February 23, 2021: Reader Tips

This evening we present you a video that one could aptly call “Daddy Time”!  We’re awaiting word from Woke Central whether this video is racist or sexist.

Your best tips of the past day would be much appreciated!

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    1. That would make his fortune illegal as well. After all, software makes use of mathematics, doesn’t it? Oh, I forgot: ill-gotten gains by his ilk are to be worshiped and glorified.

    1. The vaccine developer was not only not Quebecois but was also – horrors – from Alberta. No funding for you, chump. Same for the U of S researchers who had some promising results. The Turd and his buds would rather we all died than allow a Western entity to succeedd.

      1. The Turd and his buds would rather we all died

        We all in the un-Liberal/un-NDP west, you mean. I’m sure that he has something for his “real country” (no, not the PRC) already lined up. If it works for oil, why not a “vaccine”?

      2. No he didn’t want drumpfs vaccine. Seriously Canadians will die because of TDS. Oh well at least we showed drumpf.

    2. This is why I will continue to spoil all of my future election ballots with the words “Wexit Now!” I am “so done” with all politicians at all levels.

    3. We’re still lamenting the lack of a vaccine for a virus that has about a 98 to a greater than 99 per cent rate of recovery.

  1. Read it: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2021/02/22/global-warming-and-chinas-coming-war-with-australia/

    “What is obvious to everyone else is that global warming is just a charade, made up to give communists an excuse to control the rest of us. Simple Simon has been moved on to another portfolio where he can do less damage.

    China couldn’t give a tinker’s cuss about carbon dioxide and is only going along with the charade of reducing emissions in the far distant future, because, as Napoleon said, “Never interrupt the enemy when he is making a mistake.”

    Thing you’ll never hear come from the lips of our “elites”, over here.

      1. I’ve had it since November
        Pretty amazing, when I first read about it assumed it would be years away – not so
        Plop the dish down and it automatically aims itself
        Averages 100mps down and 20mps up
        Beta downtime dropping every week

  2. Blackie’s CBC website has the heart breaking story on how evil Doug Ford is so slow on vaccinating seniors. No mention that their hero Justin screwed up the purchase and delivery of vaccines. Justin is wonderful.

    1. Come on Lizzy, the TWO MOST IMPOTENT PEOPLE IN THE WORLD? Why do I call them that? Apart from their low IQ and ability, they are both controlled by China.

  3. All the bought and paid for media are excited about The Coward Of The Cottage speaking with the Coward Of The Basement. Global warming scams and diversity will be big topics. And don’t miss Microsoft News groundbreaking report on where Jill Biden buys her shoes.

      1. I should get my EdD and force everyone to call me Doctor. I mean how hard can it be. The degree was invented so public school teachers can get a doctorate. I wonder if it’s like public school where every retread gets a diploma.

        1. so public school teachers can get a doctorate

          And, thereby, qualify for a promotion. That’s the real reason.

    1. I shall read it but that is a question I’ve struggled with. Why on Earth would a government deliberately do this to their population?

      1. Very long essay. You might want to skim the opener and read the conclusions. We are moving into a dystopian technocracy. Klaus Schwab’s vision of a reset is upon us. People cling to a belief in a deadly virus because that is somehow less scary than the totalitarian reality that is taking over the Western world. With few exceptions, governments are being lead along. It takes courage to step away from the pack. Our “leaders” lack this courage– unless it is forced upon them by their citizens. Canadians are not resisting. I was shocked to discover that other countries are implementing the traveller quarantines similar to Trudesu’s latest gambit. Governments are looking for ways to force people into taking vaccines. Governments and bureaucracies value control — not democracy. Some in government are as scared as the people, and find it safer to go along with the virus myth. Until people stand against this, it will get worse and worse.

        1. I found the left-wing jargon a bit jarring and couldn’t make it to the end.

          I believe his thesis is: There is no Grand Conspiracy, just a lot of individuals moving in the same direction to take advantage of opportunities.

          You don’t have to be a tree-hugger to see you can make a buck by planting a one dollar seedling for two government dollars.

          You don’t have to be a socialist to see you can make a buck by starting up a new government department.

          You don’t have to be a fool to take advantage of a mass hysteria; rather the opposite.

