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    1. “Spasm of mob violence…blblab bla bla. Hey look! A squirrel” .
      Fox News showed their true colours on election night.
      Not Fox, not Tucker are telling the ONE story that needs to be told in the face of this co-ordinated travesty unfolding before our very eyes.
      Absolutely unreal!!!.

    1. A clergyman expressing an opinion contrary to the common narrative. That’s a nice change.

      The mainline church denominations have become collaborators with the political left and the communist social media firms through their advocacy and support of the “social gospel”, “liberation theology”, and “social justice”. By remaining silent on these matters, they are equally as guilty as our oppressors.

      So much for standing up for the faith.

      1. B A the church and I mean the church in general bent the knee to Satan when the government (Satan) said close your doors and they closed them. The church is forever dead as far as I am concerned and I am a follower and believer in Christ. When they finally did reopen it was with restrictions that should be unacceptable to any believer. Putting my name on a list if I attend services so the government can track me is a non starter. No singing, w t f. The church drank the kool aid and I think will lose a large part of their followers. I know many people who feel as I do.

        1. I am in charge of a funeral for a relative who passed away early in 2020. The service has been planned, the church has been paid-for, the announcements went out … and COVID hit. We had to cancel the March 2020 service, as the (Lutheran) church closed its doors. We waited, and waited, and finally were able to reschedule for July … and the second wave of Fascist RULE swept across CA, and the church (which had just reopened) closed again. We then decided to just wait it out and reschedule for Feb. 2021. But then, “long, dark, cold, winter” … “things will get worse before they get better” … Biden “won” the election. And now … the entire San Francisco Bay Area has extended the Lock-down, Shut-down indefinitely.

          I am one of those people who has not been able to properly memorialize and say goodbye to a close relative.

          1. Rebel New’s Sheila Gunn Reid’s mother died recently and a proper funeral wasn’t allowed. That was around the time that Premier Jell-O Kreampuff’s cabinet minister skedaddled off to Hawaii because of a “family tradition”.

    2. Powerful. It would have been better as a sermon back in October, but we never would have heard about it then. Or he would have been censured for being too political.

      1. I’m surprised that he wasn’t defrocked for that. It seems that the entire church hierarchy is in agreement with “The Great Reset” and its implications, with a stolen election being one way to make it possible. Dissent is neither encouraged nor rewarded.

    3. Great Vid of that Cleric.

      What the &%$# have you done.???
      Indeed… Same question should be asked of those who supported PM DickSpank of the CCP.

    1. Noticed in the Ashli Babbit murder story that among the ANTIFA queefs leading the “insurrection” on the Capital that day was an Antifa shitstain named John Sullivan…. after Sullivan and his Antifa comrades committed their crimes and led the assault on the Capitol he was then an invited “guest” on CNN appearing with that old CIA skidmark Anderson Cooper. Of course the intrepid Mrs Cooper didn’t bother to inform his audience of morons and communists that Mr. Sullivan is an Antifa/Democrat terrorist. What an absolute shitshow… the corruption is staggering… Coup.

      1. Agreed. This is bigger than ANTIFA. Trump called for the protest weeks in advance. The plotters had time to prepare. They came equipped to smash the glass on that door. Funny how protesters breached barricades cuz there wasn’t enough security detail but once inside where escorted by security. They are getting us ready for CCP social controls to protect our democratic institutions and people are lapping it up.

        1. The FBI knew about some people organizing to commit violence.

          Listen to Lou Dobbs.
          Go to 6:15 for about 2 minutes.

          Faux news would do well if they moved him into macCallums time slot since she’s been demoted to mid afternoon

          1. Dobbs told half the story and viewers are left with a false impression. Mission accomplished!

            The Washington Post quoted an FBI report: “An online thread discussed specific calls for violence to include stating ‘Be ready to fight. Congress needs to hear glass breaking, doors being kicked in, and blood from thtticleeir BLM and Pantifa slave soldiers being spilled. Get violent. Stop calling this a march, or rally, or a protest. Go there ready for war. We get our President or we die. NOTHING else will achieve this goal.”

            The violence is pinned on Trump supporters. Per the linked video above, ANTIFA had infiltrated the protesters, smashed the glass door and goaded the protesters on with BLM’s Sullivan taking the video. When Babbit went to climb through the broken glass door she was shot by security waiting on the other side of the door.


  1. Tiny bit of good news in an otherwise bleak week: media reports this morning say that Starbucks is planning to shut down up to 300 stores in Canada by the end of March.

    1. Wow! Charging %10000 over costs to millions of suckers wasn’t enough to make a profit?
      I have had one of their coffees and it was terrible. Had to put 3 sugars in it to make it palatable.

