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    1. For the people that don’t have time to watch the video, here is a summary of the discussion. The most important part takes place around minute 52 (sorry I don’t have timestamps for everything presented). And there are visual links presented to Ontario Ministry Health documents and other sources spread throughout the presentation.

      1.) by their own confession, doctors started by relying on public media for information concerning the nature of the problem. Because of their own timelines, they did not have time to independently research whether that data being presented was factual or not. These three waited months before realizing that the data didn’t match reality.

      2.) They admit that the profession is a herd mentality and does not like to discuss views which go against the narrative (lots of organizations have this same problem). When they started to speak out, they were verbally ostracized and harassed, accused of being dangerous.

      3.) The public health ministry does not answer requests, even from physicians, for their raw data and is not willing to respond to doctors should they request it. This point was made repeatedly. There is no room for discussion in public health.

      4.) Year over year “all cause” mortality rates show very little or no difference from previous years, and this is world-wide, not just Canada. And it doesn’t matter whether lockdowns were implemented, or how severe the lockdown measures were.

      5.) Decisions are being made completely on the basis of subjective models not reality and the models vary according to which factors are input and are not tuned to reality on the ground. The models need to be thrown out in favor of examining the data.

      6.) The definition of case was changed last August by the Ontario Ministry of Health. It now includes people that have antibodies to the disease (meaning that they have successfully fought off the ailment) and anyone that tests positive more than once for COVID is now counted every time which inflates the numbers (the current definition is at 52:20). At no time in the definition is the clinical observations of a physician included as part of the definition which should be a necessary condition for a positive diagnosis.

      7.) High cycle thresholds in PCR tests greater than 25 yield a lot of false positives, including people who may be infected but have not got sufficient viral load to infect another (per WHO). It can also pick up inactive remnants of the virus which are incapable of infecting someone else. Ontario is using cycle thresholds from 35 to 48, well outside the recommended range (there is an agenda, damn the science).

      8.) Medical dogma, at the moment, suggests that coronaviruses mutate frequently (which is part of the problem of creating a vaccine), and that later mutations, while more infectious, are usually less harmful (so that the virus can infect more people with the victims surviving longer. Aside: this is what was observed with the Spanish flu where the flu killed the initial victims, but the second wave largely died from pneumonia.

      9.) Viruses become endemic and are never eliminated. So a zero COVID goal is unrealistic and harmful long term.

      1. Excellent summary.
        I would add that this discussion reveals the pressure and divisiveness that is preventing more professionals from speaking up.
        Another take away: get the data and be proactive.

    1. Excellent. Thank you. The doctors are eminently thoughtful and make it clear that our governments policies are sheer folly. And, it’s getting much worse. People need to realize they are being manipulated by fear tactics. Media needs to start being honest and balanced in their coverage.

    1. Wouldn’t that be cultural appropriateion for Whitey 🙂 If only black people can write about black people, then surely only black people can cut black peoples’ hair. Racially segregated hair salons anyone?

      The black lady on the bus has now officially been thrown under the bus.

      1. Indeed. Don’t know about you, but nearly every time I am outside and see a black lady it is hard not to notice how much effort and time they must be putting into styling their hair. So it does not strike me that black ladies actually lack access to hair stylists. In all likelihood what happens is that when an angry entitled demanding black Karen comes into a hair saloon all the stylists claim incompetence because they know that client is toxic.

        1. Colonista – I rather think a lot of those ladies are having their hair done by relatives. Have asked a few women about this (btw, am totally jealous as have always had fine straight hair which doesn’t co-operate with any style) and get the story that auntie did it and niece slept during part of the procedure as takes hours. However, the results last for about a month or longer, which certainly beats the daily drag of trying to persuade the hairs on my head to be reasonable.

  1. L – Are we going to allow the C.C.P. indoctrinate young Canadians ?
    In other words, how many Justin Trudeau clones could this nation-state endure ?
    British education was one of Britain’s great gifts to it’s colonies and the Commonwealth.
    UK Nigel Farage Chinese Billionaires With Direct Links to the CCP Are buying Up British Schools


  2. Re: Film-Post WWII Occupation of Germany by US troops.

    I love the line: ”Every German is a potential source of trouble.”

    My Dad told me the same about women. Who listens to their Dad??

