59 Replies to “Showing Up To Riot”

  1. High crimes is trying to force in an illegal President that has been disqualified.

    This is the politicians hail marry pass to try and force in an illegal President.
    President Trump certainly will have proof of what they are trying to do.
    Before the January 20 announcement.

  2. Mitch McConnell apparently said the Senate will convict President Trump AFTER he’s left office on January 20th. Completely unconstitutional according to all the scholars and lawyers from both sides of the political spectrum but that won’t stop them. Because that’s the road to UNITY.

    1. I guess “apparently” is the operative word here as I now read Kate’s update to the post concerning the Turtle. Things change quickly.

    2. He’s being cautious right now as many things don’t quite make sense.
      Could of bit him in the ass should he have been wrong.
      Collusion in a crime could have been added when President Trump pops back up.

    3. After Trump leaves office, an impeachment is rendered moot. Good thing for him that he was just re-elected because he couldn’t be elected dog catcher now. Treason. Is he scheduled for Guantanamo? Share a cell with Pelosi?

        1. McConnell is practicing chickenshit politics … the kind which is tried and true from the beginning of time. McConnell knew, last week, that Impeachment was DOA … so he grandstanded. He pleased the Chamber of Commerce and all his corporate and banking donors when he talked tough about “Trump’s outrageous behavior”. This is chickenshit politics. Taking a “bold”, “noble”, stance … when you have absolutely nothing PERSONAL to lose.

          Pro tip: Trump voters are DONE voting for people and policies embodied by McConnell. HIS GOPe … will still be DEAD … long after Trump is a distant memory. I will vote for an HONEST Democrat America-hater before I vote for ANY GOPe squish.

          1. Excellent Kenji, that is exactly the dynamic in play here with the turtle. Chickenshit, whoa yes.
            A former cop told me that when he got lip from motorists he would pull out The Poultry Act write up chickenshit charges. I roared when I heard this.

    4. Boots – I don’t think McConnell said that the Senate WILL CONVICT Trump. How could he tell us what the Senate vote will be? McConnell said that he won’t recall the Senate to vote on any Motion passed now, by the House, until after Biden is sworn in on the 20th.

      And I would guess that the House, with its Democrat majority and under Pelosi, who would crucify any who dared oppose Her Will, will vote-to-impeach. On the one count of ‘inciting violence’ – when the facts show that Trump did no such thing. [It’s tedious to say here that the Democrats have been inciting and supporting violence for years now – including their support for BLM riots, Antifa, and their support for looting]. But – can a Senate impeach a president who is no longer in office?

      Several key questions: How can you impeach someone who is not in office???
      But- the agenda of this impeachment is NOT to actually remove Trump from office. It’s to stop him from taking office in 2024.
      That is they key, and I maintain, the ONLY agenda.

      The Oligarchy know that they ‘won’ this time only by fraud and that such tactics won’t really happen again [after all, if the elections turn into Who Can Cheat the Best – then, the GOP could use the same tactics and win!!!]

      So- their real and only focus is: Prevent Trump/the People from running in 2024. They will do anything – and I mean anything – to achieve this goal.

      1. Alcee Hastings was impeached as a Federal Judge for taking a bribe, and yet he is ‘serving’ in Congress right now.

      2. What actionable EVIDENCE do you have which proves the DemonRats STOLE the election? You have none. They stole the election with complete stealth (and Court protection) . What suggests their theft is a one and done? What? Because we are all “suddenly aware” of vote fraud? Puhleeze. We all saw this coming from miles ahead. The DemonCraps even bragged about how they were going to steal the election … before … they actually copped it.

    5. Yeah, it is illegal, as Congress has no jurisdiction over private citizens, which Trump will be come noon on January 20th. Most of this is just BS smoke and mirrors for the leftards who don’t know any better, though I wouldn’t put it past the Dhimmicrats to “find a law” that makes it “legal”.

      1. That’s what pedophile Alan Dershowitz said. And despite his Lolita proclivities, I’ll take his Constitutional Law advice

    6. January 13, 2021 at 2:29 pm

      That’s what the media cartel decided to say.
      Either on Carlson or on Hannity show on Tuesday somebody, don’t remember who, said that they asked McConnell’s office and that he said no such thing.

  3. Calling all Canadian so called “Conservative” MP’s/MLA’s…
    Still listening….????

    1. Michelle Rempel would love to respond but she’s busy picking up Macleans magazine’s “Hardest Working” award.
      When Macleans puffs you that means whatever conservative bona fides you had just got flushed down the toilet.
      And given her tweets of late I can’t say she had any to begin with.
      But don’t forget – She’s just a good ol’ gal from Calgary.
      “Fortis et Liber” – Yeah sure Michelle.

    2. You had to see Rebel Medias vid..Guess that Minister!
      OToole and Paradis poked the bear when the denied that Levant had an interview. He went full guns on CPC and how the bow to CBC and let Trudeau and Libs away with so much!
      It was a classic!
      Will look for link.

        1. I can name any or all of the Conservative MPs, except those names wouldn’t be suitable for polite society. It seems that the only difference between the CPC and Liberals is which side of the House of Commons they’re on.

  4. On my – Dems aren’t wasting any time coming out of the gate. “Congress Proposes Amendment to the Constitution of the United States to Abolish the Electoral College H.J. Res. 14 for the President and Vice President of the United States.”

