51 Replies to “Articles of Impeachment to be filed against Joe Biden”

  1. Honestly, I believe the Democrats couldn’t care less if Biden goes. Kommie Whorris his waiting in the wings to represent the CCP.

        1. No. If Biden were to be impeached, Kamala assumed the presidency, and a new VP is named. If Kamala were to be impeached, the new VP becomes president. The precedent is Gerald Ford, who replaced Spiro Agnew. When Nixon resigned, the unelected Ford became president.

          1. Head shake and apologies.
            There are rules for the Speaker of the House to become President in case of an extreme emergency and then it would only be temporary. Correct?

          2. Joe Biden will be the last president of the United States.
            Referring anyone to read the book of Ezra’s Three Headed Eagle. The last two damaged and stripped Eagle feathers from this great beast, Trump & Joe Biden will be eaten up, killed impeached, removed by the other sleeping Eagle Heads.
            The United states is representative of what? The EAGLE. The new beast takes over Representing a Lion, Narnia? No, the Global United Nations, Global European Union. Satan already has a bad person seeking World, Peace and World Powers. Amen or Awoman unto you that day.
            I will no longer be a being of this earth, But this earth has been promised a Savior.
            Pray for his return.

          3. None of that is going to happen. It’s likely that Biden will step down for Whorris before his term is up, however. Either because of health or Hunter. I’m merely saying that the Dems are not invested in Biden’s presidency. His role is done.

          4. It takes a while for a VP to be installed between elections. As per the Constitution, Congress has to approve the replacement. LBJ didn’t even bother until the next election. So, Piglosi could become president.

    1. The big problem as always will be the media that will stonewall and white wash anything and everything illegal that a democrat communist does.

      1. Maybe not. The Hunter stuff is no longer a problem for them. If it removes Biden and leaves the Dems in power, that works fine for them. He’s merely a prop anyway.

      2. Oh yes! The FBI and all 17 Intelligence Agencies are SURE to assist this GA Rep. in drafting her impeachment articles. Oh yes! The FBI will accelerate their yearlong “investigation” (read: time to cover his tracks) into Hunter and ‘The Big Guy’s” illicit dealings. Oh sure! The Deeply corrupted and compromised FBI will coordinate with 5-Eyes Intelligence partners overseas to uncover all the dirt on Biden. Of course they will.

        Her symbolic and shambolic Impeachment sham … will simply KILL OFF any REAL Impeachment that should be launched against Kampala. It’s a prefab mockery, instead of a serious effort. Too bad. If this woman believes she’ll become the “White AOC” with this antic … she’s sadly mistaken. Her popularity is going nowhere … she’s too white, and too Southern to matter to the power structure inhabiting DC.

  2. Harris will have to settle for Vic-President for a little longer. The Democrat majority will vote against impeachment but it’s a fitting gesture to start Biden’s term.

    1. You need to understand procedure. The Speaker sets the order, if she doesn’t put it on the agenda, there is no vote.

  3. Anyone else think that the Dems might use this to get rid of Sleepy Joe so they don’t have to? Would be rather convenient.

    1. Solid point. I always figured he wouldn’t last a year…maybe not even the 100 days…but this would keep the literal blood off their hands.

      The main problem I see is the knee-jerk response of a Dem to a GOP proposal, or just keeping the ability to pull his strings so long as this hangs over him. Presuming he’s lucid enough to either notice or care.

    2. I think Dems may have put her up to it. Yes, they could use a good excuse to dump Joe — and unlike Trump, it will be very easy to dig up info on wrong doing.

  4. And YOU get an impeachment, and you get an impeachment. You? Yes! You too, get an impeachment. Everybody gets an impeachment!

    This is strategic stupidity for the GOP. Just like belittling POWs, calling the late Sen. John McCain names, and trying to undermine mail-in votes was all strategic stupidity by Trump.

    1. Hey if the dems can do it so can the repubs. Nobody really gives a damn about impeachment, it has just become another “thing” to do. The average American is as dumb as a bag of rocks that is why things are as they are.

  5. Trump said in one of his most recent speeches that Biden has more to fear from the 25th amendment than he does, and I would add the same goes for impeachment as well.

    Mischief is important, and overreach has consequences.

  6. Won’t work. Impeachment is only for crimes committed as president. File them on his first day before he’s done anything as prez? Don’t be silly.

  7. A new Georgia Peach with more backbone than 95% of the politicians that have been in Congress for their entire careers. You Go Girl!!!!!

    1. Naw… Purely symbolic. She should know this doesn’t stand a chance. She wouldn’t have tried it if she thought it did, but knowing it will fail, she saw the opportunity to put on a show for her constituents, and the conservative base, as she says “Well Look! See? I tried…”

      Ok, call me a cynic, but I’ve seen this song-and-dance way too many times.

