Capitol Riot: “No police could be seen anywhere”

A first hand witness account from J Michael Waller, Senior Analyst for Strategy, Center for Security Policy. I’ve added it to the previous post, but it deserves its own;

A very few didn’t share the jovial, friendly, earnest demeanor of the great majority. Some obviously didn’t fit in. Among them were younger twentysomethings wearing new Trump or MAGA hats, often with the visor in the back, showing no enthusiasm and either looking at the ground, or glowering, or holding out their phones with outstretched arms to make videos of as many faces as possible in the crowd. Some appeared awkward, the way someone’s body language inadvertently shows the world that he feel like he doesn’t fit in. A few seemed to be nursing a deep, churning rage.
They generally covered their faces with cloth masks, as opposed to the pro-Trump people, few of whom wore masks at all. They walked, often hands in pockets, in clusters of perhaps four to six with at least one of them frequently looking behind. These outliers group looked like trouble. I presumed that these fake Trump protesters were Antifa or something similar. However, that entire afternoon I saw none of them act aggressively or cause any problems. At least, not from my vantage point.
A second outlier group also stood out. While many marchers wore military camouflage shirts, jackets, or pants of various patterns and states of wear and in all shapes and sizes, here and there one would see people of a different type: Wiry young men in good physical condition dressed neatly in what looked like newer camouflage uniforms with black gear, subdued patches including Punisher skulls, and helmets.
They showed tidiness and discipline. They strode instead of walked, moving at a more rapid pace than most of the people, sometimes breaking into a short jog, and generally keeping to the left side of Constitution Avenue in pairs of two or small groups of three. Unlike others in old military clothes who tended to be affable and talkative, these sullen men seemed not to speak to anyone at all. As we would see, they were the disciplined, uniformed column of attackers.

Read it all.

Related arrest: Mr. Mostofsky is a 34 year old registered Democrat and the son of a New York Judge. He is seen in the picture above dressed in fur, carrying a stick and wearing a bullet proof police vest he had stolen. Mostofsky is standing beside the man who carried a Confederate flag into the event. This indicates they possibly knew each other and both appear to be outsiders and leftist demons plotting to smear Trump supporters. (h/t burton)

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    1. scar, YES, a “colour revolution” run domestically.
      Recall Bubba and Misses Clinton showing up a day or two after her sorry fat ass got whupped: she in a purple blouse, he in a purple tie.

    2. Scar, I just reread R Stone’s ‘the man who killed Kennedy’ ,and it is very instructive as to the political workings in the USA

  1. So were these people here at the direction of the communist cesspool party AKA Dumbocrats? Just asking. Don’t want to trip over the obvious.

  2. Obviously organized by the Oligarchy. My concern is that they will repeat this all over the country on inauguration day. They HAVE to discredit Trump and The People – and this Oligarchy [and again, I suspect that the Obama gang is heavily involved] will do anything to achieve this goal. That includes pretending to be Trump followers, wearing Trump gear – and rioting.

    After all – the reality is that millions of people support both Trump and ‘The People’ [aka the private sector middle class] and are opposed to the oligarchic take-over of the economy and their removal from participation, except as consumers of cheap Chinese goods] from active roles in the economy.

    The Oligarchy are aligned with globalism; are on these overseas Boards, are key owners and supporters of these non-American, non-local industries – and have taken over the Democratic Party. That is, once, the Democratic Party was supportive of workers but they drifted away, turned the people into passive consumers, destroyed the local economies – and set themselves up as the Global Elite.

    To maintain their control, this Elite have to destroy Trump and The People – and I predict they will mount huge ‘fake Trump riots’ on Jan 20th..and after…with Antifa and BLM etc masquerading as Trump supporters.
    Just like the outline of this thread..

    1. DeMarxists don’t have to incite anything, they can just create the perception of rioting, this time not mostly peaceful.
      With nobody there. A false flag operation is high risk, with power installed and media monopolies regained.
      Surely some criminal types, their “side” irrelevant, have nefarious plans for Inauguration, but Trump voters will not be there.

      Imo Dem efforts are better directed at somehow keeping Biden sentient. But they’ve lost the ability to do anything, to listen to the people, to craft legislation, to lead diverse communities, they exist to sustain their political power and thus their existence; and they’re darned good at it. Trump gets impeached for two hoaxes while Hillary’s FBI goons rifled through due process.

