30 Replies to “Mark Steyn on the passing of Rush Limbaugh”

  1. Indeed … Indispensable.

    So who is his successor? Who can get away with chainsaw soundtracks, timber cracking, and the term – FemiNazi? I have a conservative friend who is loud, direct, and in your face with his irreverent, penetrating, unpolished commentary. I find it so amusingly right on, that I often emulate his style. But I have found that in social settings, he can get away with it … but I catch holy hell for the same schtick. He is tall, confident, good looking, and smart. Me? slightly less so on all counts. No, I’m not a total loser. Still … he gets away with it … I don’t. Such as it is with people and their instinctive reactions to natural leaders. Consider for a minute what PDJT has gotten away with … verbally. And no … his tongue did not “cost him reelection” … that was something entirely different … and purely EVIL.

    I assume the GOPes are giddy with excitement today. Finally, they imagine, we can rein in all those “loose” conservative voters. They will tickle our ears again … telling us what they want us to hear … and then just ignore it all as they deepen the DeepState. I hope they fail miserably.

    1. Kenji.

      You asked who may replace Rush?

      I would guess no-one. But you knew that.

      Todd Herman has been on Rush’s show many-times and is in the Seattle area. AM 770.
      He’s been quite good on Rush’s show.

    2. One hopes it’s Steyn, but I’m not sure he wants the gig. He’s the only one who would come close to filling his shoes.

      1. Or Dennis Miller. Both have the intelligence, wit, and sarcasm that made Rush famous. As for “replacing” Rush,
        there is nobody who could take his place. Whoever emerges as his successor has to be himself. I have been
        listening to him since 1988 when he went national. Rush is like the Highlander, there can be only one.

    1. And on Ash Wednesday when Christians are complelled to remember: “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return”.

      Rush kept us company on some of the least travelled trails of the USA hinterland: Our homeschool field trips were also an immersion in American talk radio free speech. Who will carry the torch that has long ago been snuffed out on Canadian radio waves.

      As Mark Steyn says: Ave Atque Vale.

  2. “The comedy is what his many enemies and half his own side missed . . .”

    Dan Rice, he was here.

  3. America’s Anchorman. His influence upon the country cannot be understated. Thanks to Ronnie Reagan, Rush, and Donald Trump, America has managed to stave off for a few more years what appears to be an inevitable decline. And he never lost it. Unlike say a big name rock n’ roll band, his show got better as he got older. He never once “phoned it in” as they say. We’ll miss you Rush. God bless.

  4. Todd Herman, the great Mark Steyn and Ken Matthews all filled in nicely while Rush was in treatment. They are great conservative speakers that speak the truth Rush originally led us to.

  5. I have tears in my eyes as I write this. I really leaned on him for his interpretation of US current events. He was so perceptive and optimistic . Rush talked of his personal relationship with Jesus Christ which bring me great comfort. Talent on loan from God returned back to God. RIP El Rushbo.

    1. Rush has been a reference point for over 20 years for me.
      A beacon in the turmoil of leftist bullshit propagated by a corrupt media.
      He was the man in the poem If.
      Fearless, loyal and a beacon of sanity.

  6. Brace yourself – You’re about to be completely engulfed by the tsunami of love and compassion that can only be expressed by the left.
    Let it flow through you.

    1. I will let it flow around me instead. I can always shower afterwards, but surviving any ingestion of those septic secretions would be unlikely.

    2. My son just read me some of the absolutely vile comments on social media by lefties about Rush’s death. A prof from the Yale Law School among them. Pure diabolical hatred. Disgusting.

      Eternal rest grant unto Rush, O Lord,
      and let perpetual light shine upon him.
      May he rest in peace.

  7. First, RIP Rush.
    Second, being older than Rush, I think it must be awful to die before knowing if America is on the path to becoming Great Again.

    1. “Awful to die before knowing”, It ain’t, and it won’t be. Both US and Canada are totally screwed. Even a year ago, I was considering, as I was to retire last June, to perhaps live my remaining years in the US because Canada was getting so bad, but now….. There is nowhere for any of us righties to go now. With our complacency, we have allowed the left to take over, and I don’t see us ever getting it back, short of civil war.

      A great light has gone out in the Conservative world. Rush will be sorely missed. My heartfelt condolences to his family and to the USA.

  8. Rush was a man that taught me a lot about what it means to a true conservative. He will be greatly missed. I take comfort in his testimony of his relationship with Christ and that is really all that matters when we leave this world. I pray for his wife and family during this difficult time. I know they take comfort in knowing he is in the presence of his God now. May God bless his family!

  9. Rush was my introduction to conservatism, some time ago.

    May he enjoy his eternal reward to the fullest, and rest in the peace of Christ.

    And may those who considered calling Rush a big fat idiot the height of comedy—people who were not worthy to wipe off his microphone—never know a moment’s rest, in this world or the next.

  10. David Webb seems to have a similar way with words and can talk about more than just politics.