14 Replies to “Brett Weinstein Shares Some Wisdom”

  1. I’ve argued for years that the American system doesn’t work. Besides that, it’s totally corrupt. The best thing the Americans could do is phone the Queen and ask her to take over again.

    1. With all due respect Mike, spare us the usual Canadian snobbery about American politics. There isn’t much going on in American politics at the moment that hasn’t happened in most Western “democracies” as well.

    2. The whole system of American governance is based on the assumption that the representatives of the people are decent people simply following the rules set down in their constitution.
      The problem of course is that it involves people and people are what they are.
      One would say that every independent thinker will have an opinion that may or may not agree with another free thinker. The difference is argued, or perhaps should be, by set of circumstances and set points like ethics, decency, logic and other such.
      One would also say that this could be a insurmountable obstacle to good results because people are what they are. There are bad people, there are indifferent people and there are good people.
      There are those that want to set policy on the premise that they should profit from it, let the plebeians drown.
      Then there are those that follow what ever.
      And there are those that are interested in the wellbeing of every one person of the people they were sent to govern.
      To say ‘its for common good’, has become so corrupt a phrase it lost it’s meaning, it sounds good to demagogues because it can get the masses to agree, while meaning very much the opposite.
      Seem to have read something about it in a book published in 1948.

  2. Mike, I grew up near where you live now. As a Western Canadian who I presume is not a died in the wool Liberal, do you actually feel that the Canadian system works? And is it free from corruption?

    1. I know our system is just as corrupted.
      You need to be a multiple lawyer now to avoid the massive amounts of laws, restrictions and the different bypass agreements that some companies and people have.
      Being forced to buy insurance is an example of company corruption that our government enforcement.
      Somebody got paid off for that one…

  3. Blah, blah, blah. Whatever you do, don’t do anything. Apparently Weinstein would be condemning Washington, Adams and Jefferson et al. Just because the British have their boot on your neck is no reason to get all rebellious about it. Might as well listen to Ben Sasse or Mitt Romney.

    1. Weinstein is DEAD WRONG when he claims this grass roots insurrection over blatant vote fraud, followed by a corrupt court system (incl. the Court above all Courts) stonewalling any and all investigation of vote fraud is not equally as legitimate as the Original Revolutionaries. He dismisses the Capital assault as mere emotionalizing of right wing frustrations. While that is true … the righteous anger is rooted in systemic wrongdoing.

      The American Revolutionaries of the 1770’s had legitimate claims against a fascist Monarchy taxing and controlling our country without representation. The institutions which those original patriots established for ALL The People of the USA have been hijacked and turned against our more than HALF our citizens. We are facing the EXACT SAME loss of representation as we did a mere 250 years ago. There is a direct moral and practical equivalency between 1776 and 2021.

      The TRUTH of this is patently obvious … even to the most jaded leftist who just ‘got what they wanted’ in Nov. 2020. TRUTH cannot be deplatformed. Nope. This institutional insurrection has led directly to the Capital insurrection. And no media blitz of disinformation … mass arrest of participants (unlike 9 mos. of continual riots) … impeaching of Trump (again *groan*) … or high tech censorship will alter the TRUTH. In plain fact … all these things will AMPLIFY the TRUTH and lead to mass unrest … and worse.

      Oh … but make no mistake … it’s coming. Hard and fast. The left will speed up their theft of our Constitution and … I now boldly predict … will find cause to actually CANCEL the midterm elections.

      1. Yes. Here I thought that the Founders, while attempting to to preserve individual freedom and limit government, had actually anticipated this likelihood and provided for that, the best they could, as well. However, the US military if united behind the government will be a decisive factor. We need a Pinochet.

      2. CANCEL the midterm elections?
        No need Kenji. With their lists of ineligible voters with a ballot assigned to each name, in some of these states elections are a mere formality now. With no oversight campaign platforms, rallies, campaign signs, even the need to field credible candidates are not required.
        Oddly enough Project Veritas showed how they would do it months before the election but nobody seemed interested in doing anything about it.

        1. That’s because our 4-d chess playing President had an elaborate trap set to catch the perpetrators … right? *sigh* Sometimes it’s hard to be a rational Trump supporter. But! There are still 10 days left! I hear the faithful say

  4. Instructions from a self described “leftist-Libertarian”, (whatever the fuck that means) Bernie bro armchair intellectual on how best to “dig ourselves out of this”.
    Hard pass.

  5. Thank you for putting this up, Kate. Like most academics, he misreads the mood of voters as he misread the mood at Evergreen. USA and UK are set up to be an adversarial system. Voters need less ‘working across the aisle’ and more argument in the chamber. Our elected officials should be held to account by a strong opposition party that forces them to argue their case. Instead we have back room deals that lack transparency.