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  1. