6 Replies to “Heh”

  1. Going to war against your own customers is untenable, no matter how profitable or dominant your company. There are always alternatives of some kind.

  2. I just want to point out that technologically, it’s trivial to do per-customer blocking of specific sites like this. This whole “oh, we can’t do that so we’re blocking the sites for everyone” is a pure power play.

  3. Whoever wrote this is either illiterate or was doing it from their phone and has enormous fingers. It’s astonishing that any company would post a change in policy without at least running it through a spell-check, much less their legal department.

  4. Just like to point out Twitter and Facebook are non-essential services and being NE these days is not good.

  5. THe posted notes clarified that the ISP was blocking these sites but would not do so for a user if the user informed them by replying to their email/note.