The Self-Censorship Shall Continue Until Freedom Of Speech Improves

Danielle Smith announces departure from Corus;

I’ve always taken my guidance on topics from you and you’ve never let me down.
But something’s changed for me.
It will be no surprise to you that I am gravely troubled by how easily most in our society have chosen to give up on freedom. Free enterprise, freedom of religion and conscience, free assembly, freedom of movement, freedom of the press. Freedom of speech, in particular, is in a dire state. My entire adult life and career has been spent questioning authority and institutions and conventional wisdom. I’ve been all too aware that in many nations of the world it is against the law to speak truth to power. It can be dangerous. Sadly, in the last year I’ve noticed there are times where it has become perilous here too. […]
You rely on me to seek the truth and to give you my honest opinion. In this hyper-sensitive social media environment I don’t believe I can do that anymore. So it’s time for me to go.

I wasn’t a Smith listener, so maybe those of you who were can fill in the rest.

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  1. Danielle Smith, the #&@*@( that sold out the Wild Rose Party of Alberta by crossing the floor (with six others) to join Jim Prentis’ Progressive Party (nothing conservative about it).
    Mr. Prentis then screwed her out a riding in the following election. Served her right.
    This idiotic act helped to bring in Wretched Knothead’s and the NDP’s reign of error.
    I never once listened to her on CHQR – actually dropped them after they fired Dave Rutherford.
    She should slip on a set of stairs and break her tailbone.
    that is all

      1. Perhaps I was harsh but when you please your enemies, you piss off the people who support you.

    1. Watch her try to resurrect her political career. With the same shtick as last time.

      I’m not buying.

  2. Judging by the article, she knows there are topics that can no longer be raised safely without fear of retribution. So she doesn’t want to do the job anymore.

  3. Well damn, I just started listening a few months ago and had come to really enjoy her manner, patience, and sensible view points. It also helped change the impression I had after her floor crossing prior to the Prentice non-election.

    I inferred that she was slapped down over statements about HCQ. She was no longer allowed to talk about it on the air. I suspect that that was one slight among many.

    1. a couple of times I tried to listen to talk radio in a company car and got her by mistake, it was usually only 2 or 3 callers before a conservative called and was about halfway through a good point when she cut the phone call.

      Nope, she’s made her bed. If you let her into yours, you’ll wake up with fleas. She’s already proven she’s for hire.

      1. I was a regular listener and she NEVER cut off anyone, conservative or otherwise. She might of hurried up callers cause of time restraints, either a commercial was seconds away or she had a full phone board and wanted to get in all or as many callers as possible but never cut them off because she didn’t approve of their opinion as you insinuate.

        1. Your memory varies from mine. Any doubt of global warming in a caller was 2 of the times I remember. After the second is when I gave up on her. They were months apart. “Nope, I’m not going to listen to that…”

          1. She had Tim Ball on regularly. Patrick Moore. Regularly. Others that spoke out against the global warming scam. Regularly. So ya. Memories vary.

  4. She was great . A Libertarian and a person who firmly believes one should live within their own means. Especially governments.
    She always touted that governments, Civic, Provincial, and Federally have a spending problem not a Revenue problem. She was a supporter of Oil and Gas. And is a supporter of future Hydrogen fuel produced from Natural Gas. She was the leader of the Wild Rose Party at one time and joined the Conservative party under Jim Prentice

    Because of the personal attacks she admitted today, that she has been unable to sleep for a year now
    It’s going to be hard to replace her.

    The Mob got to her. It is truly sad as she listened to both sides of an argument. She interview Rachal Notley as much as Kenney. She presented both sides of the fence.

    But the left shut her down and cancelled her with threats. They are relentious If you don’t agree with them.

    They are animals and are vicious .

    Danielle was a class act and will be missed. Corus will be hard pressed to replace her.

    They will lose ratings over this.

    Danielle will be missed.