    We’ll see how that flies with the States.

  5. Ok so McConnell is not an absolute idiot after all. In the next session, he’ll drag this trial out for months. This will ensure NOTHING the democrats want gets passed and instead it’s blumpf impeachment.

    1. McConnell will do what’s right, but only when he has a gun to his head. He, along with his Chinee and Chinese connected wife are Swamp algae.

      1. As soon as Trump is a distant memory and politically non-viable … McConnell will start kissing his ear. McConnell will suddenly become the “original” Trumpster … backing his every move. That’s how filthy politicians play the game. They LOVE every non-threatening entity.

    2. He won’t be leader of the Senate in the next session, Chuck Schumer will be. Trump will be metaphorically hung, drawn and quartered for his offences against the political class.

  6. Every last one of those Demon- crats should be in a mental institution. Bat Shit Crazy!

  7. How many would now wish that the brave passengers on flight 93 had NOT diverted the hijackers from flying into the capitol building and perhaps ridding us of it`s puerile occupants?

      1. I am not a conspiracy theorist but lets follow along your suggestion.

        If it were proof of an ‘inside job’ as you suggest then it would have been an attempt to depose George W Bush, given the display of hatred by the democrats over the past four years who would be surprised that the rabid democrats could have been responsible . Their desire for power and all the foreign power kickbacks that they have so obviously been taking over-rules by a long margin any responsible management of the country.

  8. Remember when a Bernie Sanders supporter shot Steve Scalise almost killing him, in an attempt to assassinate as many Republicans as he could but the last thing you could do was assign any blame on Bernie?
    Good times.

    1. Perhaps Tulsi is interested.
      She is very gracious and diplomatic these days, while presenting the truth about Congress and speaking out against censorship.
      I honestly do not understand how she can identify as a Dem.

      1. I would have loved to have seen Trump invite her to speak at the Republican convention seeing as how she had been snubbed by the Democratic Party despite having delegates, unlike Kamala Harris. It would have been a Grade A troll.

  9. Half our leaders are geriatric morons that should be playing shuffleboard and cards at a seniors home. This is getting ridiculous. The tech oligarchs are playing them the same way telephone solicitors prey on the elderly.

  10. When people ask how they can impeach a former POTUS, I think the goal here is to deprive him of all the benefits that former Presidents enjoy, namely a Secret Service detail, staffing, etc. Not that he cannot easily afford his own private security and personnel, but they want to humiliate and hound him incessantly right until he is in a grave. They won’t be happy until they grind him into powder. That way, no other populist, non-progressive candidate will ever dare to raise their head again. Only squishes need apply. The era of the soup-sandwich is night.

    He’d be wise to have pardons for he and his family written up and executed the very last minutes he is in office. He’s going to need them.

    1. Do you really think that the Democrats that now rule across the board would stop with an issued pardon. What the hell are you people thinking!!!! It is so blatantly obvious that the American Republic has succumbed even the deaf and blind can hear and see it. That display of vitriolic hatred that was on display in the Capitol today is only the beginning. Free and fair elections have now gone the way of the Dodo bird. Twenty thousand troops in Washington to ensure a peaceful transition of power! Did Trump order that? If he didn’t who did, and why weren’t they deployed in Washington and Oregon this past summer. Twenty thousand troops to oversee a virtual inauguration! It beggars belief! Then again the spite and hatred demonstrated in the House today was the very epitome of hypocrisy, beggars belief. There are not words to describe and not enough tears to shed for what has been lost today.

    2. “deprive him of all the benefits that former Presidents enjoy, namely a Secret Service detail”

      I wouldn’t trust the SS or FBI or any other federal agency if I were Donald Trump. They were both part of the Kennedy assassination.

  11. Yes. They want to humiliate him. Completely humiliate him, his family and anyone close to him or connected to his brand. They’ll use this to damage anyone running for ANY office that had anything to do with Trump or MAGA forever. Not just two years from now for the mid terms and not just four years from now for the next presidential election. FOREVER.

    1. Why? Voting is now irrelevant. The right needs to form a very large political party, and refuse to contest elections. Massive political parties that don’t care about running candidates (because the elections are all cooked up anyway, as in Lebanon and Turkey), typically become ectremely powerful.

      They focus on providing loans, helping businesses, providing private ‘security’ for their constituents, and a host of things. You see this in developing countries (and the US is now one, with its massive influx of illiterate and uneducated migrants) and eventually the government begins to beg them to stand in elections.

      The future is in the MAGA party becoming the defacto local government. THAT is how you destroy the Democrats. Stop obeying their bureaucrats, install your own local sherriffs, paralyse the tax system by facilitating economics and business off the grid, and eventually they shrink and wither away to the starving, destitute blue cities, and MAGA defacto runs the show everywhere else.

      Classic Maoist guerilla tactics, with no killings or violence needed.

      Paralyze their tax system, paralyze their monetary policies. They only succeed at taxing you to death if you go along with it.

      Don’t be like the Jews in Germany, circa 1930s, who were too scared of losing their careers and savings to leave Germany!

      Choose: a bit longer as a slave, before they finally end you, or a shot at freedom, and your own country.

  12. If Trump started the Patriots Party tomorrow, more than 50 million people who vote Republican would join, and the Republican Party would end. Trump has all the cards.