5 Replies to “Wokeyleaks”

  1. Do people like that actually exist? If so, I have a deep question to ask. WHO CARES?

    I haven’t seen anyone like that at Canadian Tire recently, nor at the alignment shop, nor at Cabela’s, nor at the Pet Rescue Shelter, nor at the volunteer’s meeting room for the Sally Ann. So where are they all?

  2. Yeah, and Jane Fonda felt so guilty about being well-off and privileged that she had to go to Hanoi….

    1. Did that where Mary Jane came from?
      She was so hated and scorned when she came back.
      Was surprised she was not charged with treason or did she hide in some country for awhile…

  3. “9.1% have fewer than a thousand followers”

    Utter bullshit. Even a few moments of thought will reveal that that cannot be true. It taints the rest of the hypothesis.