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    1. One symptom is that a drop-off in cases always results in a new mutation. Lockdowns now, lockdowns tomorrow, lockdowns forever. Yippee!

    1. Yes, exactly. India has been distributing Ivermectin and HCQ, as part of a package of Vitamins and supplements, to act as a first response if people started showing symptoms.
      Of course, GlowBULL, and their crack staff of social Justice warriors just can’t figure out India, or, even ask questions WHY the numbers are going down, contrary to the actions of western governments.

      How long can the corrupt media keep Ivermectin and HCQ a secret? Why does Bonnie Nazi and Terry Tam the Man keep these secret? Allegiance to WHO and Chiner……….

    2. Indeed, Ivermectin is widely available at CAN$2.22, https://www.rxindia.com/medicines/medicines-by-therapeutic-class/covid-19/ziverdo-kit/

      except of course you have to believe it would get through customs, and you need a prescription.
      I have resorted to buying from a veterinary supply house, if it works on horses I see no reason with an adjustment in dosage why It will not work on me.
      If I wait for an innoculation in BC, I have to wait for all aboriginals, all downtown east-side rubby dubs and all prisoners, and announced today probably all people of colour. By the time they get to me it will be last years flu shot. Thanks to the super-incompetence of Turdeau, Bonnie Henry and Teresa Tam.

    3. Additionally, on May 22, the Modi government released a second advisory asking frontline workers, including the police and people conducting door-to-door surveys to estimate Covid-19 cases, to take hydroxychloroquine to prevent infection. The W.H.O. and leftist governments and especially the death cult called the Democrat Party will NEVER admit that hydroxy is effective.

      A study reported In the International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents, Volume 56, Issue 6, December 2020, 106214 highlights as follows:

      First COVID-19 outpatient study based on risk stratification and early antiviral treatment at the beginning of the disease.

      • Low-dose hydroxychloroquine combined with zinc and azithromycin was an effective therapeutic approach against COVID-19.
      • Significantly reduced hospitalisation rates in the treatment group.
      • Reduced mortality rates in the treatment group.Indian government


    4. I’m taking ivermectin (If you’re a bureaucrat, it’s just to prove it doesn’t work /sarc). So far I’ve been unsuccessful in getting the CCP flu.

      A quick Google search shows India has a “bad” reputation for not stomping out off label drugs for prophylaxis and treatment of Covid-19. That includes HCQ, ivermectin and a few others.

      Also India has approved a rapid test and deems it equivalent to a PCR test.

      In India the risk of dying from Covid-19 is much lower than in Canada, as percentage of confirmed cases and of total population.

  1. What do you have against swabs? Bend over. You’ll be glad that you did. Trust us, we have your best needs in mind. Lube? Why would anyone want more than the government recommended 2 drops?

  2. A caller on Danielle Smiths show stated that it is malaria season in India and the hot steamy third world. HCQ, Ivermetin is distributed to combat malaria. Of course it works for the Wuhan flu so is a double cure. Sounds as reasonable explanation as any.

  3. It’s almost summertime in India right now.

    Also their average age is 27 years old. Canada’s average age is 42. Way more old people pushing up the median.

    Covid is mostly an old person with co-morbidity thing.

      1. but how far north? The main control on sunlight when you’re that close to the equator is monsoon or non-monsoon, is it not?

  4. Here’s my theory.
    Indians live in constant heat and filth so their immune systems are stronger.
    The ‘ at risk ‘ segment of the population is also much smaller than in western countries because in India they tend to die off for lack of medical attention before reaching adulthood.
    The people remaining are a much hardier strain than white folks.