      BLM and Antifa morons, energized by talk of systemic discrimination and evil police, rampage for months with no admonition.
      In fact they’re likened to our brave D-Day soldiers storming the beaches, property damage forgiven, their violence justified.

      Why did voters accept this insulting hogwash, along with Trump responsible for covid deaths to white supremacy nonsense?

      At the Capitol, obviously bad actors cause a big kerfuffle. Oh but it was the Capitol, not JUST the Senate or Supreme Court?
      But being radical collectivist fascists, they will overreach, it’s who like they are, just their nature, like the scorpion on the frog?

      The framers of the US Constitution codified (a risky proposition at best) the check and balance and genius of mid term elections, where the entire House of Representatives stands for election, where federal legislation rubber meets the road.

      Canada has no such check or balance. Our progressives are already winding up they’re “you’re not a Canadian if you support Trump” rhetoric. Like their southern cousins, collectivist critical theory (never thought) invades their thinking to ensure power through nebulous non-issues (check the data) like gender, climate and “white supremacy,” – self-loathers of this fine nation.

      Coming soon to a polling station near you. Remember, pandemics don’t stop elections, just ask the Premier of BC.
      Grits have to rely on hyperbole and mendacity because Canada’s manual count paper ballot system makes it tough to cheat.

      1. Yep. And there doesn’t even need to be a single protestor show up … I’d say that unleashing 20,000 National Guard and Police Forces on the Capital is enough. That sends the necessary message … Orange Man Bad … and his cra-cra Q.alt freakazoid army MUST be RESISTED.

        … because they’re capable of … anything … Right?

    2. I also think that is likely. With 20,000 National Guard and talk of explosives, it is likely to be bloody. It needs to be stopped, and the perpetrators revealed.

    3. ” [and again, I suspect that the Obama gang is heavily involved] ”
      Has Obama been remarkably silent through all of this, for the past couple or three weeks…or is it just me?
      Were I a betting man I would say that is a bit of a tell, no?

  3. It is very disturbing when “conservative” pundits dismiss the obvious just so they can “take the high road”.
    The Left doesn’t care. It will never condemn BLM/Antifa. Conservatives that go “high road” just gives the Left more ammunition to use against us.

    1. Next thing you know … the GOPe leadership will be claiming we need to run more … moddddddd-erate candidates in the mold of John McCain and Romney.

      Even when they do … the Dems find a story about strapping a dog to the top of Romney’s station wagon to smear him with

  4. Isn’t it curious that the mass media cartel will not even consider to ask one question?
    Of course they, on the order of the ministry of truth will decide what the news is.
    There is nobody that can do anything about it but the podcasters and bloggers.

    Yeah, the lock on the truth is on and the plebeians will not know the difference.

  5. Lots of Republicans there, police not there.
    No Republicans there, lots of police and soldiers.
    The Democrats have called a riot nobody will come to.
    Unless they show up in whiteface?

  6. Anyone who is interested in the truth of the Capital protest events can easily conclude that the participants were co-opted and manipulated by leftist operatives. Given the way it has played out with the requisite Media / Democrat coordination, it’s hard not to conclude the existence of a conspiracy. The only question being the extent of involvement.

    ET refers to an oligarchy. I see it as an institutional leftism which includes much of the federal government that Trump never had any control over – well laced with Obama appointees and operatives and continually and exclusively under Democrat control. After Obama took office, Rush Limbaugh took heat for referring to a “resistance” to his presidency in the hope that he would be “unsuccessful”. The Tea Party became a manifestation of that idea and it scared the hell out of the left. Democrats and the rest of the dominant leftist culture picked up on that concept and showed the stupid party how it was done only instead of grass roots volunteers, they weaponized federal agencies and congress, employed looters and thugs and well trained and financed ideologues and mercenaries. The US is being softened up for a fascist regime under the Democrats.

    1. John – I see your point about ‘institutional leftism’, embedded in the bureaucracy, but although I think such an infrastructure is operative in Canada – I think that the powers that be in Washington have long ago left such an ideological perspective to the academics and the sanctimonious suburbanites.