    2. “Starbucks is planning to shut down 300 stores”
      Starbucks employees and management refused me service for not wearing a mask ( I don’t wear a muzzle)
      No Science, No Data, No Mask.
      I informed them that I had an exemption and that I don’t wear a muzzle.
      The reaction from staff and management ( 4 woman) could best be described as, hysterical or unhinged.
      I took the names of the employees and manager and wrote multiple letters to Starbucks regional management and headquarters including the CEO. I never heard a thing back from anyone I contacted, not a word.
      Its not easy refusing to wear a muzzle, people are irrational and scared by the Media propaganda, but Starbucks was literally the only business that refused me service… refusing me service for not wearing a muzzle was an attack on my basic Human Rights, but the corporate assholes that run Starbucks don’t care and they are unaccountable.
      They could close every Starbucks in Turdholes Post Nation State as far as I’m concerned… Corporate fascists.

  2. What I liked about the old Hawaii 5-0 show was that Jack Lord (playing Steve McGarrett) had such distain for the criminals he caught. It went far beyond McGarrent’s surly catch phrase “Book em Danno!”. McGarrett seethe throughout each show.

  3. True North reports on 130 academics and historians signing a letter defending Sir John A. Macdonald. They are obviously racist bastards. We need a ten year, sixty million dollar inquiry to look into this atrocity. Break out the drums, feathers, and chants to the sacred liquor bottle.

  4. I don’t think Sir John A needs defending, he has been dead for quite some time. However if someone wants to remove a statue or his name from somewhere or something then just tell them no, pi$$ off we aren’t doing and it, you commit vandalism and damage a statue or a building you will pay to replace the damaged items and you will go to jail for 3 years no parole. I say 3 because that puts the criminal in a federal prison.

  5. CNBC news is reporting this morning that YouTube has locked out President Trump’s account (postings, comments).

    Cutting of his communications, eh?

  6. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/money/topstories/ontario-s-new-lockdown-rules-allow-amazon-costco-walmart-to-rule-the-retail-roost-cfib/ar-BB1cHtKV?ocid=msedgdhp

    Via MSN, the Huffpost quotes the CFIB that they expect 150,000 small businesses in Canada to close due to the “pandemic” measures while the big chains like Costco and Walmart do boocoo business.

    The Ontario Chamber of Commerce is all good with lockdowns because they represent big business and think everything is just peachy with the destruction of small business.

    1. Just to add to your post. The crooked liberal, breadfixing Weston’s who own Superstore (Stupidstore) and Shoppers Drug Mart are also allowed to remain open.

  7. Apparently cats are racist bastards. Post Millennial reports that Ricky Gervais’s cat has had its twitter account suspended.

      1. I’ve felt that dogs are socialists

        Not my canine step-brother. He frequently shows initiative, reminding me that he wants to play “go und get it”, often being persistent about it. If he was a socialist, he’d do nothing until I took action.

  8. Say isn’t true Blackie! iPolitics website reports that Blackie’s new transport minister has ties to a social media personality who has anti-Gay views. The person also had contact with Blackie. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the transport minister being muslim. I wonder if Blackie’s CBC will report this story?

    1. The single mono-nucleotide mind virus covidcovidcovid has become a pretext for acclimatizing us to ever more intrusive activities. It’s infuriating that the rebel news is the only one on the case. I suppose the globo-homo approved news wouldn’t want to interfere with their narrative that our public serv… our betters are doing for us what we cannot do for ourselves.

      Here’s an anecdote about what this is doing to our culture. A friend of mine moved into a house with a neighbor downstairs. When he met his neighbor, the first thing that was said to him was: “Could you please put on your mask?”

      It must be a good time to be a real criminal in Canada.

      1. I have to deal with that malarkey in B. C. I’ve had people stop by the house I inherited to look at and maybe buy something I’ve advertised. Most of them insisted on wearing a mask.

        Last week, while I was there, someone came by to look at the last of my mother’s sewing machines. I mentioned that I had hoped that they wouldn’t be wearing masks, and they responded by gleefully removing them. They were from an outlying rural area and, being farmers, they were exposed to all sorts of stuff. The masks to them were a complete nuisance.

        And, yes, I did manage to sell the machine after advertising it for 2 years.

    1. I wonder why he would make himself so conspicuous if he was Antifa — pretending to be MAGA? Maybe just dumb, but surely they would have been given instructions on how to dress, act, etc.

      1. Muslim columnist at the Toronto Star website, explains that Antifa is wonderful, and of course Canadians are racist bastards.

  9. Yesterday a letter was released by the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
    Most of them signed it and is likely real. It is not dated and C Millers signature is notably absent.
    Scott Kesterson breaks it down describing:
    The powers of FEMA and how FEMA is setup as a provisional government.
    The National Guard within Washington DC is under the command of the President

    Kesterson makes an interesting point. Why aren’t the governors who backed Biden and Hollywood celebrating?

