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  1. We should have had the tests before winter.

    But then millions of Americans would have kept their jobs, homes and businesses, hundreds of thousands would have lived—amd President Trump might have been re-elected. And nobody wanted that.

      1. No, you cannot trust any test that churns out extremely high false-positive results, (90%+).
        No, you can not trust any government that is fervently pushing an experimental irreversible
        m-rna changing biological agent.
        No, you can not trust any non-elected so-called Medical expert as we go into month 12 of 14 days to flatten the curve.
        No, you can not trust the “news” spewed by any of Trudeau’s bribed and paid for media shills.

        You can trust that the Socialist/Globalists that are pushing the Great Reset, The Green New Deal, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the New World Order or whatever you want to call it DO NOT HAVE OUR BEST INTERESTS AT HEART.

          1. Kenji.

            What was the name of that stuff they put in the fuel years ago to prevent smog. (Calif)
            Then it got into the water supply and made a mess of everything.

          2. Yep Dustoff … the CA Air Resources Board of highly trained, Environmental “Studies” graduates … top people. Really … top … people … decided to reformulate gasoline so it would disintegrate all the rubber parts on automobile hoses, valves, diaphragms … and poison the groundwater. Why? To clean the air they said. These top people didn’t do the science that would have shown this compound leaches out of the air and into the water supply.

            BTW … here is the Official CDC “fact sheet” on MTBE:
            It LIES by claiming the groundwater was contaminated … “in urban areas, from leaking underground gas tanks”. As if the disaster of MTBE was limited to a specific “leakage” Rubbish! Bullshit! Here is a perfect example of your government LYING to you … about the science.

            The State of CA has mandated the replacement of ALL underground gasoline tanks throughout the State. The new tanks are effectively leakproof, with triple redundancy containment membranes. There isn’t (and wasn’t) an old leaky underground tank anywhere in the State during the discovery of this disaster.

            In fact, the mandated underground tank replacement was so costly, that it drove out ALL the small independent gas station owners. It drove out ALL the small gas station business owners in the State. Only the GIANT oil corporations could afford the replacement tanks. Ever since, the GIANT gasoline corporations have colluded to fix the price of gasoline. With no independent owners pricing gasoline TRULY COMPETITIVELY … prices are artificially high throughout the State. Pro tip: that is NOT free market capitalism … it is a multi-Corporate monopoly.

            When your government tells you they are … “following the science”. Run! The government does some really sloppy science … then LIES about it. The CDC is intentionally LYING to the public

        1. I have grouped the whole lot “swamp, laurentian group, globalists, socialists, communists ETC” as the CESSPOOL keeps confusion down and is a better description. Guess could call them assholes as is very evident when they speak. When there’s a gaggle of them one hopes for a strong wind and the ability to stand way up wind.

  2. So we’ve gone from, Two weeks to flatten the curve to “had the sniffles” but people are still clamoring for their shot of an experimental biological agent.
    Puts any Apple marketing campaign to shame.

    1. The word HERDED comes to mind no..???
      …and followed immediately with the word SHEEP

      Thank the UNIONIZATION of Education – Common core – and whatever Socialist BS & Non History they “teach” up here in the Great White North that has created said HERD of utter IMBECILES.

      And all they had to do was take their VITAMIN D (2000mcg Daily), their VITAMIN C w/Zinc …. THAT which Not one slack jawed LYING Health Mouthpiece WorldWide has ever suggested.

      A CRIME against Humanity alongside the trashing of HCQ & Ivermectin.

      1. I’ve seen a couple of bus side ads and one on TV for Jamieson Vitamin D, C and Zinc,
        Walmart knows more than Two bag Tam.

  3. The government doesn’t want anything that we can control.
    At any time, they just change numbers and lock us down as they control this game.

  4. I can’t wait to get mobbed by a bunch of rabid Karens, or perhaps even arrested, for sneezing or coughing in public.

    1. It might be more serious than a few screeching Karen’s. Coughing or sneezing in public will likely be classified as “terrorism.”
      Imagine the consequences!