      Instead, I see a very different political framework in Washington, that developed over the past decades. I do indeed think that Obama is now a major player in this infrastructure. It is NOT ideological; it is not ‘left’; it is not ‘right’. It is about one thing only: Power. Financial and political. Its members are primarily Democrat but with many GOP as well. That is, I see this situation as one where a ‘cabal’ has taken over the old Democratic Party for their own purposes.

      It rests on an economic infrastructure based around global investment and manufacturing, with the investment and production done in the cheapest overseas nations; but, ruled and governed by this Washington cabal – a network of family and connections who own, who have majority shares in, who sit on the boards of these non-American companies..and- who have become extremely, extremely wealthy.

      Americans had been reduced to non-investors, non-producers, with high business taxes and extreme regulations preventing them from running their own businesses – and reducing Americans to passive consumers of cheap overseas goods. And – dependent on government ‘stimulus’ and welfare and food stamps..

      And kept passive by huge propaganda of ‘Americans as Sinners [a major Obama theme]; climate change; evil oil and gas; greedy Americans…on and on.
      We saw the rise of resentment against this. which led to the rise of The People, who are not ideological as such, but, want their economy back. Examples;.the Tea Party etc. And Trump and MAGA.

      And I agree that a key reaction of the Oligarchy [as I see it] is to set up a militant thuggery; the Antifa, the BLM – and they are using them to fight against The People.

      This is, in a way, a civil war. An elite oligarchy which has taken over Washington and the Democratic Party- set up its own economic system [globalism] – and decimated the American home-grown economy. Trump’s four years have massively reversed this, and the Oligarchy will do anything to regain power. A fraudulent election, a puppet ‘president’ [Biden]; and – they must destroy The People and MAGA – by any and all means.

      What’s needed? The People have to launch lawsuits to protect their freedom; they have to first, rely on the basic institutions. And they have to set up communications systems- that’s vital. They have to get the facts out.

      1. Yes, Stephen Harper, in his excellent book, called them the Somewheres (us) and the Anywheres (global elites), who have no common cause with the people because they don’t live in their communities (Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters), so have no connection to their wants and needs. Instead of listening they dismiss them as rednecks and racists to shut them up.

        It lifts them from burdens of leading to the personal enrichment of ruling with political hobgoblins like climate and race.

        It’s easier to tell people what to do than ask them what they think. Eventually, however, you must control what they think.

        That’s when statism migrates into collectivism, which for all time will inevitably result in fascism and totalitarianism.

        Example: The covid crisis. Like true statists, governments everywhere enacted top down measures which all failed to stop deaths and cases. Their response was to move the goalposts and double down with more top down mask nonsense.

        In doing so enabled the spread of covid, not “flattened the curve,” now near 10 months well past it’s best before date.

        They sought first to control us all at once, now they lick their collectivist lips for building it back bigger, so better, for them.

        What does this Monday morning QB think they should have done? They should have immediately moved on controlling outbreaks in long term care homes. The rulers gave us lip service and military medics in Quebec, who gagged and left.

        The result is the pandemic is still with us, we failed to protect the most vulnerable from society, targeting the healthy, then whining and crying because young adults continue to party, now told a piece of cloth over their face protects them, so they can hug and kiss and definitely not social distance. All of this was wholly unnecessary if they led with real science instead of throwing the epidemiology book out.

        Deaths in long term care homes now represent nearly three-quarters of covid deaths in Canada. The “second wave” went right into those facilities, despite months of lockdowns previously. Why did our leaders let it happen?

        Because it only hurt us, not them. It increased their power which Justin Trudeau made obvious in his UN remarks.
        This is what Canadians face in a probable federal election this year. Any criticism will be turned on the criticizer.
        Irrelevant issues like same sex marriage and abortion will adorn the headlines, along with “white supremacy” fiction.
        Even now our Conservative party is playing surrender monkey trying to remove any hint of Trump from their lexicon.
        No, a northern Trump is what they and Canada needs, without the rough edges, willing to take on our elites.
        Harper did before progressives in the party abandoned him, along with suicidal cannibal “real” conservatives.
        No liberal lite please. Remember Harper’s 5 priorities? Here’s one, “clean drinking water for all Canadians.”
        Add to that meaningful reform of long term care facilities. Getting western crude to eastern Canada.
        Sorry, but views on gay marriage don’t matter. O’Toole is ex military, an RMC graduate, so he knows this one:
        “Never complain, never explain.” If you do, you start on your back foot. Always remember the media loathes you.

