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  1. Could this be right? From an email alert”
    “From Lin Wood’s Parler account – “Apple is going to do an update on all phones to shut off the emergency broadcast system. Turn your auto update toggle off.”
    Presumably they are trying to censor an important upcoming message. ”
    Seems illegal to me.

    1. I can confirm that @linwood did post that on Parler, though who can confirm if it’s actually Lin Wood at that account/whether he’s telling the truth?

  2. I think a Declaration of War is about to be announced soon against China.
    If you look at every avenue President Trump has gone down is like a check list of avenues in this fraud and corruption in the US Government he tried to get addressed as China is a foreign power with tons of Chinese evidence.
    And every avenue the politicians are corrupted and wouldn’t do their jobs.
    The last option is war and not like our politicians have been doing it over the decades.

    1. Robert – Thankfully they finally have the science as to when the virus is attacking people. And fortunately most seniors I know will be safe as they are in bed by 8, especially the ones in homes. But we really need to increase the number and pay of the brave officers out there risking the virus, toboggan riders and hockey players. Or should we just issue medals? Laugh of the day.

  3. “There are decades when nothing happens, and weeks where decades happen.”

    Steven K. Bannon has been saying this often… it’s marginally attributed to a few people with slightly different wording.

    There are 10 days to come.

  4. Remember, as the Irish say, the darkest hour of all is just before the day.

    The only really surprising thing about the recent sweeping attacks done by the technological tyrants is that they have been sweeping: not gradual and imperceptible, not the little deaths of small freedoms here and there, but an immediate, coordinated and obvious attack done on the man most in the world’s eye, at the very moment he was most watched. This is very contrary to their way of operating in the last several years. Of course, it’s entirely in keeping with their philosophies: their unceasing hatred for Donald Trump and for the ideas and people he has come to represent, whether shown cold and calculating in the policy updates of the giant companies or wailing and rabid in the articles of the increasingly paperless and newsless newspapers that beg their advertising income from those same giant companies, has shown for some time that they believe their hateful end justifies their hateful means. There is no blow too low, no trick too dirty, no action too evil, to those who think this way. But, though this week’s events are just a new showing of the old stuff, the brazen method is new. It is clear they feel confident of victory, or at least impunity. And while this is certainly a bad development, and while it means they will now be more openly and stridently unfair and controlling to thousands of innocent people, it brings with it a strange hope.

    Many people, though certainly not all, see this and take note. Many people who were on the fence or weren’t paying attention may find it hard to continue as they were. Many who knew the tech companies were bad but wouldn’t do more than grumble may find themselves feeling the impetus to DO something. I have personally had a few close acquaintances talk to me in the past day about how to remove Google from their phones. One of these people, when I talked to him a few years ago about the spying Google does and advised him to switch away from Gmail, had nothing more to say than “huh”. Seeing the president of the free world taken down has affected people. Perhaps the first 240 months of the third millennium was the piling of straws; perhaps the 241st was the one that broke the peoples’ back. I do not hail Trump as a messiah like some do, but the words that the prophet Simeon spoke to the child-Christ seem strangely fitting for him: “[He] is appointed for the fall and rise of many, and for a sign to be opposed.” Let’s hope that enough rise by him to defeat those who oppose him.

    However this mystical take may play out, there’s actually a far more pragmatic way that this deplatforming, specifically Amazon’s deplatfroming of the entire Parler site, brings hope. There is now an increasingly viable alternative to hosted servers and content delivery networks. It’s called the InterPlanetary File System. I found this a couple years ago and have been following it since, and I believe it has the potential to end the centralized power of web hosts. It uses peer-to-peer networking and an impressive use of cryptographic hashes to make a data storage and retrieval service that’s distributed to anyone around the world. Basically, it’s not run by any one company, and that data you store on it isn’t stored on any one server that can be shut down. There’s a fairly digestible explanation here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Uj6uR3fp-U

    1. Petey, great post, thanks.
      I was having similar, but far less eloquent, thoughts this morning.

  5. Dear Canadian neighbors – Our country and state have gone certifiably apeshit. I live in Washington State and work in education. Here are two statements that came out this week in response to the events in the Capitol. I am left gobsmacked. I hope your education system is not this horrifying.