      1. Well, one way to get a seat on the bus, though ……”cough” “cough” “I habacode”.
        Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to affect opioid jerks, shooting up next to you. They seem to be “protected species”. Lysol? RAID? Should work.

  5. You can’t be a statistic if you do the test in the privacy of your own home and don’t tell them the results. They don’t like that.

    1. You also can’t be sent off to covid camp or any number of other punishments. There’s no way I’d ever get tested. What purpose would it serve to know you have it? The only cure is time.

  6. But but but….he’s not reporting it so the government!!! How can the government do the right thing for the population if they don’t know if people have it???

  7. I had a surgery rescheduled from March 2020 to November 2020. Had a cold a few weeks before and wanted to inform them of that fact so the anesthesiologist could prepare his concoction with this in mind. I did so when speaking with the pre-op department and she informed that they would not give me a covid test as I was likely to test positive and that would delay the needed surgery. I found that quite interesting….and there were no outbreaks in the hospital after my visit.

  8. L – If your elected provincial MLAs were living up to their Constitutional responsibility,
    they’d demand that the federal government allow them to import as many Rapid
    Tests as they need.

    Then release the information supporting the use of Rapid Tests to the public.
    The Trudeau regime by preventing import is seen to be the villain they are.

    By suppressing public discussion on the medical science of the Wuhan virus.
    Provincial governments have tied their political wagon to that of the Trudeau
    government. That is soon to cost them dearly in credibility. Fractures in the
    Panic-demic are going public, see below. Share this until more doctors come forward.

    “Tear down this wall (of silence) !”

    Medical Censorship & Harms of Lockdowns – An exclusive interview with 3 Canadian Frontline Doctors.


    1. That was great to listen to.
      Thanks. Folks this video should be shared far and wide!
      Let’s get those views pushed upwards.
      Before censortube takes it down.

  9. What if it turned out that he only had the flu, should his behavior have been any different? Why? Is it OK for some reason to go around spreading cold and flu?

    If not, what value was there in the test? Shouldn’t presenting with the symptoms of viral infection be a sufficient test in and of itself? Shouldn’t the protocols for containing spread be invoked?

    What is the purpose of this Kabuki theater show? What story is it actually telling?

  10. “How many of us who’ve had the sniffles have wondered the same thing…”

    I’m starting to form an opinion. Which opinion is that most people with kids in school have had this thing already. They all caught it in March 2020 or September 2020, and didn’t even know. IMHO. Because kids were bringing it home from school, for sure. If you look at the “safety measures” in schools that are supposed to keep people from transmitting the virus, it will make you laugh.

    So, an antibody test will probably be positive for a large part of the population. Because they’ve had it already.

  11. The depopulation / deindustrialization process is alive and well in Canadah! Actions speak louder than words. Covid is just the excuse.

  12. The rapid test that gives results in 5 to 15 minutes has been available since March 20, 2020, almost approaching a year. It reacts to transmissible levels of the virus in the test medium (saliva or mucus), so it won’t catch people with low viral loads, (ie those that just caught it, or had it previously) and thus can’t be used to cause fear in the population, thus governments won’t widely promote the use of it, instead demanding that we use the flawed PCR test (at up to 40 cycles of doubling amplification).

  13. I hate to say it, but this “all Dread Virus Rona, all the time” schtick was already getting old last March. Coming up on the one year anniversary of Fear and Panic in Las Virus Land.

    Seriously, time to STFU.


  14. It’s to the point now where data will be fudged and more edicts announced just for health officials and their Pavlov dogs to save face.

    Oh, almost forgot – Two Airbus 350s from China just landed at YVR. That’s 600 people taking public transit to Vancouver proper and quarantining themselves for 14 days.
    Oh sure.
    All this while an Alberta pastor stews in solitary confinement.
    The world is nuts.

