Breaking: Tiger Woods Injured In Single Vehicle Rollover

The accident happened in an area of Los Angeles that I know very well.

Woods was the driver and only occupant of the vehicle, the statement said.
“Mr. Woods was extracted from the wreck with the ‘jaws of life,'” the sheriff added.
He was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment of his injuries, the statement said. Woods’ agent, Mark Steinberg, told Golf Digest on Tuesday afternoon that Woods was in surgery for multiple leg injuries.

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  1. Not sure but from the picture looks like he hit nose first and half the engine is sitting in the drivers seat. Not good for the legs.

  2. Another chapter in an extraordinary life. Ultimate highs to ultimate lows. This is perhaps the lowest. By the looks of the vehicle there’s no doubt he’ll be in for a LONG rehab. They say multiple leg injuries but he was recovering from yet another back surgery and you have to think this will not help that recovery. Wishing you all the best Tiger.

  3. Which hooker, err girlfriend will get to Tiger’s bedside first? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Yes, very winding, hilly, roads in that area. If I had Tiger’s $$$ … I wouldn’t be driving a minivan … even if it is a Porsche

  4. Single vehicle accidents are unfortunate, especially if a driver goes off the road in a snowstorm.

    However, single vehicle accidents reduce the number of bad drivers on the road, which makes the roads safer for all of us.

  5. Thank God he wasn’t drving Miss Daisy. He should stick to driving golf balls and let James take him where he needs to go. Even home.

    1. When I look at that car, I am no so sure. Looks like the front folded like an accordion. They’re not supposed to do that, that’s one of the most important safety features, the frame is supposed to prevent that.

      1. The vehicle is a 2021 Genesis GV 80 SUV.
        Genesis (upscale Hyundai) is sponsoring the PGA event last week, they provide vehicles for golfers. In some pictures you can see the company logo on the front passenger door. The article that Kate linked to mentions the company supports Wood’s foundation.

      2. They are called “crumple zones”, they are to absorb the force of the impact, lessening the force transferred to the driver. Sometimes the amount of force is greater than the crumple zone can absorb. The new Genesis SUV has no old style frame.

  6. The PGA is in Florida this week and the news broke during a press conference with Tiger’s good friend Justin Thomas who’s one of the top players on the tour. Obviously Justin, having this thrown at him, was shocked and shaken to say the least knowing very little details and tried his best to respond. He did his best one could to stay composed but when he talked about Tigers kids his voice started to crack and he teared up. As he wiped the tears from his eyes the next question was…
    “What do you think of the speed of the greens this week?”
    Media of ALL stripes are the worst of the worst.

  7. Phuck you people are sickening let’s wait and see what really happened.Jesus Christ all the comments sound like liberal Democrats and probably are

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