32 Replies to ““Thank you very much for filling up with us today””

  1. Pierre, thank you for your words today.
    Entertaining to hear the MSM, UN et al policy agendas thrown back at the current federal Liberals, whom would the same in opposition.

    1. Satire and sloganeering is what the Left uses to curry favor with the Low Information Voter (ht Rush) … it’s only fair and wise to use the same tactic to win those votes back to the side of sanity

      STOP conflict-oil NOW!

  2. Truth of the matter is the CPC are ineffective in their Opposition role to hold a low IQ, on drugs PM who has 5 criminal investigations while leading a minority government.

    Vote PPC

    1. Ahmed.

      I like Bernier – Voted for him last time – good policies and everything. A TRUE CONSERVATIVE…problem is, there are no Conservative thinking folks left in this country..mostly those that want free shit and cheap/free drugs.

      Bernier will once again get ZERO TRACTION this time around as well..at Least in the WEST. The PC’s on the other hand can kiss my (_i_). USELESS Laurentien elite (_i_) kissers.

      As such, MAVERICK is our ONLY alternative coupled with a strong Provincial Party seeking same. And that is how I and my partner in life (wife), will vote.

      1. Conservatism in Canada has been marginal movement for ever.
        Vote your conscience.
        On the other hand Canadastan is doomed to become a shithole so why bother

    1. ” … , I hope Pierre Poilievre runs for the Conservative Party leadership …”

      Poilievre: old Tabarnaki word meaning ‘squeaking rabbit’.

    2. Warren, O’Stool will hold a secret vote to oust Pierre, and toss him from caucus on some trumped up charge, as they did with Sloan. Who knows if there was even a majority who voted to toss Sloan, maybe th about the count. The cuckservatives are no better than the libtards, and the more support they loose, the sooner they MAY catch on, and change.

    3. Why? Poilievre already stated he will not run for lead of the Canadian progressive conservatives.
      Even if he ran and got elected Pete will still be a fake conservative leading a poseur party.

  3. Poilievre is one voice in the wilderness.
    The so called leader of “Conservatives” tried to shut him up.
    Thanks goodness its not working.
    Poilievre has the quality and courage of leader.
    Sometimes though it is better for those that can hit, to be in a position where they can, however, must say that Poilievre need to handle criticism from the media cartel and from the socialist extremists*.
    As it is, if you speak truth to power you are on solid ground.

    * includes socialists and so called “Liberals”

  4. Never voting for a federalist party.

    You think the “Conservatives” wouldnt sell out the west again for eastern votes?

    They are as bad as the Liberals.

    So who cares what any “conservative” mp says. It doesn’t matter.

  5. If only PP could have become the Conservative leader – then I might vote for them again.
    With O’Toole – not a chance.

  6. If not for SDA, RebelNews and a few other independents, no Canadian voter would ever even know he uttered those words.

    We MUST find a way to defeat this media propaganda machine that the Liberals have groomed. We have no hope of winning this culture war without at least seriously weakening them first.

  7. It was never about saving another Gaia.
    It is about impoverishing the West and lining the pockets of the Laurentian Elite.
    This idiotic warning label, who are the rent seekers who will benefit? Follow the money, it will likely lead to an LPC friendly supplier who will have the labels made in China.

  8. Fundamentally, the east (Ontario, Quebec) has the majority of the population. The federal government will always be dominated by eastern power centers regardless of the label stuck on it. We now have a CPC that has majority western seats, but has a policy position, and leadership, dominated by eastern interests.

    I have committed myself to Western Separation. As an interim step, a Western Party must exist that represents western concerns. The current liberal minority, propped up by special interest parties, is ruling by fiat and unopposed because her majesties’ loyal opposition wants the same things as the Liberals do. Because they actually represent Ontario since they are greedily pandering to the Ontario vote.

    My support is going to go to the most plausible party that will send western MP’s to Ottawa that will actually represent western Canada. If they end up propping up a minority CPC government, fine. We will have a better influence.

    1. Seems to me that Poilievre, an Ottawa area Loyal Opposition MP, was promoting Western Canadian oil production which doesn’t quite mesh with your “greedily pandering to the Ontario vote.” statement.

      1. When it comes to Quebec or the West, federalist parties ALWAYS will dump the West.

        Dont believe their crap.

        Polliviere will sell us out just like Mulroney and Harper did. Just give him time.

  9. William +++++!
    However, too many parties in Alberta, Wild Rose, Maverick, Wexit – all wanting the same things but none of them want to become one party,
    How can you win any seats when you are so fractured??

    Yes Pierre Polivere should be Conservative leader with Derek Sloan as his backup. Then we might have something. With O ‘ Fool we have exactly that! Nothing!

  10. Talk about an echo chamber.
    I like Pierre, but in that fake parliamentary chamber, he looks like a lonely guy yelling at ceiling tiles. Hello? Hello? Anybody there?

  11. L – Allowing the Trudeau regime to shut down Parliament, Legislatures, run roughshod over
    the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and buy off most of the moribund MSM. That has
    effectively neutered political dissent in Canada.

    The Trudeau regime and the “Public Health experts” have followed the W.H.O. line direct
    from Beijing. Even the Right to Peaceful Assembly to hold public rallies, the grass roots way
    of proving the current political “consensus” on the current medical “consensus” is clearly
    isn’t based on medical science. Nor does a “consensus” poll of Canadians justify the
    violation of the Charter.

    The C.P.C. leadership has made it into a Liberal-lite CINO moot Opposition.
    The prairie provincial governments have deluded themselves into thinking the C.P.C. will
    defeat the Liberals as Harper was able to do. Not going to happen. The RCMP acknowledged
    ADSCAM investigations, which helped to make that a major public scandal. One which even
    many non-CPC voters decided required a change of government.

    Are there similar or worse scandals in the Trudeau regime ? Yes, but neither the media, now
    bought and paid for, nor the RCMP currently held hostage by the P.M.O. will ever allow that
    to surface.

    The economic recession and de-industrialization of Canada by Trudeau’s regime requires
    some Western gov’t.’s willing and able to face down the Liberals before they’ve been neutered,

  12. Here we go again. A conservative does something right, fights the good cause and what does he get at SDA? A barrel of venom from rabid lobotomized maxipads who don’t care about the cause only about their bullshit temper tantrum.

      1. Yes, that is the debt of thought that can be expected from you and part of the reason we got PM Baked Potaro.

  13. I don’t care what you morons here say about O’Toole, but he is the only shot at dumping Trudeau.
    He has said he will kill the carbon tax, reverse the gun ban, get pipelines going, and bring some fiscal sanity back.
    He has proven he will not kowtow to China.
    So don’t whine that he’s just another Liberal.
    So go on with your whining and put Trudeau into a majority.

    1. Rolling on the floor laughing at these people. Just like Scheer before him was, “the only chance to defeat Trudeau” guy. All I can do is laugh at your projection.

      I wonder who the next “only chance to” guy will be, after O’Toole gets defeated? We should start a pool. The CPoC is not winning another election in this country. Why vote Liberal Lite, when you can have the real thing. Why vote conservative in name only, when you’ll end up at the same destination eventually.