        1. Shamrock – exactly right.
          What they are also ignoring about the virus is that, unlike an animal species – which if you locked all of them away and wouldn’t let them interact/reproduce…the species would die out..

          A virus is not like an animal. Lock the carrier of a virus away, and the virus just goes into dormancy AND, mutates to a more spreadable form…so that when the lockdown is over, the virus explodes out into the population! Exactly what happened; the lockdowns actually enable mutation to a more infectious form.

          1. I was going to mention one more thing in line with your thinking.
            Over the summer, covid daily deaths fell to under ten per day, still concentrated in certain areas and institutions.
            Instead of acquiring herd immunity, we locked down; imo history will count that as a monumental error.

            When politicians and scientists (case in point climate change junk science) focus on their power and prestige, problems aren’t properly defined (don’t protect nursing homes, lock down healthy society), so can’t be solved.


            Good luck getting this data from our governments.

            Lockdowns make an excellent conduit to more political power, covered up by an ignorant, compliant blamedia.
            They are the problem, not “new strains” or young adults, or anything else. Their hypocrisy and incompetence is.

    1. Republican progressives, aka RINOs, establishment bootlickers, surrender monkeys and their Lincoln project friends have cleaved the Republican party. Polling clearly shows Trump voters are not fleeing him as did McConnell, McCain and the like.

      GOP impeachment supporters will find themselves under primary challenge, with few surviving, McCain an obvious case after defying overwhelming Trump support in Wyoming.

      Will Trump support fade away? The opposite is likely, even now his support grows.

      So count on many criminal and civil “investigations” against Trump.

      But their reign of terror could very well be a reign of error as they, with the help of his three SCOTUS justices (driving DeMarxists crazy, how delicious!) embolden Trump to go his own way, along with his voters.

      Will that split the GOP?. Yes, it will, but their establishment did it to themselves.

      Trump voters of the responsibility of supporting GOP swamp dweller and sycophantic establishment parasites.

      As the GOP makes same error as our Conservatives, trying to be fiscally conservative progressives, many voters who aren’t diehard Trump supporters who want limited government, will find a home in Donald’s camp. Like the supposed voters who moved in droves to Biden, many will vote for Trump but not for Republicans, unless Trump endorses.

      The stay at home argument only hurts Republicans in Congressional elections. Unintended consequences await them and all.

  7. This was America’s version of the Reichstag fire and the Democrats were more than prepared to run with it while their media allies ginned up the B.S. to the max. The speeches in The House yesterday by the Dems were unbelievable nonsense spewing nothing but hatred. Unity? Healing? That’s a laugh. This is a well thought out, well prepared coup against the American nation.

  8. I am sorry, while the question is interesting from an academic point of view, in the end, who gives a flying f**k?

    After months of mostly peaceful Burn Loot Murder, after months of “white silence means violence”, after years of “it is ok to punch a Nazi” I don’t care if the protesters burned the whole shithole down. Antifa and BLM drew the ROE. They have done so with the approval of the elites, the big tech, Twitler, Fecesbook, dhimicrats, journaljizmers and presstitutes. None should ever apologize for playing by the rules the enemy has established.

  9. Does anyone trust the US government (or any government in the world for that matter) to attempt to identify the people in the 4 groups the author labeled?

    My first prediction
    4-chan will likely have half of them identified by the end of the week.
    The provocateurs and “attackers” will be shown to the world as far left Trump hating individuals.

    My second prediction
    Even with evidence handed to them law enforcement will not take any meaningful action against them.
    To do so they would go counter to the official narrative and TPTB will thwart the actions of any honest LEO.

    This is where my crystal ball gets murky.

    One of two things will result from preventing justice being served.

    1 – In my view the most likely result is nothing will change. The swamp will carry on.

    2 – Individuals or small groups will attempt vigilante justice on the individuals identified.

    1. Absolutely agree, the FBI are corrupt to the core, enforcement thugs for the oligarchy. They are treasonous human garbage.

  10. By now were all aware of the Viking Man. The strange dude the media want to portray as one of the leaders of the Capital coup. Here’s a short interview with him, not sure when this was, but have a listen. Do you think MAGA when listening to him?

