13 Replies to “Feel the Unity, Feel the Leftist Love!”

  1. Exerting power is all these totalitarians are capable, never leading, always ruling and doing so corruptly.
    Example in Grits’ response to covid. The vast majority of deaths are from long term care facilities, nearly three-quarters.
    Did they clean up these facilities. Not they just sent in the army and heard about disgusting practices, and it ended there.
    Now we have a “second wave” of locking down healthy people to protect seniors the government failed miserably to protect.
    Now their incompetence continues at vaccinations. All they can do is issue top down lockdown and mask edits with zero science.
    That’s what must change; instead these collectivists talk about great resets and building it back not better, just bigger.

  2. What would happen if the media and Democrats that ran all this Election were lying?
    And President Trump is sworn in?
    Do you not see the massive amounts of troops and security increasing?
    The Democrats and Media are caught in generating the biggest riots in US history.
    Rather than admit to lying and cheating, the politicians would sooner the US burns to the ground.
    President Trump is telling his supporters to stay away from Washington.

    1. Yes. I do not believe very many MAGA people are headed for Washington for the inauguration So then? What do you suppose all those troops are for? 20,000 at last count.
      If I were Biden, I would be somewhat concerned.

      1. Yes, in many loyal virtual groups and postings, all patriots are being warned to stay away from DC on the 20th.
        The military though is gathering there.
        For multiple arrests of the traitors?
        17 warned about “suicide weekend” for some time. Maybe Jan 23-24th, it will come to fruition.
        We are at RED 4 or 5. It’s ALMOST time!

  3. When will we realize you can’t play nice with these people. No matter what country you live in, they are fighting a war. If you do not do the same, they will simply crush you.

    1. Drat, it’s a presentation, source references not included. Nothing much that I haven’t seen before. A “follow the money” flowchart showing current voting machine company ownership (with no mentions of percentage ownerships), timelines of ownership and mergers, discussion about bad actors (who could be and how), then a section of observed vote switching from publicly streamed information. The state of Georgia asked them to do a deep-dive analysis of the election.

      Here’s a sample slide’s info showing the effect in a county that Trump won:

      On Dec 5, the ASOG forensics team examined the electronic voting systems in Antrim and observed
      overlapping subversions which led to their exposure.
      ▪ Antrim Election Night Vote Percentages: Trump 36% and Biden 63%
      Some votes removed, some shifted, some under voted; must cover the lie:
      ▪ Nov 3: Trump ballots, 2,012 votes withheld and vote shifting Trump to Biden, extreme under voting
      (16,047 total votes)
      ▪ Nov 5: Trump ballots, 2,012 votes added in and vote shifting Trump to Biden, moderate under voting
      (18,059 total votes)
      ▪ Nov 21: Vote shifting & under voting removed, 2,015 Trump ballots destroyed (16,044 total votes)
      ▪ Certified Result Trump wins: 61% to 37% (Real Result: 65%/33% when include destroyed ballots)

      1. He goes on to give total vote wins for Trump in 6 states that went to Biden (PA and GA included), and higher margins of victory in 5 others. Nice if it happened, but the details aren’t included in what I referenced (so nothing to change what we’re doing)

  4. Cocaine Mitch threw cold water on the DeMarxist hot flashes, by denying any “emergency session”.

    And, of course, that media “press release” stating that CM was in favour of IMPEACH is also just more bird cage liner crap.


    Will Xiden be charged with Treason, along with all his traitorous pals, on Inauguration Day? Beer and Popcorn, that’s when the real theatre of the absurd starts.

  5. Our Progressive Comrades are tone deaf.
    They never accept “no” for an answer and they never comprehended the warning they have been given.
    Trump is all that stands between us.
    A simple statement ,with no meaning to the progressive thieves.
    They are giddy with the power they believe they have seized,by any means necessary..
    But never in their ravings,does one ever hear even one progressive consider the responsibilities they also assumed.
    They intend to rule and make no secret of this.
    They seek to rule a people who consent to be governed,up til they don’t,then the constitution states what government can do with its rule.

  6. Rubin’s just another leftist yammering about Trump. Him and his horse. Trump had nothing to do with the violence in DC. Let’s talk about the busloads of BLM/(P)antifa losers descending on the city to attack actual patriots.