No not that one.

there was, in fact, an insurrection in America. It happened throughout the last year, as left-wing rioters took to the streets and attempted, in the late spring, to topple the Trump administration.

The scene that unfolded in front of the White House in late May looked like the “color revolutions” — the protests that have toppled governments in the former Soviet empire in recent decades.

Masses of people gathered in Lafayette Square, joined by leaders of the opposition party — including then-Sen. Kamala Harris and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

But the military began to turn against the president — the key step in any attempt to overthrow a government. Former Secretary of Defense James Mattis, citing the false narrative about Lafayette Square, called Trump a danger to the U.S. Constitution, and compared him to a Nazi leader. General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who had joined Trump on his walk to the church, soon apologized for having defended the democratically-elected government.

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14 Replies to “Insurrection?”

  1. The military sure did turn on Trump – They didn’t like his comments about senior military officials sitting on the boards of defense contractors when they retired and they didn’t really care for Trump’s anti war stance.
    A cursory glance at Raytheon and General Dynamics board of directors tells me Trump was right all along. After Mattis retired he couldn’t get his ass on a chair at General Dynamics fast enough.
    War is profitable and these deep state ghouls of death and destruction don’t mind sending U.S. kids to be killed or maimed in foreign hellscapes to make a buck.

    1. The general staff of any military seem rarely to be pro-military, but more pro-post-military. There are few who fight to support those under their command, and a plethora of those working the political system for personal or agenda-based gain.

    2. The governments of the western world would have no way of funding their standing armies without assistance from global finance.

      Hence the standing armies of the west will do global finance’s bidding, removing, as needed, any government chosen by the people and given a mandate to rule in the interests of the nation, not global finance.

      Russia and China are exceptions because they can fund their own armies out of huge trade surpluses with the outside world, and the leaderships of those countries are free to pursue national interests free from globalist interference.

  2. When the Media twits breathlessly call 6th January an insurrection and state as fact “Caused by President Trump”,I can only laugh.
    We are heading into open revolt because those who believe they rule are so clueless and useless that they cannot even recognize their own incompetence.
    So insist upon projecting their standards onto everyone else.
    If the angry Americans had turned up with blood in their eye..The Capitol and all in it would now be a grease spot..
    But our effete elite fail to understand,they staged a little street theatre and tried to snow the public.
    By whom?
    Wet Noodles?
    Or was that the Soy Boy Rebellion?

    We who just wish to be left alone,,are lazy and tolerate an awful lot..Because my attitude is simple.
    Once a threat becomes real,a living breathing thing that threatens all I value.
    Then I will act.
    I lack the energy to jump at every shadow and every head fake from the chattering nuisances.
    We have entered very interesting times.
    Read Kipling,cause nothing has Changed.

  3. Claim: Raskin (D-Md.) lead impeachment manager had claimed that Trump supporters burned a church during Million MAGA March in December.

    FACT: There were no reports that a church had been burned after the Million MAGA March in December.
    However on May 31 during another mostly peaceful protest against police brutality and racial injustice, St. John’s Episcopal Church across from the White House was set on fire.

  4. Duh – of course there was a successful coup. First they came for Trump – now they are coming for you!

    1. Glacierman, after Benghazi, there were stingers showing up in Afghanistan, and other weapons that came from Hilery and O’Butthole’s screw up in Libya , and the body count in Afghanistan sky rocketed. But the GOP lead investigation failed because they were running a zero footprint operation, that was financed by one of the Arab emirates.

  5. Thing is,the military did not just turn on President Trump,if the evidence is true and the election fraud was carried out as I believe,they wiped their asses with the constitution.
    If the Military was part of the people monitoring the election action as ordered by the EC of 2018,then they are guilty of treason.

    Our Progressive Comrades are quite cute,they infest the institutions,destroy the credibility of these institutions and then attempt to hide behind them.
    Now that they have destroyed the ballot box,shut down dissent by speech and forbidden free speech,crippled any faith in the Just Us System and are now purging the National Guards of Constitutionalists..
    But we are supposed to extend to these bloated parasites the rights they have denied us?
    New Rules.
    Their Rules.
    For they claim that they RULE.

  6. It is interesting to note the psychotic avalanche of minds only needing one more snowflake before the scales fatally tip. Persistence and patience can pay off.

  7. Trump did a terrible job of picking his lieutenants. He needed people in charge of other parts of the government who could be counted on to have his back when things got tough, and he did absolutely nothing to make that happen. The Nov3-to-Jan6 sequence was the unavoidable consequence.

  8. ‘Tis a strange insurrection indeed when the participants are waiving the homeland flag instead of guns!