    Statement from OSPI (Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction): https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/WAOSPI/bulletins/2b4b60f?fbclid=IwAR1OpUkpnrMg_G_F5pzFwlDk40Bs44fUMCJJ3RzaISN-4KSwl19o9uU8YKY

    Mead School District guideline to classroom discussion of the events of 1/6/21: https://beyondthestoplight.com/2021/01/06/resources-for-teachers-on-the-days-after-the-attack-on-the-u-s-capitol/?fbclid=IwAR2FLng5Ep5_oto7-VjbJzpsPw9X6pSZ2mN1a-F9N6_FHd194gEUC1zR9Jg

    1. The January 6th events have NOTHING to do with racism. But the Left is following the principle of “Never Let a Crisis Go To Waste”. That’s why this ridiculous, false narrative was created. It’s accepted by Sheeple without question.

      If anything, the police at BLM protests kneeled down to the protesters.

  6. Nothing is ever quite as it seems. How about that Quebec curfew. Sure is comforting to know that a virus takes a specific break everyday.

    1. Canadaland reported that WE Charity is still operating in Canada, and is still fundraising. They even have announced a large 8,000 student rally in Saint John, NB this coming May: http://www.webelieve.ca

      I tried circulating the Canadaland article to my media contacts (both conservative and middle-of-the-road), but no media seems interested. The way things are these days.

    1. Can’t be bothered.

      “Top defense leaders are pushing back against criticism that they were ill-prepared for Wednesday’s massive security lapse at the U.S. Capitol”….where security opened the barriers and let the crisis actors enter the capital building and then escorted the actors up stairs and along corridors. ”

      The Right gets played again and again. What an opportunity pissed away! Any of a million pretexts would have served to have martial law declared. And if not, they could have always fabricated one. Was Trump not up to the task? The military brass wouldn’t stand behind him? Can’t find any actors to dress up as ANTIFA?

      I’m more incline to believe that the deplorable unwashed have been played. It infuriates me to think that a young woman lost her life for heeding the call to attend a PROTEST rally while Nero et al fiddled.

      The USA exports “democracy building” coups and colour revolutions all over the planet but can’t save its own republic!!!

  7. And now your Canadians are racist bastards story for today. The Liberal Party’s Globe and Mail is outraged that there was a report of a man possibly wearing a KKK hood at a small town in Alberta. The RCMP will continue to ignore crime in rural Alberta in order to investigate this atrocity. The former NDP premier is especially outraged. And the Sunday Toronto Star editorial demands that sports figures like Bobby Orr be punished for supporting Hitler Trump.

    1. Canadians are a special docile subservient breed of sheep. They will accept this dictat willingly and just like playing air guitars they will mimic playing hockey with suitable moistly speaking hockey sounds behind their face diapers. If they are told the virus is now 3 ft off the ground and they must wear a mask and crawl on hands and knees, They will. If they are told to slither they will.

      1. Played “air guitar” in basic training and had to yell bang bang when the master corporals “attacked” at night because we didn’t even get blanks. (I threw out a lot of curse words to give my “shots” more accuracy.)

        1. Heh. I just swung my rifle butt with reckless abandon. Caught one or two who got too close. It was after dark, so I slithered away quietly to another hidey hole, leaving the “bodies” behind. We did have blanks, butt we were smarter. Firing means cleaning. CIL powder is the world’s crappiest. I got better at “silent kills”.

        2. huh…I was 7203 Cornwallis. Gold Platoon….
          I don’t recall ever once getting rousted outa bed by our two corporals…or our Newfie Seargant. All three had seen action in Cyprus… although I slept in one AM while out on a 2 day march-hike with full gear FN-C1 et all…through some pretty shitty terrain in Nova Scotia in Early March…That screw up cost me being #1 in the platoon…oh well.