    1. I got to know her a bit via email in the past year and I’m sorry to see her go. She was the last person on 770 worth listening to…all the others are trash.

      We would email very early in the morning and I found her to be very engaging and quite witty. Alberta during this virus nonsense has a lot to thank her for. She brought out Dr. Modry of Edmonton, and many other dissenters against the lockdowns and gave them lots of airtime. Without her, the cause against Kenny, Hinshaw and Nenshi is severely weakened.

      When the idiot Jespersen was canned in Edmonton and she went province wide, the real personal attacks started. In one email from her in December she commented, “I don’t have any fight left”, and “I’m tired”. We don’t see all the hate that is spewed against anyone who doesn’t follow the official narrative.

      I hope in the month that is left she will come down even harder on the lockdown bunch. Everyone needs to encourage her to go hard. Who knows what the replacement will be!

    2. I was a Wild Rose supporter and was very disappointed when she joined the PCs. However, I started listening to Danielle Smith on QR77 shortly after she started on radio. I found her libertarian views refreshing even though I didn’t always agree with her. I will miss her show as it was one of the few talk shows I listen to.

    3. Would tune in to Danielle each trip we took out to Calgary and back. I liked her show, but did know of her betrayal of the WR.

    4. Let me add that I resigned a very large and lucrative commission … basically QUIT … because of the social media mob. After putting together a comprehensive presentation for the city in order to secure the necessary planning approvals, for the small first-phase of the project on a 7-acre parcel … I showed up to present our project at a public hearing … and found 50! people had showed up to oppose our project. 50 neighbors … frothing at the mouth and determined to KILL our project.

      Why? Because some busybody BITCH (sorry, I call them as I see them) … got on the NextDoor app and started spreading outright LIES and WILD FANTASIES about what my client was going to do on her property. To this day, I have NO IDEA where they got some of their “information”. We were proposing a modest recreation outbuilding … and the INSANE hysterics who were “chatting” on NextDoor started rumors that my client was going to (pick one): host weddings, house the homeless, kill all the wildlife, grow and sell marijuana, blast loud music all day and night, rent out the building illegally, jam the neighborhood with traffic, kill children on their way to school, immorally add to the horror of global warming … all because they wanted to build an outbuilding on a 7-acre parcel.

      I resigned. I told my client that I have spent a career of 40-years presenting projects in public and have faced opposition… fine … but this was different. This was a MOB! A massive band of hysterical, pumped-up, agitators who had a “mission” … DESTROY the project. 50 PEOPLE attended our hearing … for a little recreation building. My job description and talents DO NOT include mob management. I haven’t developed a skill set to deal with irrational, illogical, and simply mentally-ill people. They all needed one of those “NEW” police officers … who provide psychological intervention.

      My client quit too. Sold the property. Yep … the MOB “won”. But not as I see it. These people were not righteously concerned … they were literally INSANE. None of those 50 mobsters “won” anything … because they have to live with themselves every day. They’ve created a padded cell for themselves.

    5. I won’t miss her, but I’m not surprised that Corus is circling the drain. I haven’t been a regular listener since the Rutherford days.

      Your mileage has varied. I’m sorry that you lost a host and show that you will miss. It’s hard to find information / entertainment / infotainment that is worth listening to, and it can be a very personal choice. I hope you can find an effective replacement.

    6. She should have followed the examples of Tucker Carlson, Greg Gutfied and Rush Limbaugh who basically told those
      trying to shut her down to “fu#k right off”

  5. Desperate times require desperate measures.

    Danielle saw this coming. The desperation of the socialists and commies have ramped up their rhetoric. The threats are become more sustained and real. She is fiscallly conservative but her libertarianism yanks her deep into liberal world on moral issues. That is a tightrope walk and probably contributes to the tug-of-war within her soul.

    Corus is a Global News company. They are full on MSM, towing the Liberal/Democrat/Soros line, and the enforcements have gotten to her.