    2. When President Trump pops back up, it will be a glorious time watching our media politicians totally implode.
      This Pandemic certainly shows how off the wall the media is pushing a minor virus into a your neighbor is your enemy and will kill you if you get too close…

      1. But you can see how it can be a very useful narrative.
        a) It keeps people paranoid and eyes on the next news report; more ad money.
        b) It keeps people cowed, not able or daring to object or resist the narrative.

        1. What was it in the ’60s? Turn on, tune in, drop out? Today? Tune out, turn off. drop off (surveillance, cancel culture, etc)

    3. From what I read earlier that the Turd will get a majority in the next Federal election, one can only assume most Canadians are either stupid, brain dead or really really like living this way. I personally think its all three….Steve O

      1. Over 20% of the Canadian work force is employed in the public sector, and that share is rising. There have been no layoffs in the public sector, with many actually receiving full pay and benefits to stay home and do nothing. Of course they will vote for The Ponce. He believes in even bigger government.

      2. I am getting very suspicious now; perhaps this is just a psyop by the libs to put people off getting out and voting – what’s the point, he’s going to win.

        Mind you, who are you going to vote for, the Libs or the pseudo libs? The Harlem Globetrotters or the Washington Generals. It was always a fixed game. No one here will vote Green or Dipper in a protest vote, so PPC is the place to go.

        Also, it has a real, distinct, platform and is not sold to the highest bidder or owned by the same interests. And it is a protest vote that will shock, shock I say, the establishment media as they realize their blandishments did not work.

        PPC is the place for me.

    4. Talk about verbose!
      Much of the impact of this essay lost while fighting through detailed explications in order to reach the point, if there even was one.

      1. See my comment above about not getting to the end, not liking the left nomenclature. But I think it will impress academic types as it is meanderingly long.

    5. That Linda, should have started 8-10 months ago…but the herd will be herded.

      All breathlessly tuned into to their various Govt Paid Health Mouthpieces for the latest pike of Garbage and Utter Lies….believing every morsel.

  4. Here is a story you won’t find at the CBC. Blacklock reports that while the public health agency was complaining to the PMO about the lack of body bags, staff at the prime ministers office were ordered to find good news stories during the pandemic.

    1. They did…
      Showed how nasty old Trump got the big bad boot as Trudeau spit on him.
      After all our whimpering PM would never do it when he was still in power.

      Ah, that mouth of his will come back to bite him.

  5. Oh Nooo! Blacklock is committing domestic terrorism against Blackie again. It reports that friends of cabinet ministers put pressure on the public works minister to give them lucrative pandemic contracts.

  6. *
    “Did you subscribe to the service, Neo? Can you give a report?”

    averaging 80mps down and 20 up. gone
    as high as 160mbs.

    wait til i take dishy off the two skids
    in backyard… and mount on antenna.

    best investment i’ve made lately.


  7. What is it with the love affair the Liberals have with China? We know that Liberal premier of Nova Scotia, who just retired loves everything about China. And now the Globe and Mail reports that a Canadian school in the area where genocide is being conducted against muslims, offers Nova Scotia diplomas.

    1. All the old school Liberals, Chretien, Martin, you name it all work for/with the Chinese. They are counsel at Dentons, the 5th largest law firm in the world.
      Dentons’ 2015 mega-merger with one of the biggest law firms in China, Dacheng.

  8. This is a year later since they first closed the border for non-essential travel and we still won’t be visiting loved ones across the border without going to covid jail and paying the $2000 extortion.

    February 19, 2021 – Canada-U.S. border closure to be extended until Mar. 21, Blair says. “Our government will never hesitate to take the strong action needed to keep Canadians safe from emerging variants of #COVID19.”

    1. That’s an amazing photo, not just because it’s of dachshunds, or that there are so many of them, but because they’re so disciplined and organized.

      I can only imagine when if someone suggests that they play “go und get it” (as my late father called it)…..

      1. All 16 …they’d all go wild with excitement!
        The Dachshunds are funniest at play. The neighbour’s dog, “Oz” is the cutest I’ve ever seen. His owner told me that when Oz broke trail in the snow he made somewhat of a circle and then cut trails within the circle to increase the length of his running path. (Ha! He likely knows the definition of π ) When they play with him indoors he’s a barrel of laughs, playing “BANG!” mimicking a gun with their fingers, they watch him drop “DEAD” to the floor.