      1. TBF … it worked for Ronald Reagan … who had “no recollection of those matters” … late in his presidency. Notably, repeated by HER … during Rooster-head’s FAILED Benghazi Hearings

  8. Here’s an example of the formation of the impeachment narrative back in November 7 2020. https://www.lawfareblog.com/2020-election-security-success-story-so-far
    FTA: “the President had repeatedly instructed his supporters “to go into the polls and watch very carefully.” But violence did not erupt at polling places and instigators did not block access to voting sites Only minimal voter intimidation efforts were seen. No domestic terrorism occurred.”

    As if Trump’s asking people to “watch” would naturally result in “domestic terrorism”.

    So the narrative had been fully crafted, well before January 6 2021.

  9. Really? How far do you think this is going to go with a Demoncrat majority in the house, and Demoncrat-control in the Senate?

    Symbolic at best! No, if Sleepy Joe Lyin’ bin-Hiden is going to be dumped on, it will be by his own party, and frankly, I don’t think he’ll give a damn. He served his purpose, which was to get rid of Trump, by hook, or by crook.

  10. It was Sam Houston who in a Senate debate on the Compromise of 1850 said the following “A nation divided against itself cannot stand.” It applied then and it applies now. The danger to the US and to the world is that the country will continue to tear itself apart.

    The real enemy is elsewhere. It is the country that let loose the COVID-19 virus on the world. It is responsible for the biological attack that was perpetrated on the world. It is also responsible for the theft of intellectual property that has been perpetrated on the world. And it has infiltrated and influenced almost every major organization in the world. It has bribed and blackmailed its ways into controlling them. Yet, it is still not being held to account in any sense of the word.

    The real danger is not from within.

  11. It doesn’t matter. It could be totally proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Biden is a corrupt sell-out to foreign interests. Tara Reade’s sexual assault accusations against him could be proven so that every Dem-voting feminist believes her. It doesn’t matter. The whole nation could want to vote Republican in ‘22 and ‘24. It doesn’t matter. The Dems aren’t worried about getting votes and keeping voters happy with them. They know now that all they have to do is order up the right amount of “votes” in the right districts . They have power and soon the masks of “niceness” and “working for the people’s best interests” will come off. They really don’t need to care about what the people hear about and know about them anymore.
    We’re all about to find out very soon what people with power will do when they’re not worried about losing it. History tells us the years ahead are going to be very rough before we get our freedoms and the life we enjoyed before CoVid back. If we ever do.
    I predict: for ordinary everyday people without power or influence, we will be unable to travel overseas or over borders from now on, we will soon be very curtailed in what we are allowed to eat and drink and what fossil fuels we can use, our ability to communicate will be controlled and limited, our health care will be rationed, and single family suburban homes will be rapidly phased out as they lock us down in cities in bleak high rises. In the midst of all this, Reichstag Fire incidents will be used to disarm Americans. And all political opposition will be demonized and wiped out.
    I do hope I’m wrong.

    1. Ann, I know I am being criticized here for my doomy and gloomy outlook, but I fear you are spot on. Absolute power DOES absolutely corrupt … even more so when you have a complicit cheerleading media endorsing every corruption (see: California). Everything you cited is going to come at us FASTER than anyone can imagine. Yes … single family homes will soon become the symbol of greedy Capitalistic excess. And now that the “nuclear family is dead” … “an odious remnant of white privilege” … and the village of idiots are raising our children at ANTIFA Target burnings … then there is no “need” for single “family” homes. These ghouls in government simply cannot WAIT to knock America off it’s high horse (to quote the formerly most-dangerous POTUS in history).

      I just hope I make it OUT of this cushy Suburbia and into the hinterlands … in time … before the purge(s)

    2. Ann, I hope you are wrong as well, but I also believe you are correct. You laid it out nicely, but also, I think, conservatively. I have developed a great foreboding of a very dark immediate future for all of us on the north American continent. Those that openly resist this new world order, will simply be taken out. There was another post on this site a day or two ago, unfortunately I don’t recall who wrote this, but it too, was very apt. It stated, Paraphrasing here, “I need to find new conspiracy theories, as the one’s I originally had, have all come true”.

      We are entering into dark times, and it will be years before, or if, there is any recovery from this Orwellian nightmare.

  12. Denial can come in many ways. One is to allow crazy shit like Q anon to make up horoscopes for foolish conservatives who somehow naively thought anyone in power on Trump side would work some magic or exorcism to drain the swamp?
    What about Kraken? WTF was that? What I try to say is that Trump had 4 years – 1461 days – to neutralize his enemies but he under estimated them.

    Impeach Xiden?

    That’s another wet dream that will keep discrediting Trumpism.

