The Right To Discriminate

What is seen and what is not seen.

The House of Representatives passed legislation that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity, though it faces an uncertain future in the Senate. The legislation passed on a 224-204 vote which was mostly along with a party-line vote. Three Republicans voted with all Democrats. […]

There are concerns that someone would be forced to hire a cross-dresser to be a hostess in a top restaurant. But noticeably absent is Class discrimination. Class is omitted for that would end Marxism. Class discrimination takes place based on a person’s social class. Interestingly, the Democrats are engaging in Class discrimination right now.

It was never about the cake.

22 Replies to “The Right To Discriminate”

  1. This is…farcical. It’s bad enough to try and ban discrimination against categories of people that can be objectively defined. ‘Class’ is as subjective as can be. So of course the conservative response is to whinge about ‘class’. Because when you’ve got nothing, you can complain about class. And ‘elitism’, which is also class whinge.

      1. I have a hard time believing that there’s anywhere near the discrimination in the American society that the Fake News Media is reporting. If there was, Joe Biden would have never been elected. No person on earth who discriminates against low IQ individuals would have voted for Biden..

    1. Hey, Unfree…class is not “subjective”. It is the tax bracket you fill out on your tax return, if you even bother, you CERB serf.
      Oh, and we, who value culture, and excel in tax brackets, never lost the “culture war” that you ignorantly opined about in some recent troll thread. We safeguard the western culture that you will never understand due to your inverted lack of logic.
      Now fuck off and die you poncey, uncultured piece of snot. A pox upon your subsidized house.

      1. Actually, culture has very little to do with income or wealth in North America and never has. Jonah Goldberg did a pretty good job of explaining in this article: “After all, some 85 percent of Americans think of themselves as middle class in some way. Alexander is right that Trump is rich, but he’s culturally lower class, a bridge-and-tunnel billionaire (allegedly) who carries a massive chip on his shoulder about people who claim to be the elite. ”

        1. You are conflating class and culture. How cleverly Marxist of you.
          Get thee to a garret.
          Oh, and the article sucked. Read more deeply.

    2. UnMe,

      “ It’s bad enough to try and ban discrimination against categories of people that can be objectively defined.”

      So this means a business owner should be able to discriminate against someone because of their race or ethnicity and you’re good with that. Fair enough.

      Why do you call people Sinophobes for criticizing the actions of the Chinese government?

      1. I don’t when the critiques are reasonable and not linked to some asinine demand like kicking out desperately needed Chinese demand.

        1. But that’s not sinophobic. And we’ve seen their demand is a lot less than previously thought. But you trot out accusations of racism instead of economic ignorance.

          For someone with libertarian pretensions, it’s silly that you use “racism” according to the prevailing fraudulent leftist definition. (Or non definition)

  2. Rules for thee,none for me.
    They really are mad.
    Liberalism is a progressive disease.
    With no known cure.
    Separation is our only hope.
    Takers versus Makers.
    Funny how only one side needs the other.
    All Hail the Kleptocracy.

    1. Will this New law allow us to talk with immigrant children in cages about getting a surgeon to give them sex change operations?

  3. the most discriminating group in any society is leftism ideology, marxism, socialism, libtardism, followed closely by any and all religions. Oh, and ALL humans discriminate, that who we are!

  4. “Democrats are engaging in Class discrimination right now. It includes individual attitudes, behaviors, economic status, education status, and of course, political status. Kids are told they will never get a job without a degree – educational discrimination is used to sell college. Elon Musk upset the world when he said he would hire people without degrees if they pass his exam quite honestly because most programmers are self-taught.”


    “Educated” people from now on are only considered “educated” if they spout the doctrines the leftists tell them to spout.

    Also: “while you cannot discriminate based upon religion, it is fair game to discriminate against anyone who is of the opposite political party or who has more money than you think they should be allowed to have. It seems that discrimination is ok as long as it has a political objective. So the answer would be the cross-dresser would be denied a job not because of how they dress, but who they voted for and that is perfectly fine?”

    “Discrimination is ok as long as it has a political objective.” There are Republican-voting LGBTQ people, and Republican-voting people of color, and they experience discrimination from Leftists because of how they vote. This site is not the only site that noticed the constant attempts to “erase” and “cancel” the only African-America Supreme Court judge, Clarence Thomas, simply because he does not have “correct” political leanings. And Hollywood is a perfect example of powerful people who use discrimination against any actor/actress or other employees in the movie industry who do not spout leftist tropes or who don’t vote as the Left dictates.

    Leftists are indeed classist. Interestingly, they are often extremely vicious to members of their own class when they feel a political need to be so, or they want to take out a rival.

  5. What basis is there for the federal government to do this? All powers not specified in the Constitution belong to the states or the people. Where do they find all the illiterate judges?

  6. The constitution is like a “Gun Free Zone” sign for conservatives. It doesn’t work when people ignore it.

  7. Discriminating is another word for choosing.

    When you buy tomatoes you pick the firm ones over the soft ones. That is discrimination.
    When you go a book store, you choose on book over the others. That too is discrimination.
    When you hire a new employee, you choose the one whom you deem to be your the best choice because it’s your choice, your biz ;… you know what will fit in and what will work because it’s YOUR biz.

    Discrimination is part of human nature. You cannot legislate away a human trait. Only insane people would even try.


    1. Absolutely! Private discrimination is the essence of rational thought and free will. The cultural Marxists are actually legislating the ultimate in thought control as if everything and everyone is interchangeable so as individuals, you have no say in freely choosing from either. As Ayn Rand said, socialism views humanity in the capacity of Ants. The logical outcome of this pathology is that the state will ultimately make all your decisions for you.

    2. Yup, it is to recognize something worthy of distinction, or, in other words, to discriminate.
      Something like separating the wheat from the chaff.
      Just like separating the humans from the insane sub humans.

  8. Actual workers and farmers are never to be allowed to take real power, because the first thing they will do with that power is make short work of the parasites, bankers and Bolsheviks both. And make it hurt.

    Donald Trump, as I keep saying, is the leader of the first real workers’ and farmers’ revolutionary movement America hasever seen. That’s why the bankers and Bolsheviks fear him so much.

    Had he been actually allowed to make America great again, they would all be either in shallow graves or in prison camps, doomed to spend the rest of their miserable lives in the slavery they intended for the rest of us, doing work they once complained that white people refused to do for free.

    And their long-suffering victims would finally be allowed to enjoy the full fruits of their labour, in peace and liberty, whether Beijing and the bankers liked it or not.

  9. Many years ago, I visited my niece (22 yrs of age) who was managing a Robin’s Donut shop in Saskatoon. My son was with me, he was 7 at the time. She had been asked to fire one of the employees who was anorexic, and was quite unattractive. My niece felt terrible, and asked how I would handle the situation. I informed her that I would simply give the employee an opportunity to go get medical help with her problem, and try and resolve this ASAP. My son asked me if he could give his opinion on the matter. I told him to get ahead. He said, ”There’s one thing positive in all this. At least you know that the anorexic girl isn’t stealing donuts. ”
    The kid got help. she came back to work a couple of months later, and it all turned out OK.

  10. In other racist news, the Toronto Sun has a couple of stories on its website about the peaceful indian rampages in Caledonia Ont. Unions including teacher unions funded legal fees for Indians that were arrested for destruction of private property in the area.