    Start at 6:30 and it goes to approx 40 minutes.

    1. All those troops in DC are to protect the cowards China Joe and Kamaltoe from the people. Dictators fear the people.

    1. when i was in Vietnam, i probably shot that many myself. nothing like pissing off the local population, who caters to you by day and shoots at you at night. after a fire fight and the smoke cleared there always was a old man pushing his water buffalo threw a rice paddy completely innocence of course.

  10. Goodbye America.
    Hello Venezuela.

    Not China.
    Not Russia.
    Not Iran.
    Not terrorism.
    Conservatives are the target.
    They’re coming after you.
    Run rabbit run.

    “House Democrats have introduced a bill to abolish the electoral college via constitutional amendment. Introduced on January 11th and referred to the House Judiciary Committee, the resolution proposes an “amendment to the Constitution of the United States to abolish the electoral college and to provide for the direct election of the President and Vice President of the United States.”


    1. The mob is winning and controlling everything. Beware people in large, anonymous, groups.

      The Electoral College is our US anti-Mob-rule statute.

    2. I suspect they won’t be able to find 25 states much less the 34 required to amend the Constitution. Why would they want 10 states to elect every president? The stupid thing is Trump likely won the popular vote in the last 2 elections.

    1. Didn’t Sophie contract COVID from her … (to quote Neil Young) … “black man comin’ round”. Swear by God, ‘socks’ is gonna gun him down … nah … he’ll just move out with some middle school girls.

  11. Funny how the bought and paid for media are ignoring the iPolitics story of Blackie’s new transport minister associating with an anti-gay activist.

  12. “Until we get to a level of herd immunity where we have around 70 per cent of our population vaccinated worldwide, there’s going to be that question of transmission,” said Jason Kindrachuk, a virologist with the University of Manitoba. “And that’s certainly a concern for us.”

    (Somebody tell Jason that 5.5 billion is a lot.)


    ‘But Horacio Bach, an adjunct professor of infectious diseases at UBC, doesn’t expect SARS-CoV-2 to ever be eradicated.’

    And my take: wait till SARS 3 comes along.

  13. Oh No! Warren Kinsella is outraged about the Epoch Times. Its racist against China or something.

    1. Mr. Kinsella is trying to get back in the good graces of his former Liberal pals, after doing paid work for Scheer’s Conservative party. Lots of federal dinero out there to be had. Best way to do that is to go after Chinese-Canadian dissidents persecuted by the Xi Jinping regime.

  14. I know I am probably a week late with this note, but Neil Young just got $150M richer …


    The buyer has “promised” to not use the music in commercials *cough* *cough* … I would estimate a month after Neil dies … we will hear ads blaring … “Rocking in the Free Visa Card World”. On one hand, I am disappointed that Neil finally SOLD OUT, having admired his holding out for so long … but I suppose better that Neil disposed of his work as he sees fit as opposed to his heirs picking over the bones.

    Yes. I am a fan. A Uuuge fan despite his politics. Unlike leftists … I don’t need to HATE every part of a person … if some of them is good (great!).


  15. Adolf is helping out his Chinese friends again. CTV reports that Adolf gave a special travel exemption so the family of the commie Huawei bitch in Vancouver could visit her. I wonder when the two kidnapped Canadians will be allowed visitors? The media also reports the commie bitch is having a great time partying around Vancouver.

  16. The Canadian media is joining the purge effort. The Liberal Party’s bought and paid for Toronto Star, is trashing Conrad Black at its website. We probably won’t be seeing anything more from Black at the new “woke” National Post.

  17. Adam Andrzejewski is a businessman and government transparency advocate from the town of Herscher, Illinois who now resides in Hinsdale, Illinois. Since 2011, Andrzejewski has spearheaded a national effort to capture and display all government spending at OpenTheBooks.com — a charity he founded.

    The following is a speech that Andrew Andrzejewski gave in 2020 at Hillsdale College, a private college in Hillsdale, Michigan, and to the National Leadership Seminar in Naples, Florida.

    Founded in 1844 by abolitionists known as Free Will Baptists, Hillside College has a liberal arts curriculum that is based on the Western heritage as a product of both the Greco-Roman culture and the Judeo-Christian tradition. Hillsdale requires every student, regardless of concentration of studies, to complete a core curriculum that includes courses on the Great Books, the U.S. Constitution, biology, chemistry, and physics.

    It should be noted that Hillsdale College does not accept Federal Taxpayer Money.
    Here is Adam Andrzejewski,
    Originally on February 20, 2020…. in March, in Florida.
    “The Depth of the Swamp” (54:23)