We Don’t Need No Stinking Giant Fans

Jeff Lagerquist;

Leigh Goehring and Adam Rozencwajg of the Wall Street research firm G&R Associates are among the latest to point to a bulging bubble. The veteran global commodities experts warn the road to a renewable-powered future will be tougher than anticipated. Worse, they expect it to be littered with over-valued companies and inefficient technologies that fall short of carbon-cutting goals.
“Over the last 12 months, green energy momentum has exploded. Investor euphoria has now reached new heights bordering on mania,” the investment firm wrote in its latest quarterly market commentary.
“Every green energy proposal we have examined relies on the trifecta of wind, solar, and electric vehicles combined with various battery technologies. In recent months, a renewed ‘hydrogen mania’ has broken out as well, which adds a fourth leg to the green energy stool,” they added. “These plans, including the current hydrogen craze, are bound to at best severely disappoint and, at worst, outright fail in what they attempt to accomplish.”

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12 Replies to “We Don’t Need No Stinking Giant Fans”

  1. Government is bad at picking winners, but losers are good at picking government. Welcome to CAGW rent-seeking corruption.

  2. We are going to be buying many more from China as O’Toole will be our next Prime Minister.
    Our new government will be buying many made in China products.
    Trudeau has outlived his usefulness.
    Like they did in the US 2020 Elections, China is letting us know who we are voting for.
    After all, they have the voting machines now tuned up.

  3. The only green these scamsters are interested in is the government subsidy kind. And Bi-Deng and Pilosi will surely assist and we will not hear of Bi-Deng fils or Pilosi mari being nominated to the board of directors of said companies and receiving lucrative contracts.

    1. The kids/grandkids will be getting their licks in early with the government mask business.

  4. If you really want low carbon energy, nuclear power is the only relatively environmentally benign and safe solution that is consistent with a modern industrial economy. Unreliables will make energy much more expensive with little reduction in Carbon Dioxide but with many additional environmental impacts. The so-called green energies of wind and solar are not particularly green nor economical except as off-grid mini-solutions and as large scale solutions, technically and economically infeasible. Wind and solar are political bromides for the mindless who otherwise might discover the real green agenda which is de-industrializing-impoverishment and a vast numerical reduction of most of humanity.

    The rent seeking and cultural Marxist financial sector is now into ESG (environmental, social, governance) evaluations for woke investing (Mark Carney). These “metrics” are epistemological mush and designed to starve the fossil fuel energy sector of capital.

    A rational energy policy (recognizing the myth of CAGW) would be to utilize natural gas and petroleum with a transition to modern nuclear power over the next half century.

    1. John Chittick: I agree we need nuclear, fusion specifically, but we still need liquid fuels I think. The infrastructure and battery materials needed for all personal transportation to become EV seems, daunting. I think Hydrogen could be that fuel, provided we work out more technical issues.

      Either way, we’ll be using hydrocarbons for a long long time.

    2. “If you really want low carbon energy, nuclear power is the only relatively environmentally benign and safe solution that is consistent with a modern industrial economy. ”

      I’m not sure why everyone deliberately or accidentally overlooks hydroelectricity, but there is really no better option for *mass* power generation (the only kind that really matters) at this time.

  5. As Biden and Trudeau move us to green economies your insurance rates will go up. Why?

    A) Battery fires from EVs and household storage batteries.

    B) explosions from leaking hydrogen.

    Water damage from frozen pipes will be excluded from all household policies.

  6. Can you say “dot.con” BUST!? Investing in companies that make nothing, have no profits, but have lots of irrational enthusiasm driving their stock price. So now we have energy companies that produce next to nothing for far too much $$ … routinely FAIL … but LOTS of enthusiasm … because the puppetry of the Biden is in charge.

  7. And precisely why I’m not dying on “fossil fuel hill” for these guys. https://www.enbridge.com/about-us/our-values/sustainability
    Think they’re your friends? Sure they are…but only if there’s money in it while you carry water for them. They know the green energy 3 card monte better than anyone, they also know it can’t be done without subsidies and that’s where you come in. Think about it…if there was money in it they’d have done it long ago.

    Shutting down line 5? Please do. If it means Pepe LaPew in Beavertail Quebec loses his job. All the better. 5000 jobs in Sarnia with a mayor who spent the better part of his 25 year political career taking cheap shots at the very industry who helped fund his shitty Art Gallery for his well heeled friends? Good. Let’s effin’ go. Let him explain to his jobless base how he needs to raise taxes to cover his nut.
    It’d be nice to see tumbleweeds rolling down main street.

    Hydrogen you say? Hilarious…y’know, not all of us skipped Physics class to smoke a bong in the school parking lot.

  8. End of the day it’s simple. Installed Capacity is the only electricity number the renewable industries push out to the public. Also known as Plate Capacity. Sounds good to the public. Only problem is there is also an Operating Capacity which is what actual electricity is delivered to the grid from whatever power source which can be 100% of the Plate Capacity and the closer the better. Base-load power is the continuous flow of electricity to the grid as electricity will never be stored at base-load power levels for long. So to keep the electricity flowing to run our 24/7 365 day world the grid needs a 100% flow of electricity from some power source. I live in SW Ontario and the nuke plants run at an Operating Capacity of close to 98% out their 100% Installed Capacity and do that year after year. We also have had Niagara Falls providing hydro going back to around 1915 and numerous gas plants that make up the difference to keep the grid running. Wind is there in the mix and can deliver 100% of the installed capacity at any time, just not at a 24/7 365 year after year flow rate the grids. So take your pick for base-load power but there are only three here in Canada, hydro, fossil fuels, or nuclear. But it can never be renewables if you want the light to turn on when you want it too, not when the metrological systems are aligned just right as they move through your particular area of Canada.

    The byproduct of the combustion of hydrogen and oxygen is water in its vapour state which just so happens to also be the largest Greenhouse Gas present in the atmosphere at any one time. IMHO, the pedlars of hydrogen are green crony capitalists in action.

    1. Couldn’t have said it better. Thanks.
      As for that “public” out there, leave it in the ground spoken by Gortex, nylon, rayon, “green” crap wearing, plastic using, carbon trike peddling, clowns using various lubricants to “grease” the wheels of motion and jet fuel to partake in their remote “wilderness experience” on a polyurethane built “board”, carbon fiber walking poles, “…. mountain bikes”, pack frames and nylon…..lots of nylon, well, suck eggs. Start wearing cotton, wool (stays warm even when wet) and a good pair of Asolo boots, if you can still get them in real leather. Mine lasted 40 years with resoles. SnowSeal. And let’s use electric guzzling Aluminum, made from valley destroying dams.
      What’s that song? “you’re so vain”….change the words to “you’re so greeeeen”. If it wasn’t for the petroleum industry, you’d starve. And “work” would be a four letter word.