21 Replies to “Time to Remove WhatsApp?”

  1. Everyday I learn about another app/social disease that I should remove/delete/uninstall except that, again, I don’t have it and have no interest in having it.

    1. I bought a second-hand tablet at a ham flea market two years ago. I use it to read PDF copies of various periodicals and even books while I’m travelling. Sometimes I even use it to check in with SDA.

    1. I haven’t installed it myself. I don’t know what it is. How can I discover if it has been installed?

  2. I just hope that the overreach leads to serious financial consequences. Twitter in particular deserves to be hammered. Just remember that if there’s contrition don’t ever go back. Just like drudge and other fake news. Not even once.

  3. Use Parler or Gab instead of Twitter or Facebook. Gab even has Gab TV as an alternative to Youtube. or use Rumble or Bitchute.

    Also, use Ruqqus instead of Reddit.

    If you want to load an app onto your phone that has been banned from the App Store or Play Store, then do this:

    How to Get Apps That Are Not in the App Store

    How to Sideload Apps on Android

    The complete list of alternatives to all Google products

  4. And now Amazon employees Want to get parlor kicked off of their hosting.

    Our household, my wife, uses Amazon regularly. No more.

    No more any of these bastards.

  5. Firefox now has a message about some crap involving four years of disinformation and misuse of the internet by the president or some such nonsense. Brave or Opera it is then.

  6. Lots of clean up and purging to be done, these guys are scum of the earth.
    Parler was bombarded last night with downloads get on there while you can. Anything owned by googs and fake book and twits has gots to go. Duck duck go, Parler, Rumble is a good start.

      1. Eat feces and stop pretending. You’re on the same side as big tech, dhimicrats, BLM and Antifa.

  7. In addition to not using social media, using secure apps like Signal, and a VPN, users of Apple products may install a free firewall: Lockdown Privacy . It comes loaded with a block list but will block anything you want – my iphone can’t even accidentally connect to fakebook, twatter and several other data collectors. Lockdown is open source and blocks contact attempts at the phone, not in the cloud.

  8. AWS is kicking Parler off the their servers. Wow just wow. AWS is Amazon. So their done. I guess gab. Or the dark web?

    Kate thanks for the fun over the years. I guess it won’t be long now.

  9. Never liked whastsup…Never fully installed it.
    Got the boot From Twatter 3 yrs now – zero loss.

    Used FB MarketPl…to sell…but may well dump it as well…Kijiji still a better platform.

    Am on Parler and MeWe
    Gonna dump Amazon Stat…
    Dumped Google last night – DDGo.
    Looking to Dump gmail as well..

    It’s,a process… And will take time to get it squared away..but we’ll worth the effort.

    KATE…I ferevently hope this site remains…. You have our e-mails. Should things go awry, pls stay in touch..??