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    1. I agree with Jamaica. 2 years and a day allows for two terms of president kameltoe (in their fever dreams).

  1. Kamala Harris has all of the necessary ingredients to become a totalitarian dictator, and then some.

    1. Agree. The upcoming Harriss/Occasio-Cortez administration will he tough on conservatives and other political dissidents.

      1. Perhaps they’ll run benevolent re-education camps, not like the Soviet raped on arrival versions.

        All with the approval of their consciences.

        Unfortunately that would be amorality as their brain chemistry fuses with statism. Now unchecked, excepting possible midterm routs, which inevitably leads to tyranny as the pie shrinks and the apparatchiks’ relative share must rise, as disagreement is termed dissidence, supported by hyperbole and innuendo evidence.

        Show me the people and I’ll show you their crimes. In world history, been there, done that, got shamed, cancelled, beaten, robbed, water cannoned, starved, shot and crushed by a tank.

  2. The Canadian bought and paid for media were excited all weekend about China Joe. Just ignore that on his first day in office he is planning on cancelling the Keystone Pipeline, just after they change his bedpan.

    1. I will be surprised IF he makes it 1 year………..he is just CLUELESS……….anyone believe this moron got more votes than TRUMP???

  3. I’m sure Trudope will be all smiles when he addresses his lap dog media today . This is just another kick in the guts for Western Canada .

  4. Finally. Misery & Coy have arrived.
    Canadians are about to get gang banged by Xiden and Blackie.
    Stupid Cdns will suffer.

    *beer + popcorn

    1. Sorry A but you will have no beer or popcorn if these dumb fu(k$ have their way.

    1. People really just can’t comprehend to what extent everyone outside their tiny internet bubble despises Trump huh?

    2. Thomas, really? I sold all mine before the end of December! Unme bought three, and Tim bought one.

  5. Censorship America. Media reports that publishers, editors, and writers are denouncing any plans for a Trump auto bio book. Only progressive books are now allowed in Biden’s America.

  6. Doesn’t even look like Joe.
    Trump said it right, Joe should worry more about the 25th than him.
    Can’t imagine that cackling whore being the leader of the “free” world.

    1. By the time Kampala finishes her first (partial) term in office … she will NEED to silence and disappear more than HALF of this country … if she hopes to serve another term. I fully expect whoever the REAL conservative candidate is in 2024 … he or she will be disappeared before they even get started. The GOPe candidate, however, will receive top billing.

      This … despite the fact that more than half the voters in the USA are effectively nullified before the 90-days of voting even gets started. Because anything LESS than a 90-day vote period … is disenfranchisement of POC and “essential” workers.

  7. I think what we’ll see immediately are a lot of set-ups like this one, with the Alive-and-Alert people first, and with Biden being kept to a few totally irrelevant words at the very end. And no questions allowed; he obviously can’t handle them.

    I’ll also guess that Kamala Harris or someone whom he recognizes will be close by him. Biden might be moving into the stage where he can’t recognize people or doesn’t know why someone ‘new’ is speaking to him.

    That will be the norm for a few months. And then – it depends on how fast he moves into both dementia and an obvious physical frailty. Was he aware of where the exit was?

    My questions are: Who is actually running him? Is it just Obama? Who else is there [Jarrett?]. Will we therefore see a new love-in for Iran?

    And another question – when it becomes so very obvious that Biden is unfit – won’t some, just some, of the American people feel that they’ve ‘been had’???? Or will it be a massive performance by the Democrats of: ‘We didn’t know; Poor Man; we feel so sorry for him’.

    1. As for your last question; do you even have to ask? Of course the narrative will be, “Well, poor Joe, we just didn’t know he was in this kind of condition, isn’t it such a shame? Why of COURSE we didn’t know during the campaign, what kind of hateful question is that?!”

      He’s older now upon entering office than when Reagan was upon leaving it, and Reagan’s enemies had been accusing him of losing his marbles for at least his last couple of years if not longer.