          Ended up going to Com Research in Ottawa, CFS Gloucester…and later Alert – Leitrim. Got out after 2 yrs….

  8. Global warming alert! Polar vortex will bring bitter cold and snow to some parts of Justin’s Canada.

  9. If you want to understand the Deep State including Canada’s Deep State this book by Prof. Carroll Quigley is a must, he had access to all records and the book was not published until after his death.
    The whole publication of all the books were bought up by the CIA and only recently have a few copies surfaced. It explains the foundational role of the UK in the takedown of President Trump.

  10. Brian Stelter on CNN this morning is discussing with his “progressive” journalist friends, that all conservative networks and social media sites should be banned. Only trustworthy and unbiased sources like CNN should be allowed.

  11. The Saturday Globe & Mail had a deluge of anti-Trump, anti-Republican editorials. Not one seemed to grasp the tragedy of the great division in the country, or the reason so many supported Trump. Trump supporters are all just ignorant, racist thugs. I am not surprised, really, just very disappointed in the profound ignorance that defines journalism today. I don’t even think that journalists like Coyne, Urback, Saunders are even curious about what is going on in the real world. They just wallow in their own foolish and self-perpetuating narratives, failing to grasp the bigger picture time and again.

    1. President Trump said to turn off your media bullshit propaganda and watch what happens next.
      He has turned on the emergency broadcast system and their will be high profile arrests coming soon.

      1. Good advice. 75 million Americans voted for Trump and even people in other countries have held big Trump rallies, but it does not seem to occur to these “urinalists” that they might be missing something.

      2. I read today that the US Sec State (Mike Pompeo), is in Italy…pursuing/Arresting those at Leonardo SPA who were fully engaged utilizing Military Grade cyber-warfare equip used to CHANGE VOTES in Dominion Voting machines.

        They also have a whistleblower who has the actual digital files….in a secret place of course…and he’s ready to testify.

        There had better be the GRANDEST witness protection for this guy and his family.!!

        BRING IT ON..!! Trump still in Abeline..??

    1. That is actually quite weird. Intervals now at the 1/2 hour mark — precisely. But why would they be open about this signalling timing?
      Interesting also, is that air space around Reagan airport has been closed, I think. This is beginning to look like a military hit — but maybe I am getting carried away.
      Also blackouts in a number of places yesterday – Italy, Germany.

      1. Linda – I don’t think you are far from the mark. The timing is precise. Countdown in progress. PT

  12. And now your its a good thing we got rid of mental hospitals story for today. Diverse man attacked and injured four people with a diverse hammer at a subway platform in diverse Toronto.

  13. Message from Bongino

    Please do not abandon Parler. We are NOT going anywhere. We may have a temporary disruption in service now that monopolist Amazon has attacked us, but it’ll be brief and we have a backup plan. And, although the monopolists at Apple & Google have removed the app, it doesn’t effect our website which is easily accessed and used from your phone or computer. We are fighting back and we need you to encourage your friends to join Parler as soon as possible. There is power in numbers.

  14. The bought and paid for media is excited that the federal NDP leader is at a nursing home rally in diverse Toronto today. Perhaps one of Justin’s reporters can ask him why he is living with his brother in Toronto, when his riding is in B.C.

    1. Steve Forbes is probably still mad that his attempt to become President came to nothing.

    1. They’re proud multi-racial Christians. Sounds like a big threat to Communists. Remember when CSIS put up the cash to fund the racist Heritage Front while they were ignoring tips that Air India was targeted. You can’t investigate Sikh terrorists or Justin would have to fire half his cabinet and lock up the Communist guy that keeps him in power.

  15. More healing. Breitbart reports that China Joe is ranting that he will have the Justice Dept. investigate any officials that worked on Trump’s border wall.

  16. Aren’t you glad you live in a world where such covid criminals get what they deserve:


    All real comrades yearn for such enforcement here. Crush that virus, crush it now, crush it any way necessary, crush those violators even if people get hurt in the process!