    She will do well helping her husband try and keep their restaurant afloat in the PLANDEMIC!

    A reasonable flame of the right has flickered it’s last at QR.

    Not surprised at all.

    Maybe Rutherford will come baack??? Lolol

  6. In Sask our news channel has really turned left The once mighty right wing phone in show host is a shadow of his former self,one of his favourite sayings was “vote with your feet” if you don’t like something boycott it.I have taken the advice and quit listening

    1. Used to listen to both Gormley and their sports show fatefully. Then they brought in so much politics in the sports with W Woods and D Davis, I just left. Not sure who allowed that to happen, but I know I’m not the only one who turned the channel to ckrm.
      Tune into Gormley from time to time, but he’s nothing like he was years back when he had his book out, a lot more conservative back then. Now it’s all about lock downs and have to wear masks, and better get that vaccine, a person can only listen to so much on that.

    1. “… or Murray Wood” ?! The Man Behind the Wood Pile isn’t right wing. He’s an NPC.

      Gormley is a Conservative, but not very conservative. He likes to talk, when they get ’round to him he’ll say as he’s told.

      1. Murray Wood is a Trump hater, and is as whacked as anyone on MSNBC. The man really needs some help, but doesn’t seem to have any family, friends or colleagues that will assist him with is TDS.
        Gormley ran as a Progressive Conservative and is becoming a bigger progressive everyday, and I find myself listening less with each passing month. Thanks to the internet,,, everything is available, including conservative thought(for now anyway).
        One compliment to Gormley though, in that he got rid of those to regular women that used to be on with him Friday mornings.(Merl something and the cops wife)

      2. In defining Murray Wood, you spelled asshole wrong.
        As for Gormley, well, not totally emasculated, but he seems to be down to his last nut. Too bad, once he used to be relevant!

        1. Always hoped Kate would fill in for Gormley some week he was gone. The fill-in is always to the left of Gormley, would be nice if they had a guest every now and then that would be politically to the right of Gormley, especially now that he’s moved to the centre.

  7. Smith is being pushed out, the management and the producers are the nearest thing to communists.
    Once on another program of the station, the producer or some such was talking, yeah, socialist idiot.

    AGW, feminazis, genderists and all the favored garbage of socialist was his thing.
    Smith said that it is her choice, possibly though they made her life uncomfortable.

    To tell you the truth, as of late thinking here was not so much that she will be gone as how soon.

    You can say she lost because she questioned the attacks on Trump, on Kenny and was fiercely independent, she called herself libertarian.
    While one would disagree with her stand on some social issues, for the most part she was very good.
    As it is, free thinkers do have their own mind and don’t follow a dictum.

    Apparently there is some talk about Rubin in California, though she will most likely not move.

  8. Hard to forgive Smith for what she did to the Wildrose Party and she definitely can’t be trusted as a politician or activist but she was (is?) one of the very, very few voices in the MSM in Alberta who is not a progressive and that counts for something. The lack of conservative voices in media is a big problem and we can ghettoize all we want and have as many Rebels as we like but most normal people still listen to CTV, CBC, Global, Calgary Herald and Sun.
    This is a big loss especially in an election year where we are about to have a vicious mayoral campaign where 100% of the media will be attacking Farkas 24/7. Smith would have been a reasonable, respected counterpoint to that and would have given Farkas a platform.
    Don’t know what she is doing but if she really wants to serve her city she could help get Farkas and other like-minded councilors elected. Would go a long way to redeeming herself.

  9. Too bad. Her radio show was pretty good.

    We in Edmonton finally got to hear her show after Corus fired Ryan Jespersen (the name-calling, former-comedian, left-wing lunatic that was parachuted in to fill the empty slot after Dave Rutherford was fired.)
    Jespersen was fired after calling the staffers who worked for a right-of-center Edmonton city councilor “monkeys.”

    So I guess, AT BEST, Corus/Global can sort-of be considered equal-opportunity censors. Their television news is all but unwatchable, especially their US-based “journalists.”