      I continue to say, 6-24 months, tops, before Biden either resigns or is pushed aside by a 25A invocation. Or he just plain dies. The way he moves — he’s FRAIL. The demands of the presidency won’t be kind to him. The full four years? Never. No chance in hell.

      1. Yes – that was quite something to see – his physical frailty. And when he finished his ‘speech’ – his mental frailty; he didn’t seem to know what he was supposed to do.

    2. You can see dottering Joe pause, listening to the questions, stifling an answer he wants to shout out. He is struggling to control his loose tongue.


      He remembers how his handlers told him to stay in the basement and shut the fuck up. He remembers how they reminded him the strategy WORKED … and incredibly … he received the highest vote total of any POTUS candidate in the History of the USA (sic). So he stifles his response followed by a visible smirk and laugh at his incredible “luck”.

    3. Everyone knew during the primaries. Cory Booker called it on national tv after a debate and the media nodded in agreement.

  8. And a criminal warrant awaiting him in the Ukraine. What a fiasco. The American people should feel they have been had. They have been.

  9. I cannot remember feeling this unsettled. At first I naively put this down to the Dems orchestrating the fraud, but it is too big for that. Ratcliffe’s letter confirming the suppression of China’s involvement in the theft by the top floor of the CIA confirms it for me. The censorship moves of big tech are too coordinated to have happened on the fly…..who is pulling the strings? Is it possible that the one world government forces are this deeply embedded?

    I know Canada is only an afterthought, but Turdeau would be the perfect patsy for these folks. Something is more wrong than ever. Build Back Better is starting to send a shiver down my spine.

    1. Who is pulling the strings. Who are the lawfare leaders. They needed to be identified. And then liberally apply Alinsky’s rules.

  10. It would be karma if the large concentration of troops expected in DC on Wed 20th turned out to be there to enforce the mass arrests warranted at the last minute by staying-on President Donald Trump. They will have most of the conspirators surrounded. A separate group may have to go to NYC and SEA to wrap things up.

    1. That’s why the troops are being screened for their loyalty to Sistah Kamala, to ensure that they will not think twice about using a machine gun on some uppity crackers.

      No patriotic American worthy of his uniform will be required to attend.

    2. I let one of my typical Toronto Liberal friends who insisted on talking politics with me argue for three hours on Saturday.
      You can slam dunk on them over and over and point out to them how stifling free speech, grabbing guns, covid marshall law, forced vacinations, blocking investigations of election fraud are all authoritarian practices committed by their side and they still think “You’re the fascist”.

      Would anyone that’s tried to argue with a liberal in the last two years be shocked to hear recordings of 1940’s Germans arguing with their neighbours about where the boxcars of people are going?

      Dennis Prager’s interview by the Epoch Times titled “We’re Living In A Gigantic Lie” is pretty awesome.

  11. Biden will be surplus to requirements the day President Trump is murdered in prison. By Easter Biden will be dead.

  12. Actually I expect he will tenaciously hang on to enough of his faculties to express his intention to run for another term.
    All hell breaks loose after that day.

    Kamala has to win the primary and Tulsi Gabbard decides to take another run for the nomination

  13. There’s just no way anyone watched that other than journalists. The guy is like watching paint dry.

  14. I wonder if they have him on an ear monitor, where they can tell him: ‘Now you stand up and say your speech’. And now, you turn and walk off. Don’t listen to anyone. Don’t answer any questions..Hurry Up”

    I don’t see how they can allow him ‘loose’, to interact, to answer questions. They’ll move him rapidly to reading speeches only from the monitor – and most of his ‘decisions’, made by others, will be simply presented as ‘announcements’.
    But how long they can keep him as a puppet – not sure. He can move into a violent dementia where he freaks out and gets abusive, with no warning. Or, just moves into ‘zombie’ state. Watch how he’s handled by those around him…

    1. Isn’t it just surreal watching this thing move along? That guy is so -obviously- demented it isn’t even a question. All you have to do is look at the shuffle-gait. He’s toast! He gets lost on the way to the bathroom, for sure.