  15. Trust is such a fragile thing.
    First you lie,lie and lie some more.
    As you proclaim Doom Doom Doom by the first Horseman called Pestilence, the evidence being that most wonderous of tools a “Computer Projection”,an emergency is declared and the Hysterics rush the stage.
    Follow that by a full year of self contradiction,nonsensical mutterings and pure hypocrisy from our fearless leaders,as they savage and destroy every right the individual assumed they had,while exempting themselves..
    Trust us,they insist as they destroy our lives..
    So trust is now ground to dust.
    And the “Dread Covid”,poor virus ,has failed to perform to the absurd projections of the great gospel laid out in the Projections of Doom from government experts..
    So do we see any relief and joy from our so called helpers?
    Funny thing that,they continue with the Doom Saying as the Dragon turns into an worm.

    Meanwhile I assess the “help” and the harm done to me and mine..
    This is help I can really do without.
    Fire them all.
    And if they continue to insist I Must Be Helped by them,treat them as the menace this Dread Covid Theatre has revealed them to be.

    For we,the individual tax paying citizen,are under attack.
    Every Right and Freedom,we thought as ours has been shown as non existent when government morons panic.
    The political animals have been stripped of their protective cover of lies and platitudes,they abandoned the citizens and attacked us on every front.
    They represent no free citizen nor any “charter of rights.
    Too bad for them the Dread Covid is a wet squib.

    The Emperors New clothes reduxx.

    1. Lisa Simpson~~
      ” When governments are allowed to break the laws because there is a crisis,
      they will start inventing crises, so that they can break laws.”

    2. The trouble is voters let them get away with it.
      Ethics violations, lethal failures on covid, the opposition forced to show leadership on China.
      But who do you think would win election today?
      Our salvation never arrives because catastrophe is always in the future, nobody saying we’re good but can do much better.
      Apathetic and oblivious voters never catch on as the media, back in charge via social tech, ensure we get partisan pablum.
      In the US we all waited for the Russia frame Trump house of cards to collapse. The head of the FBI lied to a judge under oath.
      Nothing happened, Merrick Garland is just fine with it, so Durham if not already self-neutered, is now home and dry.
      Real easy with an AG with socialist values, who thinks a guy with a gun somewhere on Capitol Hill means armed insurrection.
      We all wait and hope the blind trust wears off, that somehow they’ll see past the political scientists’ and mediocracy fog of war.
      Alas, we lose, because somebody, somewhere decides to “act on principle” and torpedoes the whole crew via lieperbole.
      Unnoticed go hallmarks of an emerging totalitarianism; censorship, corruption, tribalism, unequal laws, careers destroyed.
      I’m hopeful of a true pushback on covid nonsense going into spring and summer. But worst case scenarios have prevailed.
      Btw, I’ve sniffled into my mask due to Vancouver Island allergies, but never wondered as covid has done a fly by here.

  16. My comment is about watching – presumably – will be still available on YouTube- The Presentation & Documentation of Vitamin ‘D’ which has been a significant factor for understanding since May 2020 as both a preventive and probable benefit to offset the Covid 19 threat.

    As a pass by the way: the comment tweet not acceptable is as follows. in response to Facebook posting possibly as an ???
    If and apparently the wish to become more important or a retaliation for not becoming a SCOTUS to be remembered is insufficient to fully Lie to an Oath: maybe a commendable attitude in the sleazy understanding of the politico Courtier Class of the ‘District of Columbia*’ and the frightened clutch of misrepresenting minions of the CCP financing dependents _ on the path of disappearance. But surely such limited Honesty will not even allow many, if not most, Dem-on Senators to sell-out the Sovereign Ordinary Average People who are responsible for the Evolution of Civilization !

  17. Minna – I’m tempted to nominate him every time some stupid govt type asks folks to nominate “CoVid Heroes”. By which they usually mean, of course, folks like nurses, teachers, doctors etc. who are actually just people being paid to do their jobs during a time when an unusual, new, seasonal affliction with mortality rates similar to influenza has appeared.

  18. One twit asks:

    Why aren’t they authorizing them. I don’t really understand. This needs to be addressed.

    Most amusing that hopelessly naive question. Clearly she took her civics studies very seriously.

  19. So, i get covid every time i come in from the cold for 58 years now. Utter diabolical brilliance to make the cpmmon cold n flu the reason to stop living to save lives.

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