  10. RL above is correct and not much more that I can add on Danielle other than to say that Roy Green is now the only reason to ever put my radio to that frequency.
    Rob Breakenridge is perhaps one of the worst radio personalities I’ve ever heard. When Trump leaves office, he will have a hard time diverting attention away from the rot that is this pathetic country to keep his gig as a panellist on the CBC. He’ll probably still dredge crap up because he has nothing else.
    Charles Adler, perhaps out does the mediocrity that is Breakenridge by winning the award for “I love the sound of my own voice above anything else” Adler is the biggest blowhard. I’d rather have a root canal than ever listen to that twit pontificate on yet another topic that he knows nothing about.
    I’ll turn to 660 for news updates now.

    1. “other than to say that Roy Green is now the only reason to ever put my radio to that frequency.”
      Roy Green is nothing like he was 5 yrs ago. He’s turned into a politically correct bumbler, who is constantly talking over his guests. His 90 sec segments are ridiculously short, the man just likes hearing his own voice. Over the last 2 years, I’ve gone from being a regular listener to a seldom listener.
      I’ll never forgive ol’ Roy, for the comments made during the “Beauties and the Beast” segment the Sat or Sun before the election(which Harper lost to Trudeau), where the four of them debated with each other on who to vote for,,, the evil Harper who was such a dictator, or something different, new and fresh,,, suggesting Canada needed a change.
      If you don’t believe me, ask him for a copy of the segment.

  11. Sorry, we have to keep fighting until they carry us out, this culture war was forced upon us and is a test of our immortal souls. When you feel weak, just sit out for a while and recover. Then go on as before.

    1. Yes Pete we must keep fighting until they carry us out … but we don’t have to wear red and march in a straight line.
      I wish her well but I can’t trust her since that infamous betrayal which now kills all the joy her rhetoric once gave me.

    2. Peter, wise words! I tire of reading “The sky is falling! We are done for!” posts. We all must continue the fight, the best we can. On that note, I hope Ms. Smith decides to join the underground, conservative samizdat media, much like Barbara Kay wrote about doing in her resignation op-ed from the National Post.

  12. RL.
    Re: Danielle Smirh.
    YES, well said esp. after at least one comment wishing her physical harm.
    The tiny contingent of conservatives (there are more than one) can be pathetic in their failure to understand that the perfect is often the enemy of the good.
    YES, a class act.

  13. Put me on the side of those that will never forgive her for her betrayal of Albertans and the wild Rose party.

    There was no reason for her to cross the floor, the only person that benefited ultimately was the progressive prentice.

    She tried to bullshit her way out of it by saying the polls internally showed that she had to do it, but had she stuck to her guns that had gotten her the leader ship of the wildRose and been aggressive she would’ve defeated prentice or at the very least held him to a minority and then replaced him in the next election.

    Only she knows why she did what she did but it certainly came with a heavy price.

    1. That betrayal was the lesser of what got to me. She’s a full global-warming-will-kill-us-all follower and was upset that some of us skeptics were in her party, and that we just wouldn’t learn from our betters.

        1. Yup, per your earlier comment. Had I listened more, and caught some of them interviewed there, my views on her would be very different. Since I didn’t…

  14. I don’t think it’s safe to oppose leftists in public at all. I wouldn’t campaign for a conservative because I know my life would be in danger. I’ll probably still vote until they figure out how to punish people who don’t vote leftist.

    1. Total progressive hegemony has made ordinary conservative positions automatically beyond the pale.

      O’Toole is basically Paul Martin and he can’t even put out a mild conservative position on an issue without the mob demanding an apology.

      It’s been a slow process through the years, but the left is now racing to the finish line.