        I finally found a video of a Daschund doing the latter.
        Doggo is a hoot.
        Check out this short vid for that action and other good stuff:

        Daschund Video Compilation (4:11)

        1. Yup. All the family dachshunds I’ve known showed most of those behaviours at one time or another.

  9. Good news for Indians. They are getting more money from taxpayers. Media reports that under the Jorden’s Principal, the federal government will have to pay fifteen billion dollars in child welfare compensation. Flat screen TVs for everyone!

    1. The Indians should be in line for some of those electric snowmobiles Seamus O’Regan has been touting.
      Who ares more about the environment than the Indians?

  10. Blackie’s CBC website reports that the federal government agrees that mentally ill people should get help to commit suicide.

  11. A rare, public contradiction of the official narrative has occurred (although it is buried at the end of a long article in the politically correct Ottawa Citizen).

    The Ottawa Police Chief, Peter Sloly, who has been officially classified as Black, doesn’t think that The Ponce’s new anti-gun legislation will do much to reduce gun crime since most of the guns used in crimes are smuggled into Canada illegally from the U.S.

    “Sloly said, “The proposed changes that have come down in the last several weeks, as a police service, we support anything that can reduce crime guns that are victimizing our communities in and around the nation’s capital here.”

    Sloly estimated that there are about 25,000 legal gun owners in the Ottawa/Gatineau area.

    “For the vast, vast majority of people, these are good, decent people. They raise good families, they do their best to make a contribution. They have legitimate interest and legal ownership of guns.”

    Sloly said the majority of illegal firearms in the city are coming from the U.S. into Canada.

    “So anything that strengthens our ability to interdict illegal firearms crossing the border and reaching the streets of Ottawa, we will support.”


    1. That is simply sinful. They let out the criminals yet they put the preacher in solitary confinement. These WhuFlu regulations have gone too far. Governments have no shame. Let’s hope they stop the madness forthwith.

      1. First there was GARU, the Great Alberta Restaurant Uprising. Maybe there’s a GACU (Great Alberta Church Uprising) now:


        At least those two congregations have sufficient integrity and courage to resist. I’ve yet to hear any from the mainline denominations do the same, but, then again, they’re socialist lapdogs.

        1. B–
          I heard ‘those’ helicopters flying over the area in the last few days or weeks. It is very upsetting to learn that they waste taxpayer’s money on taking out the choppers for the reasons that they do. What a complete waste. All this for a flu that 99% of the population recovers from. They’re nuts.

          1. They’re nuts.

            Not if you consider just why those choppers are in the air, particularly during the daytime. NenXi finally has the police city that he’s always wanted.

            Edmonton’s police has one as well. I often see it flying over my end of the city at night.

          2. Yes we’re officially a Police State. Doesn’t surprise me at all.

            I love that Chris Sky posted his own video and Kate posted it here. Rebel News can’t be everywhere, and to their credit they’re doing a fine job of reporting on the injustices of the Law as it pertains to the Whuflu.

            Hope Rebel tries to find out and posts an online revelation as to how many people took Chris’ advice and just walked away. Maybe Chris has some idea. I wonder whether he is a law student or lawyer. Bet the Menzoid will be on the case. Hope so.

          3. I posted on another thread the Menzoid’s interview with him when he got off the plane in Tronna.

  12. The bought and paid for Liberal media is excited that Blackie started off his meeting with Dementia Joe by trashing Trump.

  13. Stolen from internet ……..I want to see a party that will include in their platform should they win, the prosecution of all government officials be it federal , provincial, municipal even right down to a dog catcher that took part in the involvement in the destruction of this country’s economy, the living of millions of citizens, the harassment of seniors, the murder of seniors across the country , the treasonous actions by political figure heads, the unlawful restraining and confinement of canadian citizens, the assaults causing bodily harm to our citizens here in canada, enough is enough we need to stand together with real and true leadership of the people and by the people.
    There is no Statute of Limitations on Crimes Against Humanity
    Signed Pissed off retired Canadian citizen.