    P.S. Trump was right from day 1. His actionable & timely intelligence on the enemy was shit. Now they go after his followers…

      1. I didn’t hear Ahmed actually claim that ability. Rather, the 4-d Chess playing ability ascribed to PDJT is more of a Hollywood Spy Movie view of reality than the REAL world Real-Politic. Trump is a Developer and a Negotiator … his inherent skills were (are) EXACTLY what this nation needed (needs still) … however the Swamp is Deep and the Bureaucracy is embedded as de facto RULERS over the great unwashed citizenry.

        Trump still earns an A- in my book. The minus is because of the headwinds and kneecapping he took that prevented his absolute best work from coming to fruition. Just consider the time delay and workaround he had to endure just to get busy building a proper Border Wall! He tried to honestly and practically fund the effort … but the GOPes lied to his face and refused to fund the effort (even when they had the ABSOLUTE power to,do so).

    1. Half the diatribes ever printed on this blog in the last 20 years could be laid at the feet of a co-opted, dishonest, mendacious, extremely dangerous and sadly, wildly successful Canadian Media.
      No need to name the guilty.

      Although 1918 voters deserve extreme disapprobation.

      And yet, can’t remember a protest anywhere, a politician to utter a protest, angry yelling, a lawsuit, graffiti or a thrown egg.
      Not even a dead fish on their doorstep or a dead horse’s head to be found across the land.
      Canadians aren’t even brave or smart or motivated enough to show their Media disapproval in a tangible yet legal and fun way.

      Canadians epitomize dead things.
      Dead from the neck up.
      Dead genders walking.
      Dead to their descendants who shall curse them for their cowardness, docility and submission.

  13. So it appears that even after deplatform, another impeachment vote, and media going full bore with the narrative, that Trump still lives on in spirit.
    You can’t kill him
    You can’t remove him from the narrative
    You can’t nullify his legacy
    Even after they managed to get Biden across the finish line Trump still outshines him and gets all the attention and using his example the next generation of Trump styled representatives will push back with back bone.
    While his enemies focused on him they ignored the millions that saw in Trump a new hope that are ready to pick up the torch.
    They may remove him from office, but he still wins.

  14. I think the impeachment attempt is simply to taint Biden, and remind the public that he and his network are under investigation for corruption…and prepare for 2022 and 2024.
    It’s by now common knowledge that Biden is both medically incompetent and never was ‘presidential material’. He was put in by whoever is REALLY running the Washington Oligarchy [and I suspect Obama and his gang are heavily involved] – to prevent the socialists from moving in. The Oligarchy still has to deal with these radical socialists in its midst.

    I think the key agenda of the Washington Oligarchy at the moment is to ensure that The People, led by Trump, are rendered powerless, tainted, smashed. They have to take out Trump – and they’ll try that not merely with this current impeachment Indictment but with constant civil suits after he’s left.

    But also they have to smash the People who voted for Trump. So- the Oligarchy will try to get a riot in Washington on Jan 20th. They really need this – to further smash The People….I predict lots of BLM and Antifa types in the Capitol. … whose agenda will be to incite a riot.

    1. It’s common knowledge to those on the right, but it’s uncommon knowledge to those that don’t follow politics. For those on the left, it’s considered right-wing propaganda and they dismiss it without even considering it might be true.

  15. Don’t have a lot of faith in feckless republicans to harass judas biden’s bunch like they did Trump.

  16. Useless distraction. Joe Biden won’t be president by New Years regardless. It’s possible he will retire within the first month, citing health, time with family, any of the usual.

    Regardless of when Joe goes, it’s been the Harris/Pelosi administration since before the election.

  17. Trump should campaign for 4 years. Trump and Ivanka or Don Jr. should spend 4 years holding rallies and fundraising.

    1. scar, How long would they be campaigning before assassination would be executed? (Execution being the operative word) If the left didn’t fear Trump and his supporters, they wouldn’t bother with the latest impeachment attempts, and the assault on his base. They have won this latest skirmish, but they are on shaky ground, and they know it. I would also suspect that once they begin their stolen reign, there will be a lot more Trump supporters than there is now, as they will have finally seen the light. Any that attempt to stand up, will be introduced to a democratic game of whackamole. There will therefore be a seething underground resentment that will endure. That, or there will be open civil war. I see very few alternatives. I also think we are witness to the final decline of western civilization, and it is now picking up speed. What a sad end to our way of life.

  18. I am waiting to be surprised on Inauguration Day. Since the military knows what is going on, they must step in to save the country from being taken over by the foreign entities that helped fix the election, unless they too are hopelessly corrupt.

  19. That took way too long.

    To demonstrate the sham the Dems have turned the serious act of impeaching a president into, a GOP not drowning in a swamp would have announced a Biden impeachment the very moment the media called him pres-elect.

    And impeach Harris, too. Double-down on showing the American voter what a partisan sham the Dems have turned this into.