11 Replies to “Being A Leftist, She’s Taking It Really Well”

  1. The shrillness of her reaction tells us she doesn’t accept herself as is. If she were truly comfortable with her obesity it wouldn’t bother her.
    If she does get really sick there will be plenty of blame to go around you can bet. Everyone from her parents to the manufacturers of gallon size tubs of Oreo ice cream.

    1. She isn’t claiming trouble with her adiposity, she’s claiming trouble with the word.
      If you told her “Damn! That’s a lot of fat,” she’d probably smile and say “Thank you,” but would collapse into a quivering heap before the Knights who say Obesity.

    1. The only way we can stop this carnage is to ban forks & spoons, and sue the manufacturers out of business!

        1. Yeah, but eating ice cream with one’s fingers is not only messy but undignified.

          1. ” . . . undignified.”

            I’ve seen her TikTok. I don’t think dignity is high on her list of concerns.

    2. This story reminded me of a local AM radio talk show years ago. A caller was blaming her obesity on having a “glandular” problem.

      The program host quickly shot back, “Lady … the mouth is NOT a gland.”


      “Next caller!”

  2. I have a neice who is morbidly obese. She’s fully embraced the ill-conceived “fat pride” and “healthy at any size” claptrap. It’s been a slow motion train wreck.

    I myself have struggled with my weight for nearly 50 years. Lost 100 pounds 10 years ago when I watched my diet, exercised every day, even did a triathalon, only to fall back on bad habits and lack of discipline and gained all that weight back again. I fully admit that I OWN each and every one of these gained pounds. It’s my own fault.