18 Replies to “The Perfect Troll”

  1. Should Jake Tapper and CNN be banned for inciting violence? Comrade Jake just spouted false news that Trump will have his followers physically attack Republicans who vote against him.

      1. Here’s the thing. Half the people in America will never know he was quoting her. Maybe more than half. The propaganda is that bad — both here and there. May God help us and them as well.

        1. One of the Blue Check is spinning into a — Nancy didnt mean it but Louie, quoting Nancy, did. And the low infos nod along…

          1. I knew our media were biased, but I never thought I would see Pravda and Izvestia level propaganda and censorship like we’re seeing in here from US and Canadian news and social media companies.

          2. Second that GregW. The media is shameless in their reckless deceit and outright shilling for the idiot left.
            FYI, tonight, just cut my news package off the tube, reducing the propaganda from the feckless idiots. The only reason I kept it this long was for Fox, but they are Benedicts, advertising for Biden’s wunnerful inauguration party, for THE most popular president EVAH!
            MSDNC, CNN AND CBC, were deselected, while barely tolerating CTVNN (ugh), CNBC, Glowbull 24/7 and BNN. But all those had become COVID COVID COVID between Trump HATE blatherings. So, delete! Good Riddance. Sellouts. There are more than enough sources that are better than all those, for financial news and information.
            BNN was nothing more than Marijuana Marijuana and CTV news Regurge. Good riddance!

    1. Mitch McConnell said today this won’t be going to the Senate prior to inauguration day. Many legal types have said nobody can be impeached after they’ve left office.

      Liz may talk a big game, put her name on the list of those to be primaried …

  2. RINOS – the worst kind. Words cannot explain what should happen to backstabbers. Karma never comes soon enough. We need another method to make them pay.

    1. And, here in what used to be Canada, we have CINOs, a more northerly variation of that disgusting species. Are you listening, O’Foole?

      1. Puh Leeze, in order for there to be CINOs, there would have to be conservatives. We have no one on the right, just degrees of leftism, from moderately statist through communist.

        1. You are totally wrong. On the right we have the PPC and Max, do a little research. Read their platform and tell us what is not to like about it. They are the only conservative party in Canada not.

  3. Great piece of work! reminds me of how easy it is to counter liberals about that so-called terrorism last week. I have about 40 years of quotes supporting protests, riots, sit-ins, blockades….

  4. Well if my President forced me to reveal what a treasonous Slut I was and what my payroll number was on the Chinese Spy roll..I would Impeach him too.
    The Media Propaganda is awsome,leaving me to ponder the difference between a reporter and a pinnata.
    I note with some amusement,Trump is guilty of inciting a riot.All the talking heads tell us so.
    No “alleged” crimes on this one.
    It would be amusing to force these congress critters to show some proof.

    Meanwhile the Slime has been orchestrating riots with paid actors all summer..
    Hypocrisy is their only skill.