grew up in Oakland’s Chinatown?

  10. Kameltoe should buy one for Joe on his birthday. That way he can sleep and let the car drive itself on the weekend drive up to his Delaware home.


  11. “When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control.” ~ Theodore Dalrymple

    Electric cars are inevitable.
    We can run the world of wind and solar.
    Humans are destroying the planet.
    Men are toxic; unless the male is not white. But maybe still, if not Democrat.
    Not all people with penises and working testes are women (just the ones who say they are).
    The white privilege coming off that newborn is toxic.
    Mostly peaceful.
    Masking up and social distancing is saving the world.
    There have been no polar ice caps for 40 years.
    Polar bears are 3 seconds from extinction.
    Oil is bad, that is why we have climate conferences on Mykonos. And private jets to take us to them.

    1. Trust me, the first time you bang down three gears on the paddles into a hairpin, you’ll forget all about it. The biggest reason manuals are going away is simply that slushboxes and DCT’s have eclipsed them in almost every way. And I drive an old school 5 gear manual car 120 kms a day. The other car in the garage has flappy paddles and will beat the stuffing out of my commuter. People imagine heel-toeing their way through some mountain pass when they talk in platitudes of manuals but the sad reality is your time is mostly spent crawling through traffic trying to not ride the clutch too much.

      Not everything is rosy with cars and technology, though. As an example, all the latest keyless technology has actually made it far easier to boost a car than ever, really, you don’t have to physically break anything and can easily obtain everything you need from ebay. The stupid screens are proven to be a massive distraction, and replacing simple knobs and large buttons for common controls like heat and volume and hiding them in some menu in that screen is just inane.

      1. “The biggest reason manuals are going away is simply that slushboxes and DCT’s have eclipsed them in almost every way. ”

        Yes, almost every way, driving experience is one were they didn’t. I don’t care if the version of the car with flappy pedals accelerates a 10th of a second faster than the version with a manual. Similarly I don’t care if a “girl” with a ten inch dick gives great BJ. It is just not the same thing. :p

  12. Fully autonomous electric cars? That’s a a lot of computing power gobbling-up battery output.

  13. Even at my advanced age, I’ll continue to trust my driving skills over those of autonomous vehicles. No thanks.

  14. My God it’s the same algorithm that controls the Canadian government! It’s so clear to me now…

  15. I drove everyday professionally.. New signs are the norm.. Explain that to your selfdriving car.