      Also, he’s literally the Manchurian Candidate. I feel like I’m in the freaking Twilight Zone.

      I have this theory that instead of having him Arkancided, they’ll just let him pee his pants during one of these speeches. Maybe three or four speeches just to really make it sink in that he’s got advanced senile dementia and his brain is a sponge. Then Heels-Up steps bravely forward and accepts the great burden of the Presidency. Theory says to look for that to start on Thursday or Friday this week, I have this other theory that says Madame Heels-Up is in a bit of a hurry. Bills to pay, I think.

      1. Well stated Phantom, Unfortunately, we’re all in the freaking twilight zone, so how come we’re not all freaking? It’s an extreme slow motion train wreck that none of us can do anything about!

    2. most of his ‘decisions’, made by others…

      Or as Joe himself would put it, “d’shizhnz.”

      He’s already been abusive to members of the public who dared asked him difficult questions. For me, that was the first clue to his decline. Now he’s like a walking ghost.

    1. Remember how the Soviet Union went through one leader after another after Brezhnev died? First there was Yuri Andropov. After about a year, he dies and is succeeded by Chernenko, who lasts for about the same length of time. Finally, Gorbachev takes over and the USSR has a bit of stability in the Kremlin.

      A joke at the time was that Reagan was reluctant to negotiate with the Soviets because it seemed their leaders kept dying on him.

  15. I predict that China Joe never gives a single press conference – formal or informal – for the duration of his bullshit presidency. Nor will he host a state dinner or any other type of official event requiring prolonged exposure to the press/public eye. This alone will provide tacit proof that he’s unwell, incapable, and a phony figurehead. A SHAM. Of course we all know this, but hiding Sniffin’ Joe’s incapacity during a quarantined campaign (with sycophantic media) was easy……but it will be well nigh impossible during his presidency. In other words, the veil is about to fall….and nobody can do nuthin’ ’bout it.

    1. BigDirty, I think they are working on an animatronix version of him over at Industrial Light & Magic Studio’s.

  16. Biden is the great equalizer. Now Canada and the US are led by two people who are intellectual and moral equals.

  17. Not a chance in hell this guy can deliver a State of the Union address. He is a zero – zero stamina, zero energy, zero grey matter. He will be pushed aside gone before next January. Kamala is a very scary individual and like Bathhouse Barry in a pantsuit, America hating Marxist ideologue with no conscience or compassion and utterly craven in her pursuit of power. Lock and load folks.

    1. Based on what we’ve seen from the leaders of the US military: Mattis, Kelly, Allen for example, and the intelligence agencies: Clapper, Brennan, Comey et al — those who decide to resist forcefully may not have much of a chance. These guys’ loyalties are with the left, not the right. Americans are just as crazy and stupid as the rest of the human race. Not quite as bad as Canadians in some ways but worse in others. The Marxist “long march through the institutions” hasn’t helped.

      And then there’s China waiting on the sidelines.

    1. Everyone hates her. When she ran for president she never won one primary delegate yet she is to be president as soon as Biden drops dead which has likely been scheduled.

  18. Maybe just maybe Alberta’s oil industry will bounce back after Dopy Joe kills the US oil industry by going full Trudeau on it.

  19. Germany: By January 1932, at the age of 84, Hindenburg was vacillating about running for a second term. Brüning recalled that once the president came to meet him at the railway station, but failed to recognize him. […] Hindenburg won with 53 percent of the vote.

    He didn’t last long and was replaced by you know who. History never exactly repeats itself, yet the human race keeps doing stupid things. The people who were hysterical about Trump’s imaginary fascism are now acting like fascists, controlling what their opposition is even allowed to say. Well, in their defense communists do that too.

  20. To put it in a nice form: Biden is currently as bright as Justin T in his best moments. The physical decline wouldn’t allow Biden to do the Indian dance so perfectly executed by the assistant drama teacher in chief, and possibly he would, for some weird behavioral norms abstain even if …

    I despise the election fraud that brought him in, and don’t like his politics, but I wish Biden luck, probably acting with little conviction, less brains, but out of the instinct to not overdo it, to really try to stay in the middle of the road because a very left agenda will cause massive harm to the country, and will strengthen the divide.

