26 Replies to “We Don’t Need No Stinking Giant Fans”

  1. Ontario for comparison:
    $28.79 / MWh power price – December global adjustment – $107.04/ MWh
    Hourly Output by Fuel Type at 10:00 p.m. EST
    10,200 MW – 59%
    5,080 MW – 29%
    617 MW – 3.5%
    1,374 MW – 8% (of overpriced expensive power)
    0 MW
    0 MW

    Global adjustment is all the programs that pays above the wholesale price for power, and on days when power demand is low, and wind production is high, you end up with a massive spread.

    1. Well … the only way to “wean” you off your fossil fuel addition is to TAX the shit out of you! That’ll teach all you planet KILLERS! Right?

      Your government is NOT your friend. More like your self-destructive, mentally-Ill, crazy brother-in-law.

    2. What they don’t seem to tell is how much heating is attributed to natural gas. The number is staggering.

      1. Don’t be silly. Just throw on another sweater. And blanket. And coat. And parka. And two layers of longjohns. And a muffler. And full-face-covering knit hat. And 3 layers of wool socks. After all that’s what the First Nations did. And learn to build an igloo.

        And an electric blanket powered by “renewable”, “reliable”, wind and solar … /s.

  2. At current consumption/export rates, Alberta has about 1100 years of coal supply left.

    And, I’m just guessing that when you’ve found 1100 years of coal supply, you’ve stopped looking for the next +100 years of coal supply to make it to 1200 years supply.

    And yes, yes we’re going to be killed by the federal gov’t carbon tax scheme if we don’t separate.

    1. with alberta shutting down coal plants to import montana coal power it will last a lot longer than that

  3. A similar scenario plays out here in the Pacific NW. During periods of extreme hot / cold when electric demand is high, wind generation is nil.

    The Bonneville Power Administration maintains a website that tracks demand and generation. Below is the link to the website.


    Note that wind generation is nil Dec 23 – Dec 26. The ugly wind turbines planted all across the Pacific NW have produced no power for the past 3 days.

    The billions spent on the wind turbines produces surplus power when we don’t need it, and no power when we need it the most.

    Is this a great business model or what?

  4. There is no such thing as fossil fuels. Oil and gas does not come from fossils.
    Were there dinosaurs on Saturn’s moon Titan? No. Petroleum, oil, propane, and methane do not come from fossils.

  5. You can’t vilify and advocate the end of carbon without a solution for replacing that energy. As such mass wind power narrative was born.

    Does it need to work in reality? Nope.

    Just in the minds of low information voters.

  6. Hmm, I wonder what percentage of the 0% total, those solar panels up in Fort Chipewyan are supplying?!

    Pretty sure coal is a ‘fossil fuel’..

    1. Great comment. I did read that they do not expect “much” power in the winter, because, well, the sun goes down at 4 so not much energy there. Lol.
      That’s is why the project has a 45 year payout “before” expenses.
      How many facts can the greens ignore?

      1. “How many facts can the greens ignore?”

        – Trick question, David? Answer: “All that they disagree with!”

  7. Is it not wonderful that the idiots in government actually think that fossil fuels can be eliminated. People in so called power today give a whole new meaning to the word moron. They shut down the country and borrow billions and give billions to other countries and wonder why the economy is screwed. They think a flu virus is so deadly that it is going to kill all the people in Canada yet without a test you don’t even know you have it.

    1. The idiot I ran into from Finance figured solar powered automobiles was the way to go. He had no comments when I asked him if he was never going to be out at night and what about winter. Shows how clueless bureaucrats and civil servants can be.

  8. Dear Albertans: All you do is complain. You sound like a bunch of old biddies complaining about their “rheumatis”. As the unofficial motto of this website says “Not showing up to riot is a failed conservative policy”. As a matter of fact, Quebec has threatened separation for much, much less — while still getting the lion’s share of Fed Gov’s transfer payments (mostly paid for by you, chumps). If you’re not going to do something radical about this (and I don’t mean writing strongly worded letters to the editor or ranting on a radio talk show)…Just SHUT THE F*CK UP!

  9. You keep losing, because you keep making the same mistakes. It is not about facts. It is not about objective reality. It is not about producing power. It is not about public health. It is not about making sense. It is not about logic, reason, science, any of those things.

    Irrational, is the weapon. Nonsense, is the weapon. You reason logically, they laugh at you for wasting your time.

    Clearly it works. Look at all y’all, running around so confused. “Why won’t they look at the numbers? Why won’t they accept what the evidence is saying?”. Keep losing. Keep playing by the rules of Monopoly, when the game you are actually involved in is Clue or Risk or Battleship or paintball or mixed martial arts.

  10. As I have said before – goNe are the rootin tootin cowboys, the Red necked Albertan oil workers, farmers ranchers. AB has been diluted with ethnic immigrants from the world over that dont give a rats ass about Alberta. Just here to glean what they can – then move on to the next gravy train,