30 Replies to “Buckle Up”

  1. Maybe the definition of “active COVID19 cases” need to be redefined. The problem seems to be the definition.
    Instead though, our Politicos will just do more of the same HARDER because they are insane and unaware of the definition of insanity.

  2. We’ll surpass the US right around the time they’re getting vaccinated. Meanwhile we won’t get anything until next September. We might actually get a new country out of thus yet. This will be something that will transform this country and could actually break it.

    1. the government actions to date are well on the way to destroying what is left of canada, and the mental health of 90% of those who keep believing the lies being fed them.

  3. Love the comments. Perhaps journalists cannot keep the truth at bay.This requires more censorship!

  4. This makes since from Trudeaus perspective. No Vaccine means continued lock downs, Continued lock downs means Parliament does not meet on mass, if at all, which means little to no scrutiny of Trudeaus actions. This in turn paves the way for a massive push to get his RESET closer to fruition unopposed. Unless there is massive push back and outright defiance by the population and Jagneet’s removal of NDP support the Liberals will, I believe, keep us with no vaccine and purposely locked down well into 2021

  5. A vaccine isn’t going to stop this insanity. It will only stop when we stop using a faulty test on healthy people. Portugal and Bulgaria are ahead of us.

    “The PCR test “is unable to determine, beyond reasonable doubt, that such positivity result corresponds, in fact, to the infection of a person by the SARS-CoV-2 virus”, said the Lisbon Court of Appeal.”


    Dr.Michael Yeadon from the UK. About a half an hour and worth every minute as he professionally debunks this madness from every angle, except political.


    Dr.Rodger Hodgkinson addresses Edmonton city council. Scathing. Among other things he is CEO of a company that makes the PCR test and he is appalled that it is being used as it is.

    1. I’m in love. Smart, funny, articulate, and self described as an ‘deinfluencer’. Her videos should knock out the flu spreaders.

  6. Stop testing unless a person presents themselves with symptoms. Cases will go down.
    All this testing is just to feed the hype of an unstoppable deadly disease and so many have fallen for it.
    Remember 99.9+% survive, over 80% have mild symptoms.
    In MB a 10 year old died. No details on any co-morbidity, hmmm why??
    Winnipeg Sun front Page: “No One is Safe”
    Wrote them a nasty letter to the editor to stop the fear mongering.
    Told them I am considering cancelling my subscription as there is no content in the paper:
    COVID BS, old sports news and Hollywood trash.

    1. Let us know what their smart-ass response was.

      I cancelled my Calgary Sun.
      What they printed as news and what they didn’t told me they were fully morphed into the Herald.

      1. I stopped paying attention to the Sun when the SunShine Girls were moved near the sports section.

  7. What we are witnessing is Mesmer’s practices on steroids, and it demonstrates that you can fool some of the people all the time.
    It’s just that the ones fooled are the ones that are in power.
    To lie, one has to be cognizant that what they are saying is untrue. So far the ones pushing for lock down (aka communism) have no idea what they are doing or have been convinced that this is required in spite of the damage being done.
    I could continue preaching to the choir but I’ll end this diatribe with this comment instead.
    The perfect assassin is the one that has no idea they are the assassin.

  8. Governments have become the Nazi’s Canadians fought in 1939. The solution will end up being the same as in 1939. If the rule of law, which has its foundation in “all encompassing” no longer pertains to all, then it pertains to no one. This is a reality that may very well play out in the coming months.
    What could go wrong. Confiscate Guns. Build Isolation Concentration Camps. Gee what comes next. Like I have said for years. THE CANADIAN GULAG

    1. We’ve been living the CG since 1968 and PET. Son of PET “rules” now. How was he ever “selected”? Look in your mirror.

  9. This is a marriage of power-hungry government bureaucrats itching to demonstrate how important and necessary they are with their intrinsic incompetence.
    Obviously their interventions last spring caused “flattening the curve” to vastly overshoot. Summer is the season where the spread of flu is at its lowest, and the curve was inclined to flatten itself.
    But Justin just had to show Canadians how a ski-instructor/drama teacher’s budget-management skills can be just as effective in the health sector. So instead of flattening the curve they nearly flat-lined the curve last summer, ensuring that vastly more Canadians would remain susceptible to contracting and spreading COVID when the usual flu season arrived. Now it’s here and surprise surprise… cases are on the rise.

    BTW… average life expectancy in AB… 81.5 years.
    Those who die with COVID… 82!

  10. “Our economy and our civil liberties are about to be smashed”
    Oh it is far too late for that.
    Just say its over,The economy died last Christmas with the ability to trade across this country surrendered to the Fabulous Five and all their terrorist comrades.
    Now those who pay taxes are all in Jail,as those who waste those same taxes,strut and swell doing their part to extract the last few dollars of savings the taxpayers might have.
    Destroying life safety equipment on national TV is “peaceful protest”..
    Trying to earn a crust is “Evil insanity” or endangering the public,subject to abusive fines and manhandling by state minions..
    So stick a fork in it,Can Ahh Duh is done.
    By the by we have not had civil liberties since Pierre the Idiot stripped us of them,without a whimper.

    The Politicians,the courts,the media and the uniformed minions are all on side.
    All are insisting,in lockstep,that you have no right to defend yourself.
    Clearly identifying themselves as your enemy.