  3. Watched last night’s film; much admired the restraint of the kilties. Was, though, reminded of a scene from “The Victors” (1963) where two Americans on guard in London (suspect their embassy) are huddled with fear during a bombing raid and then watch a British bobby (seemingly) nonchalantly walk past on patrol.

  4. Just bought a 2 stroke street bike this week!! At least I can enjoy its looks and design in a hidden garage. Kate , hope you still fog the neighbourhood on that RD LC. Looks like that electro ski doo is designed to drive around Toronto. Bombardier, still time for a huge subsidy. I’d bet on that one.

  5. Need some election news? All of Blackie’s bought and paid for media is excited this morning, on what a wonderful job he is doing with vaccine roll outs.

    1. Scientists and doctors who understand viruses say between a third and half of the population vaccinated will achieve herd immunity. So would have opening up last summer while focusing on properly protecting long term care residents.

      Now they pawn off their negligence and ignorance as leadership. The urge to save humanity is really the urge to rule it.
      Why would scientists rely on the media for information. “Journalists” are mostly ignoramuses who rely on sensationalism.
      It’s supposed to work the other way around. Now these media fools expect us to rely on them to parse real and fake news?
      The fox is in the henhouse, but this fox is not sly, it’s stupid, and expects us to close the chicken coop doors behind them.

      1. See vid posted above.
        One doctor refers to ‘moral panic ‘…the driving force behind the lockdowns.

    2. Also it is just a lie. At the beginning, the ridiculous British epidemologist of fear, he of the incompetent computer modelling, said this virus was different, it needed a minimum of 70% immunity for herd immunity. Not that he presented any evidence for that. Now they are pushing 85% to allow for poor vaccines, as if humans didn’t already have a lot of immunity.

  6. David Frei and Robert Barnes on last night’s Viva Frei. First topic up was the dismissal of the charges against Amy Cooper ( controversial encounter with a Black man bird-watching in New York’s Central Park last year). You won’t be surprised to learn that the media narrative and pile on left out a lot of facts and details.
    In addition, Robert Barnes announced that the civil suits against Kyle Rittenhouse have been dropped. Note that the standard of proof in a civil case is much lower than in a criminal case. Recall the Goldman’s civil suit against OJ. This would imply that the prosecution of Kyle Rittenhouse may be in trouble.

    1. Came out at four years old. Amazing the sexual awareness of a four year old!

      Psst do I need a sarc tag? Not sure these days.

    2. Another form of child molestation. Any and all who disagree with me should be sterilized then banished to Ellesmere Island.

  7. The Coward Of The Cottage will miss the vote on Chinese genocide, at his fake parliament today. He will be holed up in his girly boy cave, getting instructions from Katie Telford and Gerald Butts on global warming scams for his meeting with Dementia Joe.

  8. To be fair I’m going to credit OToole for moving Polivierre due to what I saw in this video of a debate clip in the HoC ripping the green cover off a bad attempt at propaganda.
    A labeling idea that can go terribly wrong when a bit of truth is inserted.


  9. Came out at four years old. Amazing the sexual awareness of a four year old!

    Psst do I need a sarc tag? Not sure these days.

  10. Blacklock’s Reporter shows information that cabinet political aides knew that the government was misleading the public with information on PPE that it received. The figures do not mention that a lot of the supplies obtained were defective.

    1. I’m not surprised. Years ago, I was involved with the design of certain scientific instruments to be used by scientists in a certain government department.

      The company I worked for had no idea how much it would cost and probably low-balled the contract in order to win it.

      The researchers didn’t understand the meaning of the word “No!” because they always wanted more bells, whistles, and frou-frous. The concept that there’s only so much money available, which includes not only designing the silly thing but building and testing it as well, was completely beyond them.

      One project died part-way through because the principal investigator “lost interest”. I’m sure that more than a million dollars were spent for nothing. Another one was shelved because NASA had to re-arrange its launch schedules due to the Challenger mishap. More $$$ spent for something that, the last time I heard, was parked in a warehouse somewhere and has been gathering dust ever since.

      Unfortunately, cost over-runs are typical of projects like that. Look at how much the James Webb Space Telescope’s price tag has ballooned, and the project is several years behind. Not to be outdone, there’s the Space Launch System and the Orion spacecraft, which are similarly over-priced and behind schedule.