    I went to a Second Amendment rally in Phoenix last winter just out of curiosity, something you’d never see in Canada. It was bigger than I thought, stage set up with speakers all day, lots of food trucks and vendors selling flags and tee shirts etc and lots of Trump stuff. As you enter you passed at least a hundred Harleys…serious MAGA crowd. Everyone carrying guns, yes plural, and I’m not talking pistols. Serious guns. So foreign to a Canadian, yet interesting as hell. Needless to say, as always in big crowds, some characters wandering around but one stood out. The Viking Man. Yes, the same guy. Apparently he’s from Phoenix, lives with Mom, and he goes to ALL the rallies. Left, right. Doesnt matter. He was walking around with a “Q sent me” sign written on a piece of cardboard with felt pen. But no one paid him any attention. They either knew of him and knew to ignore him or were annoyed by his presence because he wasnt one of them and they wanted nothing to do with him. The only interest he got was from the media as you can imagine. So when I saw him involved in the Capital incident I just rolled my eyes and laughed.

  11. I don’t believe much of anything anymore, but what I do know is that the Leftys keep lowering their depraved attacks on white, conservative men. The Supremacist/Racist-Terrorist combo is pretty sub-human, but its quickly getting normalized. The MSM is spreading this propaganda with grim purpose: lets get rid of them once and for all.
    Well you reap what you sow, motherfuckers.

  12. No question in my mind Antifa were the “pointed end of the stick” at Capitol. Check out this just posted on TGP. Be sure to watch the video of this John Sullivan creature.

    It’s very clear from what he is saying that when he says, “Can’t believe “we” did it!” he’s not talking about MAGA folks. He’s talking about Antifa.

    Look carefully at all the people in these lead elements, how they are dressed, style of their facial hair, masks, helmets, and what they are saying to each other and to police. It’s all right out of Portland.

    PLUS, there is no history whatsoever of MAGA folks doing property damage (there too busy cleaning up after themselves) , but LOTS of Antifa history. Ut’s who they are and what they do.

    To me, just based on this alone, Trump should be invoking Insurrection Act and putting the whole process indefinitely on hold.

  13. Those giant Trump banners that were hung over the side of the west side of the Capitol porch we’re clearly put there by some DNC operative. It was just too perfect.

  14. LOL…James O’Keefe says he’s got an insider in Twitter who video recorded Jack and his agenda for censorship.
    Fun times.

  15. A week before the November election … a local resident reported that … some Neo-Nazi Trump supporter (sic) had spray painted “Trump” and a swastika on their garage door.

    The FAKE “hate crime” went National. I know the victims. They are rabid, hardcore, Democrat operatives. The local police and the FBI promised no stone would be left unturned in their effort to catch the horrible Trump supporter (sic) who did this. Well. It’s been almost 3 months … and *crickets* … so my question is … are the police and FBI investigating the “victims”? If not, why not? The location of this crime is in an area where literally dozens of city (public) cameras operate 24/7 along with multiple private cameras. Surely the police have a vehicle of interest?

    Fact is … these false-flag smear jobs are SOP for the Demoncraps. They have to INVENT their victimhood so as to keep their PRIMARY narrative operating. Because their REAL victimization. is rare and infrequent.

    Further, many articles explained how this crime took place in “white upper, upper, middle class Suburbia. How awful, they noted that white Nationalists are still walking the streets of Suburbia. This is the city in which I’ve lived since 1965 … and they’re full of shit. Nobody in my town has the time to bother. And the education level here is about as far from the “typical dumb Drumpf supporter as you can get.

    Oh well … by any means necessary … Right?

  16. That Confederate flag?

    Looks like it’s brand-new, just out of the bag, still appearing to show the fold lines.

    Note also that the “flagpoles” are about the same dimensions as a Quarterstaff fighting stick. A bit big to swing indoors but a sharp jab with the blunt end of a quarterstaff WILL result in serious injuries. An end-strike to the side of the skull can kill almost instantly and a deep strike to the abdomen will result in major organ damage and internal bleeding.

    Time to tear off a lot more “Noh” masks.

  17. L-Having the National Guard on display is so the MSM have something for their cameras to focus on. Rather than the “crowds” on Jan. 20th, which will be embarrassingly small. Standing out in the cold for a lengthy ceremony in Washington, D.C. , who but the deep state operatives would be so motivated ? But attending it, as a coming out party, would identify them publicly.

