45 Replies to “Your Moral And Intellectual Superiors”

  1. But those people are still behaving VIOLENTLY!! in that ridiculously misplaced photo.

    Because Trumpettes are violent men

    1. But if they identify as peaceful and good people, then don’t the police have to treat them as peaceful and good people?

      I wonder what would happen if a Trump supporter were being arrested and announced that their preferred pronoun was “the innocent”, and insisting that the police use it.

  2. The CTV headlines and tweets lately have clearly been written by either an aggressively promoted equality-of-outcome hire or a buggy as hell algorithm that seems to have become obsessed with generating fear mongering clicks by nagging Canadians about US stuff.

      1. I watch/listen to them for entertainment on occasion: I like to compare how all their talking points are in synch with CNNMSNBCBSABC. If the word one day in the NYT is “emolument”, you’ll hear it on Global, CTV and CBC. Then you will have an identical week of “not exonerated” and as of late “unproven allegation of election fraud”. They are buffoons and hacks.

    1. Very true, and the people who watch them thinking they are getting “news” are worse.

  3. CNN calls for Trump to be removed from office while repeating Russia collusions lies. Never happened.
    Now we get Trump calls for end to violence while repeating elections lies. The liars are lying.
    DeMarxists are all for rule of law that benefits them but fine with rioting and looting when it benefits them.
    The US is now a banana republic. CNN, DeMarxists and collectivists have zero credibility so I don’t care what they say now.
    How dare people protest “false narrative” of a stolen election. But false narratives like Russia, and Trump racism are AOK.
    Again, the rule is it benefits DeMarxism. Another feature of that is Democrat heavy counties are always “counted” last.
    These collectivists are hypocrite liars so their input is neither required not acceptable. They can STFU like they did with Antifa and BLM lawbreakers. I leave the American people to their unenlightened despots whom they foolishly elected.
    The current “rioters” will do their thing, go home and get on with their lives, unlike DeMarxist resistors. To hell with all of them.

    1. The Russia bullshit is still persistent as evidenced by certain schizoid in another post.

  4. I see the Georgia Secretary of State ran from his state capitol building one step ahead of a band of patriots. I rather hope for good news from Sacramento.

    1. No, they need to have the full and complete crucifixion process done on them. And, no breaking their legs to let them die faster.

      1. Nerve gas.

        Let the world watch them soil themselves, throw up their last meals and foam at the mouth before going into convulsions that last until they die from asphyxiation because their diaphragms stopped working.

        By all accounts a horrible way to go. Not so time-consuming as to bore the kids after ten minutes though.

      2. They deserve the Saddam cone treatment.
        Mount them on the tip of the cone through their anus, and watch them slither down through a slow process known as gravity, in pure agony until they are dead.
        Media is the ENEMY !!
        Dismiss it at your own peril, and enjoy the decline!!

    2. Always so impressive to see a bunch of guys talking tough about inflicting physical violence on others, anonymously, in front of their keyboards, with fellow likeminded posers.

      1. Always so impressive to see a gamma soiboy assume a female name to call out better men than “she” will ever be, anonymously, in front of “her” keyboard, without a single likeminded poser.

        Try again, fagface. You turn will come.

      2. Enjoy the boot on your throat!
        Maybe if you kiss and lick the boot, they will go easier on you, peasant!

  5. The Media have chosen to stand between The People and Democrats, Never Trumpers and Antifas.
    They have choosen to be their first line of defense, their protectors, their diversionaries, and if necessary apologists .
    When the citizenry finally realizes that the Media, first needs to be “rehabilitated”, a realignment will finally then occur, back to the center.

  6. I don’t see a problem those people are participating in what CNN defined in Kenosha as mostly peaceful protests.

    That being said, and while still using the same means test, if any of them happen to find some evidence that incriminates a senior democrat rep while they are wandering through both houses, that would be fair game now too.

  7. I wonder why CNN isn’t calling for defunding police and the police to take a knee for Trump at this point?

  8. Post Millennial reports that the federal NDP leader ranted that Trump caused the riot and refuses to end it.

    1. Federal NDP leader is off his nut…

      Attorney Robert Barnes has a message to those State Officials who will not allow an Audit.
      see “scottsdale” youtube channel

      If the Democrats are so cocksure that there was no fraud in the election then they shouldn’t be afraid of an election AUDIT.

      The fact that ZERO AUDITS have taken place, shows their own distrust of their own system.

      The best electoral fraud disinfectant is a FORENSIC AUDIT…

      For FOUR unbroken years the “Dem-Tantrums” led a non-stop campaign of that disavowed the legitimacy of President Trump; and encouraged Anitifa/BLM thuggery, including molotov cocktails.

      But oh no, when the Republicans are calling you out on the Congressional steps and in the halls; well we can’t have that…suddenly protests are “unlawful”.

      Baleful HYPOCRISY of the highest order. In all honesty, they do deserve each other!

      It’s supposed to be Epiphany, the last day of the Christmas season, with the arrival of the 3 wise men; and there is no WISDOM in sight.


      Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief
      1st Saint Nicolaas Army
      Army Group “True North

    2. ScrubbingBubblesJackMeat .. Why is our gov. full of these waste of skin 3rd world Pols.?

  9. Journalists are the stupid version of a narcissist and become trained seals that crib each other, having all been indoctrinated by the same playbook. They like using catch phrases, such as the recent “ baseless claims” without even investigating whether, in fact, said claims are baseless.
    They are scum and to be dismissed. And, to paraphrase Vonnegut, “That’s how come they write so good.”
    Oh, and Lisa La Flamme and Rosie Barfdom are pugly

  10. Jake Tapper and Jim Acosta just explained at CNN that Trump has lost his mind. Trump is legally insane and must be removed with the 25th amendment.

  11. Some black Homey on CBC said the Po-Po are being all nice and shit, not like the BLM protests where everyone was gassed and beaten with truncheons.
    Some faux Jew on CTV said everyone protesting was delusional and far right.

    1. She looks like that fat sow who attacked Scheer everyday during the general, about his stand on abortion.
      Looks like she’s wearing a dust mask, that her flunky assistant bought, at Home Hardware.

  12. An honest mistake, no big deal. Lisa LaFlamme is great! Right up there with Rosemary Barton and Katie Simpson!

    1. Katie Simpson… I didn’t know that Bart got married? Is she also a 3 fingered caricature?

  13. The Missus turned on the Covid TV news last night “to see what’s happening in the States”. As they mouthed their scripted “attack on democracy” lines, the anchor turd and turdess wore these practiced pained expressions of concern that would have made old Sandie Rinaldo green with envy. When I started swearing that the phony bought-and-paid-for bastards had no concern for democracy when the BLM trash was torching cities, she agreed … but grabbed the remote and changed channels. 🙂