    1. Um, Matt, “to really stay in the middle of the road because a very left agenda will cause massive harm to the country” I think the actual plan is to do the massive harm, but not “strengthen the divide” but to defeat the other side….permanently! Their hate for the idea that is America, is what has been driving them from the beginning.

  21. Biden is just the upfront puppet. He hasn’t a clue what is going on; maybe he thinks he’s running for the Senate.

    He is being run by the Obama Gang – and all the policies and agenda being put forth are pure 100% from the Obama regime.

    So don’t think that Biden is making any decisions, any policies, any appointments. It’s all being done for him, by the Obama Gang.

    1. I wouldn’t quite go that far. Biden knows he ran for and won the presidency. He’s been trying since the 80s for that brass ring. Why, at his age and in his state of health, he ever let himself get talked into it or thought it would be GOOD for him to do so, that’s the part that’s beyond me.

      But American politicians at that high a level.. something happens to them. They become so corrupted by holding such high office that they become utterly INCAPABLE of departing it except in a pine box. Pelosi is 78 herself. Schumer is 70. McConnell is 78. Now Biden is 78. There are many other 70+ Senators. Feinstein (who’s going to get pushed out) is pushing 90. It’s utterly revolting to see these feeble and senile fools grasping onto their power right to their deathbeds. Gollums, all, still reaching out for their Precious..

      Presidents end up being the exception only because they’re constitutionally term limited. Obama would have cruised to a third term had he been eligible to run.

  22. The first virtual State of the Union address…except it will be recorded in sections so Sleeply can get to the finish line.
    They should break out the old set of “Cheers”. “Coach” will prattle on about the little guy and then drool on his “Doctor’s” shoulder while sipping on his glass of Boost.

    ten to one it’ll be the second shortest address in history.

  23. What to say?

    Trudeau in Canada (with his hopeless supporting cast) would probably get back in with a majority. Not sure if our elections are totally on the up and up, but perhaps more so than the US version?

    Biden/Harris? I’m speechless. I thought Obama was destructive and the worst President ever (toping Jimmy Carter). This duo is practically guaranteed to blunder starting day one. I doubt Biden will last past February. President Harris?? OMG!!

    Makes one wonder if strings are being pulled behind the scenes in both countries.

    1. steve h, “makes one wonder if strings are being pulled behind the scenes in both countries”

      Surely you jest? It’s a marrionettapalooza!

  24. I.M. Yes- I agree with you about the geriatrics, but, my view is that the Democrats deliberately kept ‘new blood’ out of the Party, to hold onto their own power. And the result is an implosion, where the ‘old guard’ have become focused on their own wealth and power and the only ‘new blood’ has come in from the periphery.

    And rather than embodying the old classic Democrat ideology promoting the middle class workers and individual rights, this ‘new blood’ is radical extremism. It rejects the middle class, rejects individualism, and promotes organic collectivism. By this I mean where you are not an individual but a member of a group by virtue of some collective, almost genetic quality: skin colour, ethnicity, religion. These groups are defined as having certain behavioural characteristics, eg, if you are ‘white’, then you are supremacist and warlike. If you are male, then you are patriarchal. If you are female then you are truthful. If you are black then you are oppressed. And so on.
    This radical extremism also promotes central control, rejects capitalism, private enterprise, promotes globalism and so on.

    And I consider this Obama’s Third Term.
    By the way, the Clintons seem to have disappeared. Ah, how Obama hated the Clintons. And how he will rejoice when Kamala Harris becomes the ‘first woman president’ …rather than Hillary. And to top it off, she is ‘part-black’. So there, Hillary. That will show you…

  25. Joe Headroom?

    25 A?, here we come!

    A hand up for Heels-Up?

    And which witches are hiden’ in the wings?