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    1. -“Law is derived from power”
      I agree 100%.

      I would like to point out that, if the citizens have firearms then the power of the ruling class is slightly less.

  1. . Bill C-7 removes the requirement in the law that a person’s natural death be reasonably foreseeable in order to qualify for assisted death. Therefore, people who are not terminally ill can die by euthanasia. The Quebec court decision only required this amendment to the law, but Bill C-7 went further.

    2. Bill C-7 permits a doctor or nurse practitioner to lethally inject a person who is incapable of consenting, if that person was previously approved for assisted death. This contravenes the Supreme Court of Canada Carter decision which stated that only competent people could die by euthanasia.

    3. Bill C-7 waives the ten-day waiting period if a person’s natural death is deemed to be reasonably foreseeable. Thus a person could request death by euthanasia on a “bad day” and die the same day. Studies prove that the “will to live” fluctuates.

    4. Bill C-7 creates a two track law. A person whose natural death is deemed to be reasonably foreseeable has no waiting period while a person whose natural death is not deemed to be reasonably foreseeable would have a 90 day waiting period before being killed by lethal injection.

    5. As stated earlier, Bill C-7 falsely claims to prevent euthanasia for people with mental illness. The euthanasia law permits MAiD for people who are physically or psychologically suffering that is intolerable to the person and that cannot be relieved in a way that the person considers acceptable. However, mental illness, which is not defined in the law, is considered a form of psychological suffering.

    Given that the euthanasia movement was started by our courts in Canada; wise people wouldn’t rely on them to come and save you!
    Actually the governments now approve and laud your termination via bill C-7 whether you are mentally disabled or not.

    Its the new and improved National Socialists…the only thing missing are the double SS runes on their lapels.

    Contact your MP to vote down this crap…


    Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief
    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group “True North

    1. It will never be voted down.

      What kind of government kills the elderly, lets them die in nursing homes and then restricts any advocate from intervening?

      The answer is found in history.


  2. Maybe passing an unconstitutional law should carry a large personal fine, or jail time. Might clean things up a bit if certain people were held responsible for their tyranny.

  3. Rule of law is a cruel joke. What we have is the rule of the lawyers’ cabal, from which all judges are drawn, and who write the law to the taste of the highest bidder.

    Compare the manmade dog’s breakfast that is the legal code of any “civilized” nation to the True Law handed down on Mount Sinai. The Law is not just easy to understand. It is impossible to misunderstand.

    Our masters never liked it, because it makes clear that God does not tolerate debt-slavery or faggotry. The first act of a commonwealth based on biblical principles would be to stone the bankers and faggots to death.

    (For centuries Christians were not allowed to even read God’s Law. Roman priests didn’t want their flocks learning what God had ordered done to men who betrayed the trust of altar boys.)

    Rule of law? Not while our masters still have any say in the matter.

  4. Here in Canada a Christian pastor is currently in jail for holding services in January.
    Release conditions? Promise not to conduct services and we’ll let you go.

    So where’s the fng law here? Short answer: It’s nowhere – the process is the punishment.

  5. No, NOT he is NOT wrong.
    He is RIGHT.

    STANDING: And yet with “Human Rights” commissions the plaintiff need not himself have been hurt (and therefore should not have standing) but he can file a complaint against someone, incur no costs, which the defendant must bear, and pay a penalty after the conviction, which is nearly 100% assured.

    Some folks here believe that, for example, there is no LAW behind mask mandates. I don’t think this is correct. It’s administrative law. Delegated law, if you will, and I believe it is considered LAW in the courts.

  6. Ok so what does he mean by the last two sentences?

    “The politics and the Rule of Law are absolutely critical for that is the FIRST step in the decision process as to where to invest.”

    Ok, I get that…

    “This is why China has been moving diligently in this direction of stability for unless they do so, China would never rise from the ashes of Communism.”


    1. ET, That last sentence had me thinking too. I have come to the conclusion that what he means is, the ruling class of controllers of China, are all rich and living a high life, while the ruled are still as controlled as they ever were. Basically a feudal system of a Emperor Xi, with lords and barons, just as in the middle ages in Europe, all under the guise of communism. They need the income from a more open to the outside world financial system, but plan on keeping the profits for the ruling classes. A mix and match as it were, to benefit from stern communistic ruling with income created using the peasants to generate the wealth. Unless you are a staunch member of the “party” in China, there is no way you will ever get ahead in such a society. That’s my take, and I think the sock monkey and Biden really want that system to benefit themselves. They have all “usurped” the Covid for their plans, that’s for damn sure. I still think this reset stuff is the final solution for all of them. When you get high enough on the totem pole, they all seem to be doing the same things.

  7. Lawyers for the civil service write the legislation. Elected legislators in Parliament make it into law.
    If the civil service had its way, all acts would defer to regulations with senior and mid-level civil servants having ministerial powers to make the regulations. They find the courts and Parliament to be a bother.

