13 Replies to “The Insanity that is California”

  1. Bet you a hundred bucks of my own money that those guys vote Dim. In my experience even in red areas, restaurant folks vote blue. In this particularly red county, that might not be the case. But in the NE and the lower half of California, bet on it. Zero, ZERO, sympathy from me. Elections have consequences.
    I might have already mentioned that my husband spent a few days in Denver with family. There was one restaurant open for outside dining after a cruise around their favorite places. It was outside dining only but only two sided wind shields are allowed. So, they all sat outside and attempted to eat during a blizzard at 20F.
    The son-in-law owns a business so he did text me a shame-faced video of the patio. I didn’t reply because I know how he voted and so let silence speak volumes.
    With asshat Biden indicating he’s going to shut down the country, the question still stands: What is the end game? I’m holding to the globalist takeover of the U.S. through commerce devastation. The elites think they’ll be in charge. I also wonder how asshat’s plan works in red states. Will he somehow force Florida into closing? Guess we’ll see.

  2. I left a comment a second ago but it indicated a dupe. It apparently was not. Anyway. Elections have consequences. The hell with Dims.

    1. True, Anna Mac. But the bottom line is that virtually ALL small businesses – red or blue – have rolled over and played dead … with barely a whimper. And even though the colours are switched around up here, the same situation prevails: small businesses have meekly a accepted death by starvation.

    2. I have this feeling that we are all being played by the media and our politicians on this fake Pandemic and global lockdowns.
      The changing of US Reserve Currency Status as fake President Biden takes office and is Chinese friendly.
      If War were to happen with China, Canada is absolutely defenseless from our own government policies.

      1. Our Prime Minister also helped the Chinese to know how our Canadian Military would react in an attack.
        Talk about the easiest invasion an Enemy Army could have.
        Everyone lockdown, defenseless and stupid by our government policies.
        Mmmmmm, such a huge area of untapped natural resources and such a small population…come and get it!

  3. The “good” news is that, with California tanking and with the power supply now disrupted Big Tech is moving to Texas!

    Otherwise known as a personal ad for “parasite seeking new host.”

    1. Gavin Newsom is giddy with excitement … now that CA has a $26B CASH surplus …


      So Gavin is proposing to give every illegal a $600 check. Gavin excitedly told the public that he is increasing the State Education Budget to the highest per pupil amount in the history of CA. Maybe that will help improve the 67% high school graduation rate? Nevermind the future deficits …


      Nope … keep squandering the “surplus” … Silicon Valley will keep paying the face. They’ll NEVER move to some God-Forsaken Red State … nope. Oh … and those homeless encampments? Simply turn up the sound system in your Tesla as you silently float by the avenues upon avenues of ramshackle tents lining the sidewalks.

      Remember those images of Tijuana tin shack shanty towns on the Mexico side of the CA border … contrasted with the beautiful new subdivisions on the CA side of the border? Well … we are all Mexico now. That border line crisscrosses the State from San Diego to Redding.

      NOT the State of my birth and youth. Not the State my Great Grandparents moved to in 1918.

  4. The goal is to drive us out of corporate jobs and impoverish small businesses: a long term plan of economic starvation.

    1. jamaica – you are likely correct – my question is – what are they going to replace the small businesses with? Don’t they realize that something like what 60% or thereabouts of our overall economy is based on small business. Or are they really that stupid……………….

  5. Nature will intervene as it always does ,it will weed out the weak and stupid ,the non productive and useless (California hippies) won’t make it.People live like rats in the large cities this can’t last,tent cities,people that don’t know if they are a man or a woman.If nature doesn’t take care of this mess we are doomed.

  6. I have vacation scheduled for March in Palm Springs so am looking at the situation there. That lead me to come across the term “State adjusted”. It seems that because not enough people are sick in the Coachella Valley there is not enough testing. So the state is adjusting the number of cases to account for the lack of testing.
    Who would have thought that the electronic age gave us the ability to manufacture data.