21 Replies to “Fun with Archery!”

      1. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee has already condemned the bow … claiming it fires the equivalent of a .50 cal. bullet … just like the AR15 “assault rifle”

  1. Off to buy gifts for the grandbrats, we found some very cheap ($2.50 or thereabouts) bow and arrow sets, and in both pink and blue. After a quick consult with the offsprings, we bought a set for each grandbrat. Don’t know if the kids are still playing with them now, but on Christmas day, those WERE THE GIFTS. Needless to say, parents exiled the would-be Robin Hoods to the basement rec room very quickly.

  2. Have been watching his channel for over a year..incredible & Innovative thinker….and at 475 ft per second…??

    Yea, works for me..,!!

    1. Another nice thing is that it’s legal to shoot them in my yard (say, at rabbits and squirrels), while
      it isn’t legal to shoot a firearm anywhere in the municipality (officially a city, but with only about
      10,000 residents) where I live.