    1. Mike lobbyists write the laws and bribe politicians to pass them, as they are favorable to business. So business’ actually rule us, for our good don’t cha know!!!!

      1. The lobbyists work for the Laurentian Elite. Most are on a first name basis with the senior civil servants. Always search “who benefits” with any law passed. The business in question that benefits also makes sure the respective civil servant is taken care as well. Since bribing is frowned upon it is usually the promise of cushy employment.

  8. How’s that new country coming along.
    Waiting for “the people” to figure out we can live and get along just fine without the “ruling elite” and their bullshit.

    Alas, humans are only happy when they are treated as slaves, so I expect the inquisition should arrive any time….

    1. It seems so.
      And they hate-envy their neighbor.
      What is a snitch? A dirty rotten POS who wants to inflict harm on others without having to face them. A loss of money, be it hundreds or thousands, is harm in a world where cash is king and you need it for food and shelter.
      Why do so many want lockdowns?
      Why do so many want to take the private property of others?
      Why do so many covet the wealth of others and want the government to steal it and proportion it to them?

      The legal system is a game of blackmail. Its existence automatically takes a percentage of every single person’s wealth. Don’t like it? Have fun living in the woods.

  9. With reference to the Uyghyr;
    The barbarity of the “shock device” rape use; explained in the article adds another component to the general subordination of Women. This extends beyond uneducated brutes easily described as Men. The present situation of finding the Role of Epstein’s assisting Woman or indeed Women played has moved back behind the curtain of money and/or blackmail which supported the growth of the sociopath commonly identified as Epstein.
    The central theme reporting of above the ‘fold’ , if you will, has obviously moved forward for the those with access merely because of ability to pay. Awareness of the details and reluctance to demand accountability actually slides down the slippery slope of abandoning American Exceptionalism to stand quietly by and allowed the similar ignorance and brutality of the “sheeple’ allowing the U.S.A. to move into a similar nothingness of Canada’s Trudeau Legacy. It is the return to the indifference of Monarchy for Ordinary Average Persons.
    Canada had the tenuos link to Magna Carta, kept with some significant aspect of Bureaucracy caring in freedom of speech as the forgotten British Empire Colonies after the American Revolution were ignored in 1776 – 1789: left to truly heinous practices in misuse of authority as the sun set on the United Kingdom. Except as enjoyed by the Courtier Class.
    The self-interest survival endemic of all bureaucracy was passed on with the first Colony of the British Empire sequestered into the First ‘partner’ of the British Commonwealth of Nations. Canada as the first and only colony to be ‘saddled’ with the Victorian Era__ Privy Council Office _ control within the 1867 British North America Act. [ BNA 1867 ].
    Such a tenuos hold on freedom of speech was broken when the supplicant English Language Culture Majority Population was coerced and connived into allowing the_ Supreme Court Of Canada _ SCOC _ to finagle the Legacy of the -First Trudeau Prime Minister’s long relationship with the China Communist Party into removing the [ BNA 1867 ] tenuous link broken with [ C.A. 1982 ]_ after Two Referendum Failures; through a finagling and collusion between the SCOC and Privy Council Office commanded by the Liberal Party of Canada.
    The United States of America: is presently hanging in the,__tenuos: – slim – hold of an indifferent bureaucracy construct identified as the Supreme Court Of The United State.
    Failure to bring the authority of the _ Third Leg of the 3-legged stool of Checks & Balances _ has abandoned reason when the 3-legged triumvirate of Congress & Senate & significantly suspected integrity of a “WE THE PEOPLE…” Four Year Election of a President has removed the actual Seat of Authority and Power from the 3-legged stool: The only possible means of keeping this Seat of Power assembled and supportive of the Sovereign Ordinary Average Person(s).

  10. Welcome to the Kleptocracy.
    Rule of law by fools and bandits.
    Where the laws are written to legalize blatant theft and double standards.
    There is no peaceful way to reform a country that has devolved into a kleptocracy.
    Can Ahh Duh is a perfect example,or did the oddity of having political dynasties looting us escape your attention.
    Law are designed to crush the makers who resist the takers,you really are “enemies of the State”.
    Because you failed to notice that the State is that of Rule by Parasite.
    We can form a new,smaller country,where we can defend the values and state of mind that permits wealth creation and property rights.
    Or we can continue to sink into chaos and voluntary reduction of output by the makers,becoming party to ever more savage fighting over ever diminishing rewards.
    Ending in ruin and bloody revolt.
    History may not repeat exactly but we keep doing the same stupid things and getting these same results.
    We need a new country.
    With a brutally restricted Limited Government.

    1. John, welcome to a Kakistocracy. The US and Canada are the perfect example.

      “The price of apathy in public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.”
      — Plato