  15. Dont watch any TV News, dont listen to any blah,blah,blah talk shows.
    Get on your iPad and read, read, read! I havent watched TV news or listened to the Constant blather since March 2020 and havent missed a thing.
    Lots of good places to read – here on sda,, truenorth( Andrew Lawton – good) SteveBannons War Room or listen to Rush Limbaugh while you still can.

  16. There was, and apparently still is, lots of hate for Danielle over her infamous political decision but she didnt run away from the slings and arrows. I don’t think you could get a job leaving yourself more open to criticism than hosting a call in radio talk show. I still remember her first day on QR (which is odd cause I cant remember NOTHIN anymore) when she opened her show revisiting her decision, explaining again her reasons and at the same time understanding why there was those that despised her for it. THEN she opened up the lines and let callers have at her. Not many people would have the gonads to do that. Yes, it was a concerted effort to get rid of her for a long time and while I don’t think there was one issue that got it rolling but I’ll suggest it started with the Trump era. She refused to buckle and turn her show into a Hate Trump show. The morning show that preceded hers took that on, every week they’d bring on Globals Washington correspondents and would give updates on the Russia collusion story and you’d swear the report was written from the Pelosi office. Then the show after hers was, and still is I presume, hard core Hate Trump. His guests would include David Frum and the most vile of them all Rick Wilson. And we all know what Adler has become. Even the sports guy would take shots at Trump whenever he could. But not Danielle. She’d interview pro Trump people and you know hair would start on fire in the station. (I always imagined her walking into QR as I imagined Rex walking into CBC. Everybody scurries into their corners.) And she never relented. That was the beginning of the hate emails and texts. Yes, her shows on hydrocloriquin(?) oddly made people crazy as did her anti lock down views but I think it all started back in 2016. I now have ZERO reason to turn on that station.

    1. Name a British general in the American revolutionary War, other than Benedict Arnold.

      People remember, when they are betrayed. She betrayed all of us.

      She should have taken a page from John Profumo’s biography and stayed out of public life thereafter. Maybe not such a dramatic penance as he, spending the rest of his life cleaning public toilets ,but she should be henceforth silent. I can’t imagine why any radio station thought it was a good idea to give her a show.

  17. The media censors are telling us that one right wing harsh word or tweet can warp people’s minds forever.
    But the tsunami of hate and lies spewed 24 hours a day by the left have no effect on the public.

    What exactly is their argument anyway?
    Is it that people are mindless sheep able to be stampeded into complete madness by the 140 characters in a tweet?
    Are they judging everyone by their own weak minded stupidity?

  18. What a shame. Danielle Smith (and occasionally Roy Green) were the only reason I listened to CHQR 770 in Calgary, and judging from the commercials, I’m probably the demographic they were originally targeting. Unlike the other so-called “hosts” Danielle actually listened to her guests and let them have their say, whether she agreed or disagreed with them. She did the same with the people who called in, didn’t berate them or argue with them. Note to radio hosts: if you want someone to call in with their opinion, have the courtesy to allow them to give it, without butting in with yours, or cutting them off.

    I will follow her on

    1. Yup, she was real disappointment politically but had an excellent talk show. Nothing else on 770 is worth listening to. See who the replacement is but not holding out much hope. Green has gone soft on us, and I never quite got ‘everyone on parliament hill can say his name’?
      Gormley too, catch him occasionally because of the time change, where he’ll explain the ‘hour of the big story’ no set topic, no fixed agenda, for half of the hour. Maybe I’ll have to get a life!

    2. I agree. I too, was not terribly fond of her floor crossing but after the years had passed realized she felt that was the only way as theWildrose was going to split the votes.
      So enjoyed her show and am sorry to see her go. Yes I too will follow her on

    3. I agree. I too, was not terribly fond of her floor crossing but after the years had passed realized she felt that was the only way as the Wildrose was going to split the votes.
      So enjoyed her show and am sorry to see her go. Yes I too will follow her on
      Enjoy your time off for a spell. You earned it.