    Our New Country,for within these boundaries these rules shall apply,must limit officialdom to a recording function only.
    Only persons with skin in the game get a say.
    And no power is delegated to faceless minions.
    Canada died due to millions of rules,regulations and a completely unchecked,unsupervised alternate system of judgement,where the public gets no say and has no rights..
    Photo radar,almost all fish and feather offences,environmental infractions,summary infractions..
    You be guilty,pay up or be ground to pieces..
    Every little bite made to service the minions,to expedite the theft and protect the biggest lie ever told ..
    You all know it,even if you deny it.
    “We are from the government,we are here to help you”..
    Decades of results demonstrate that the rest of that sentence is..”Here to help you into poverty,slavery and destruction..”

    That “Public Good” for all intents and purposes does not include the actual taxpayer.
    Just as Dear Leader Justine’s “New middle class” is an entirely parasitic body.

    We have allowed the fools and bandits to hold power,because no one in their right mind wants any part of modern civics and the manipulated circus..When we were rich,the harm did not effect us too savagely..
    Now we are deep in debt and ruled by mental midgets..
    Same old cycles.

  11. Our 3.2% mortality rate vs the US’s 2.0% says all we need to know about how good our health care and government management is.
    (Is Tam trying to fit in with us poor folks by wearing designer burlap in her latest announcement ad?)
    I do think the way Sask is handling it is a good way. It appears in the latest rounds, they have found most infected kids are getting it in sports related activities, so they shut those down. They have found most people have been infected by visitation by other family, so more restrictions there.
    They have left other stuff open, but restricted numbers wise.
    Won’t say it is perfect, but they appear to be doing the work, looking at the causes and numbers and adjusting policy based on that.
    It is about all anyone could do. And it is a lot more intelligent management then just plain shutting the province down at this point.

  12. Well a wonderful story. Except for the fact they and their armies of Karens have destroyed the country over a virus with a 99.7% survivability rate according to the CDC. They are CRIMINALS and should all be pursued and persecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Canada will not exist when this is over. And you know what that is a good thing. Canada has become a bureaucratic PRISON. Do Canadians only exist now to support Governments and their armies of fat assed over paid Bureaucrats. TAX DONKIES. The Cry of the Canadian Sheep. TAX US WE ARE CANADIAN. The most gutless pathetic herd of sheep ever brought into existence. Canada the FAKE DEMOCRACY RUN BY A LUNATIC FAKE BLACK MAN

  13. The constant drone of FEAR, FEAR, PARANOIA by the bought and paid for media has certainly had its impact. So much for the “tolerant” Canadians, these same Karen’s have now bullied and cowed governments to issue mask edicts, despite the utter uselessness of them. Anyone that wears glasses can tell you how well masks work.
    But to the paranoid sheep population, it’s a coat of armour!
    Adding to our concerns about the actual government agenda, is their lack of any action to test, trial, or substantiate medications that may actually help people who do get sick. This is difficult to understand logically, unless one shifts their mindset towards the assumption, that the government wants this paranoia strategy to carry on.
    HCQ, Ivermectin, Rendesovir for three. It is difficult to understand, why the first two have not been embraced in any way. It’s either Incompetence, Ignorance or Malice.
    Maybe they really are STUPID!

    1. Dan BC, “This is difficult to understand logically, unless one shifts their mindset towards the assumption, that the government wants this paranoia strategy to carry on” BINGO!
      That was logically stated and understood perfectly +++DanBC

  14. Quebec has a higher death rate than the US national average. Der Schwarze Prinz must be proud. And the death rate in Quebec is MUCH higher than Sweden.

    1. Equalization? Bonus bucks for high death rates? And just think how much CPP and OAS is saved, with every dead oldster.

  15. Been thinking about this.

    You have a media cartel and politicians.
    Leaving aside the idiots fondness of dictatorship for this purpose, the situation is like this.
    Media creates hysteria that is their main meal. The plebeians, not being interested in details swallow the whole shit. It ends up as the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
    Politicians, being completely mesmerized by the media cartel, must follow the meme. They have absolutely no choice.
    As of recent experience, although those that are interested in the affairs of men have known this as a matter of fact, the media cartel rules the politicians, they give them the press that suits their, the media cartel, purpose and omit anything that would contradict the meme.

    An analogy would be laser, an amplification of meme, regardless of truth, between the media cartel and the politicians that increase with each new statement by each of these and there is apparently no end since politicians must address the media cartel bullshit, does not matter how much nonsense there is in it, the main purpose is to keep the plebeians strung up and not thinking.

    Until the everyday person looks at alternatives, which is a life changing event, this will always be the way. Unfortunately.

    And that’s the way it is.

  16. There is some chatter on some online forums that the gov’t overreach on the covid lockdowns will be applied in the future upon those consuming too much energy.
    Those people, who “have too much” or haven’t bought “offsets”

    I wouldn’t be surprised, only appalled.

    When/if it comes to this, thinking folks will already be mostly broke, and will have that much less to lose by “voting from the rooftops”

  17. Why would anyone trust this vaccine in the first place?

    So there’s that …

    Secondly, the government has had an unprecedented opportunity to make people walk where stickers on the floor direct them to. Why give that up?

    And the money!