18 Replies to “McCarthyism is alive and well in . . . Edmonton!”

  1. As someone pointed out – Canada is no longer a country, it’s a nursery school. As a white boomer I can say without hesitation I lived in the best possible time and now with the 20 or more years I have left it’s just a matter of coping as best I can with the madness foisted on me by this country’s dim witted educators.
    We’ve grown soft and we’re all to blame…the left kept taking and taking and we kept giving and giving because refreshing the liberty tree meant getting your hands dirty.

    1. We are almost to the point that each person has a different law to follow or you get fines for being ratted out.

    2. Millennials. What we’re dealing with now, started with that generation, and the constant brain washing they’ve received from our educational institutions and media.

  2. They noted that Jason Kenny kissed the Left‘s butt calling people racist who say “All lives matter”. Another reason he is unfit to be premier.

  3. When did Canada become a vassal state of the US? All the stuff in the video is really American stuff. Did Canada have chattel slavery? Did Edmonton have a slave market and cotton gins?

    Most of the stuff I read on SDA is about the US or some demented imitation of the US.

    Perhaps we need a Canadian History Month, or at least an afternoon.

    1. Have you not been paying attention? Canada has a lot of white people. Case closed.

      Do you think the leftist positions in Europe are any different? International communism has become international progressivism. It is simply a name change, like when “global warming” became “climate change”. It’s about using the power of the State to destroy the enemies of their faith. If you don’t believe in the holy trinity of progressivism: diversity, environmentalism, and totalitarian healthcare, then you are a heretic, a blasphemer, an apostate, an enemy that must be silenced. Past sins are only a pretext to power. Logic and reason are powerless against true faith.

    2. What I would like to see is a White History Month, showing and praising the positive and helpful things whites did in this country and around the world to help their fellow man over the past century. I realize a month would not be long enough but perhaps 5 or10 accomplishments per day could be highlighted . Just my thoughts….Steve O

    3. “Did Canada have chattel slavery? Did Edmonton have a slave market and cotton gins?”

      Canada didn’t, the British Empire did but no one discerns – White is to blame regardless of ethnic origins and regardless of the slave trades of all other racial groups.

      No one blames Muslims, certain Asians, Africans of modern slavery as best it’s “criminals” although in some countries it’s still a part of their culture.

      It’s another a Progressive weapon, one of many to use against the white middle class peoples of the world, the majority of which have ancestory in one for of serfdom or another. 99% with no ties to any slavery within the last 1000 years.

  4. I would like to point out to these woke social justice mobs that there is a thing called “self fulfilling prophecy”, and it they keep pushing their racist garbage, disguised as “anti racism”, they will in fact one day be forced to face the very thing they are accusing whites of being.
    God help all of us when that day comes. Will you “social justice warriors” be able to stand in the winds that will blow that day?

  5. I have been quoting MLK often lately to point out the hypocrisy of new race based policies where the primary qualification is the colour of your skin. The latest is the Federal Liberal’s new loan policy for black individuals or groups. In several instances, applicants were rejected because they were deemed “not black enough” . Like burton said above , I will do what it takes to cope.

  6. These young individuals and no doubt their parents have had it too good. If they had to use their brains ( good luck) or their backbones to survive like our pioneers did – maybe they wouldnt be as stupid as they are.
    Cut off welfare – unless you have valid medical reasons for not being able to work, cut out the ever increasing handouts at Food Banks and every other social service you can think of – people would soon smarten up. Or die!

  7. I can’t help but noticing that many of these teachers and board members are white. Time for them to all step down and make room for bipoc. Simply admitting their sin of being white is not enough. All white bureaucrats and government employees must immediately resign. Failure to do so is an indication of them being racist white supremacists.

    1. Excellent idea, only black people should have jobs. Why didn’t we think of this before? We’ll make them do all the work!

  8. I suspect that those “white supremacists” are enjoying the fun they are having with the cultural Marxists who have infested all the institutions. When a civilization implodes, one might just as well laugh along the way.

    Conservatives who tolerated public education for the last few centuries are to blame.

  9. Two Brits aren’t sure how to pronounce the name of a place in Canada that is named after a district of the Borough of Enfield, Middlesex, which is within the Greater London area.

  10. If you don’t like this – run for the schoolboard. All it would take is one cranky old bastard sitting at the table to say that this is BS and the waverers at the table might grow a backbone. At the very least if these clowns know there is going to be a challenge they will tone it down. Presently we are leaving the small political positions open for the lefties.
    Another action is to copy this to your MPP. We are in a budget crunch and they are looking for waste to cut so show where they have support.
    We have have the power to defund these clowns.

  11. I despair the pejorative “McCathyism”. Read “Witness” by Whittaker Chambers. Find out what happened a lifetime ago.