2021 Democrats vs. Statesmen/Stateswomen

Throughout history that have been wise people that we succinctly call “statesmen” or “stateswomen”. On the opposite end of the spectrum are current day Democrat dividers leaders:

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  1. Poor Sandy. Apparently she is outraged that a souvenir hunter helped himself to all the shoes in her office.

    I’m disappointed myself. Anybody with time to help himself to Sandy’s shoes had time to bring Sandy to justice.

  2. It’s important to note what time the “mob” arrived at the doorsteps of the Capitol Building, and what time President Donald J. Trump’s speech ended.
    There is a 45 minute walk between the Ellipse and the Capitol Building. In order to arrive at those doorsteps, the people attending President Donald J. Trump’s speech, would have had to leave the Ellipse area prior to his speech starting.
    Anyone attending the speech, and who would have heard the President say “we need to fight” was not present at the Capitol Building until 2 pm.
    The President’s speech ended at 1.11 pm.
    The mob arrived at 12.40 pm outside the Capitol Building, and the first breach to inside of the Capitol building at 12.55pm.

    Anyone who has seen or been to a Trump rally knows that nobody leaves before the finale in the closing minutes when everyone is shouting for more.
    These people line up for 4-12 hours prior to the show, and they stay to the end.
    That’s how Trump’s people roll.
    That’s how Trump people roll.

    None, outside Raheem Kassam at The War Room and The National Pulse have broken down the time line that exists here.
    At today’s 11. January The War Room at Real America’s Voice. I don’t know how to link to that show yet, as our social networks have all been smashed by fascist leftists.

    Audio only recording is here, starting at 45.30 in the link…

    The inclusion in the articles of impeachment of “incitement” is baseless, in fact impossible to anyone who can “tell time”.
    The mob at the Capitol Building, didn’t hear Trump’s words, they only heard their own voices in their heads…

    1. Robert Barnes was also quick to notice the timeline as he explains in his vlog with Viva Frei. He tells another interesting fact that youll never hear elsewhere. He said there were many people that entered the Capital, presumably the ones that were let in as video proves, and walked around for a while then went back to the hotel and had no idea of the violence till they turned on the TV. That’s how big the Capital building is. You know, like there’s more than ONE entrance?! He also points out that those pictures of the idiots scaling the walls are misleading because there’s stairs about 100 ft away they could of walked up. He contends the only reason for throwing ropes and scaling the walls was play acting. Basement dwellers thinking they’re tough. Not Real Men but punks. With voices in their heads. Q voices.

  3. A now long dead Speaker of the US House defined a ‘Statesman is a recently deceased successful politician.”
    I think it was George Carlin (could have been H. Mencken) who added, “The country needs more statesmen”.