    If the ceremony was in Los Angeles, they could have hired Hollywood movie crowd extras 🙂
    The MSM will play along with the Potemkin Village subterfuge. Close-ups only, no long shots.

    If the crowds are embarrassingly small, the MSM will point to the National Guard as proof of the danger in attending. So the twist will be, that not showing up is the true sign of mass support for Biden. Like their hero, Basement Joe Biden, his supporters will be in hiding, too.

    80 million votes for Biden loses credibility, unless the crowds match or exceed those for Obama and for Trump, both of whom received fewer votes than Joe Biden. This vote total is something we are now being ordered to believe!

    Expressing skepticism or being agnostic about the narrative gets you the status of an infidel, a blasphemer, a schismatic !

    Finally, economics heeds the bottom line, advertisers won’t be happy with a small TV audience.

    10 years from now, Joe Biden and Malificent Harris will be but a footnote.

    Donald J. Trump the Free Speech populist hero, who faced down the C.C.P. virus and won, and his glamorous wife, Melania , will grow in stature over time.

    The impeachment is, in part to label him toxic, in a desperate attempt to keep him off of a competitive social media. His presence alone on a Twitter rival would make it viable, giving it millions of followers world wide, instantly.

    The Globalist’s ongoing nightmare: a rider on the distant horizon closing in with a 74 million strong cavalry.

    1. Millions of Trump supporters are joining Gab. Gab owns its own servers, has a very good browser (Dissener), is developing Gab TV, which with equipment that plugs into your tv will bypass broadcast TV. Also developing a phone OS to free you from Apple and Google.

  18. CTVs coverage is classic.
    As they brag about all the security enhancements and the number of “Armed” troopers on standby..they show the Capitol reduced to a prison.
    My question.Did those professional parasites,habitual criminals and serial oath breakers who seek to rule over the USA,did they just put themselves in a cage?
    And surround it with armed guards?

    The certainty of our media clowns is amusing..Trump Incited a riot,from near a mile away,while still addressing a different crowd.
    So is there anything Donald J cannot do?
    Just like Global Warming,the Donald causes everything..

    So do these media scum believe we are stupid?
    Or are they so stupid they do not know what they say?

    1. Yeah… I gave up on CTV… and all other MSM news outlets. CTV died to me during the “Mike Duffy scandal”. It was the first time I witnessed someone being railroaded in real time. Although I do not remember his words, I remember the feeling I had while watching a Don Martin’s editorial pillorying the man. After Mike Duffy was exonerated in 2016, I don’t n believe that there was any further commentary from the network. In a similar fashion, this network, at the few times I tuned in since 2017, was a megaphone for the anti-Trump hysteria. Disgraceful.

  19. The guy with the Confederate flag, who Waller specifically mentions as being almost certainly an antifa plant, has been arrested and turns out to be a long-time Confederate sympathizer and Trump supporter.

    In other words, perhaps a fool, but an honest fool.

    That’s one example. I could go down the list of Waller’s assertions with similar counterevidence for most of it. It’s important to note this article of his is merely assertion, without any sort of supporting evidence with which to judge the validity of the assertions. The behavior of the groups of young men is exactly what I had come up with, sitting in my chair at home, as the sort of behavior one might engage in if really angry and wanting to hit something but still restraining the impulse, but hanging out with others of a similar mindset, and figuring on using the event for “practice”. The claim that real MAGA supporters were all cheerful and angry people were clearly imposters is bunk; there’s tons of honest anger out there.

    This whole piece, even taking into account the likelihood of it being a relatively honest description of what he remembers observing, is pure MAGA cope. It is not necessary to always have bad things for the good guys be explained by enemy action. In fact they very often are not the result of enemy action. People can do things with the best of intentions and have them blow up in ways they didn’t expect. It happens a lot.

    Antifa didn’t do this. A couple dozen angry Trump supporters did, the entire apparatus of cultural and political power – which had been getting steadily more exasperated over the past two months – pounced on a vulnerable moment, and Trump – who set the whole thing up and should have had every reason to be prepared for trouble at the margins – was caught completely flat-footed. There’s nothing to be gained by trying to pretend mistakes out of existence.