  19. I agree with you Good Finn. She was very generous and courteous with her guests. She was also knowledgeable and astute but didn’t pretend to know it ALL. If she had time between commercials she would research and come back with facts.
    On the other hand, Breakenridge is a whiny, condescending host- always has to have the last word and is just plain annoying.

    1. Yeah, Breakenridge is terrible. When he is on, it’s not so much a “talk show”, but a “listen show”. He’d fit right in as a lecturer at Mount Royal “University”.

  20. I was disappointed in her WildRose jump, but she’s a good egg. I just don’t think she was cut out for the slings and arrows of politics and/or apparently media. Don’t blame her one bit. Until civility returns to civilization, politics and media will be dominated by the uncivilized.

    She had a very balanced show and was a genuinely fair and curious person. Big loss for everyone but understandable. Wish her all the best in the future.

  21. Met her personally a couple of times. Very intelligent, deep thinking woman, a beautiful person.
    She did not have the juice for blood sports aka politics. Got bad advice and took it, I liked her as a person.
    She was more gifted in education than politics.
    Sane people do not do well inside insane asylums like we are in now.

    1. Yep.
      I met her a couple of times too, she wasn’t vicious and cynical enough to be a successful politician.

  22. She was good…..but Corus has flushed itself down the toilet. Charles Adler used to be reasonable, but he has gone down the rabbit hole. Won’t listen to QR77 any longer (can’t stand Breakenride) and haven’t watched Global for a long time.

  23. I live near Edmonton, and listened for years to Danielle from Calgary, through all the crackles and bad reception, rather than listen to Ryan Jesperson. She is/was the only thing worth listening to on Corus, except sometimes Roy Green.

    I was also angry when she crossed the floor from Wild Rose. But the quality of her radio show redeemed her for me. Isn’t it the left that doesn’t believe in redemption? And they do that really well. We don’t have to join in.

  24. I’m from Alberta.

    I have a very long memory, I’m not going to say she’s wrong to leave.

    But I will say, I don’t care on damn bit if she does……….

    1. Your lost for not listening to her over the years. It’s all our lost for her leaving.
      The Wildrose would have never won power because they wanted to be right not win. Smith did more for conservatives at QR then she ever could with WR.

  25. Smith made mistakes, but wasn’t/isn’t a looney leftie. Now she’s gone. Anthony Furey on National Post Radio is also gone. Who on talk radio, or who on pundit TV, is left, who isn’t on the left? Anyone? Helloooooo……

  26. Danielle Smith was the best radio host QR has had, by the end I believe she was better than Dave Rutherford. Her Libertarian-Conservative views were great to listen to. I’m going to miss her immensely.
    I had a great routine at work, I’d listen to The Fan until 9:30 (QRs morning show is a left-wing mess). Switch to Danielle and listen until 12:30. Then Breakenridge would come on and I’d get mad and turn off the radio for the rest of the day.

  27. I’ve been all too aware that in many nations of the world it is against the law to speak truth to power. It can be dangerous. Sadly, in the last year I’ve noticed there are times where it has become perilous here too…

  28. L- Canadian A.M. talk radio was the last vox populi for the citizenry. Now moribund, soon R.I.P.

    An internet based competitor has an opportunity.

    Free speech talk web-radio w/call-in will be as precious and popular as Radio-Free America was to those living behind the Iron Curtain, and for the same reason.

    I’d name the station: True Patriot Love .

  29. Didn’t listen to her, but I likely would have had she been local. I often wondered if she had the honesty to accept and admit the terrible impact her cuddle with Prentice had on her Province. If she did, it would be quite a cross to carry.

  30. Back in the day I always wanted to eff her brains out but somebody beat me to her. Never has there been anyone so stupid in Canadian politics. Well maybe Andrew Scheer. She quit her party on the verge of becoming the next premier. Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!

  31. Danielle Smith should shut her mouth. All she had to do was HER DAMN JOB for six more months and she would have been premier. Instead she betrayed us. GFY, Danielle.