7 Replies to “On the first day of Christmas”

  1. My area gets a 28 day lockdown.
    A Christmas present from Premier Ford…such a heart…
    And what is this supposed to accomplish?
    Areas of infection people moved to areas not in lockdowns so now our area has it too.

    Welcome to our new normal…

    1. It didn’t work in march and it will not work now. time for extreme civil disobedience.

  2. You know that US Supreme Court hearing on Friday…
    The Democrats made sure maximum intimidation was used when they packed the Court with Democrats.
    You could imagine the judges would be singled out had they took this case like many other Court cases so far in this US election where families have been threatened.

    Shows how useless the courts are to Deep State intimidation and how protected our corrupted politicians are.

  3. The absolutely astounding thing here is this is in the daily beast. If you’ve lost the hard left I don’t know what to say. This is like the Star saying Justin is a baffoon.

    1. Just you and me 🙂

      Neither Gavin nor Garcetti can stop me from spending Christmas with my newish grandson!

  4. I find it hilarious that Newsome’s vineyard is still open and doing business. The recall will most probably succeed but it will come too late for small businesses. I read something today that some economists are predicting that 70% of America’s small businesses will fail by next years end. If this is so, we will enter a 30’s like depression. Something like 80% of all jobs are created by small businesses. It will take years, if not decades to recover. There is also the threat of fiat money being printed so furiously that we become the Wiemar Republic or another Zimbabwe. In 1998 I was siting in the bar at the Holiday Inn in Bulawayo. A beer was 16 Zims which was 16 cents American. We live in interesting times indeed.