  11. Maybe Adolf The Gay Pirate can ask Pervert Joe tomorrow, why he is making a deal to build a pipeline with the Taliban, but won’t build the Keystone line.

  12. Oh, yay, Israel has Covid passports called “green pass”.
    Check the Jerusalem Post for details.
    Happy yet?

  13. Breitbart reports that China Joe’s nominee for attorney general, stated today that the Portland riots may not be domestic terrorism because the court house was closed. So terrorism only occurs during business hours??

  14. Apparently little Justin likes China better than Canada. He was quick to agree that Canada committed genocide, yet he hid in his girly boy cave today during the vote. His cabinet abstained from the vote, including his muslim cabinet ministers.

    1. If he did not order the police services, I don’t see how they can require him to pay. If this is appropriate, then every last criminal should be charged for the trouble they cause to police. I suspect the police are pushing it. Now the Bbq owner should in turn sue the province for damages to his business.

        1. Why use a microwave when a fire-breathing dragon might happen to be handy?

  15. And now your Liberal Party bought and paid for media story for today. True North reports that former Globe and Mail journalist Jane Taber has taken a job with the Liberal government in Nova Scotia. And here is a story that the CBC’s bag over the head news host can discuss tonight. The Grand Poobah of Iran has ordered that women in cartoons must have a bag over their heads.

  16. Read that the US Supreme court refused to take the election fraud case,3-6 ruling that because Biden was now President the possibility of fraud was moot?
    Interesting ruling,so if I successfully scam a whole bunch of people,as I already have their money any investigation is moot?
    Secondly,where does that leave anyone who believes they saw fraud and believe they have evidence?
    Can you charge bureaucrats in civil court?
    Where does a law abiding citizen seek justice?

    Just Us gets real ugly real fast.

    1. That was wild! We are living in a Communist regime. Freedom, what’s that? Notley should be outed for being the troublemaker that she is and resign.

      1. She won’t and, I’m sorry to say, her constituents won’t demand that she will. I have the misfortune of living in her riding and I’m surrounded by her devoted followers here in Edmonton-Strathcona.

        I saw that during the last federal election when there were signs supporting the CBC, as well as the Dipper candidate (who’s now my MP), on just about every other lawn. That MP has lots of supporters in my building. I noticed that a few weeks ago when I noticed a lot of undelivered envelopes were left in the lobby near the postboxes because the original addressees had moved away.

        Then again, we also have Premier Jell-O Kreampuff to thank for not purging the provincial civil service of Dippers.

        1. He’s a red Tory!
          Nicey boychick from Mississauga doesn’t want to make ~WaVeS! ~~

          P.S. I’m reserved, and I delete a lot –bUT mostly want to curse and LEt IT aLL hAnG OuT!! GrRR! But I don’t, well you know, mixed company and all! Ha!

  17. I came for a vaccine and all’s I got was this lousy postcard.

    “Canada Post is getting ready to deliver approximately 13.5 million pre-paid postcards, one to every residential address nationwide, for people to send to whomever they want in the country.
    “Meaningful connection is vital for our emotional health, sense of community and overall well-being,” said Doug Ettinger, president and CEO of Canada Post.
    “Canada Post wants everyone to stay safe, but also stay in touch with the people who matter to them.” ”


    1. The telephone system’s been shut down? The Internet’s been demolished?

      Nah. It’s Canada Post still trying to justify its questionable existence.

      A year or two ago, when I was at my house in B. C., I happened to stop by the community post box when the CP thingy was there. She was stuffing flyers into everyone’s slot and I asked if I could be exempted from that. I thought that since I could do that for my apartment, why not at the house?

      I was told that she had to deliver them no matter what. As it turns out, most of the post I get, often accumulated during the time I’m not there, consists of–wait for it!–flyers and all sorts of junk mail.

      The local fishwrap newsrag, which is now delivered free of charge to everyone’s home, is the same thing. The few actual news pages are merely a convenient cover for bundles of adverts.

      1. Same here. These Direct Mail Companies make millions of dollars a year printing junk mail. Without them and the advertisers C.POST would cease to exist. Ironically they never get attacked by the Greenies for all the wasted paper.

        1. First I check all that to see if there’s anything important in it. (No, I don’t consider discount coupons for a burger chain to be vital.) Then it goes into either the cardboard box I have for recyclable materials or directly into the blue bin.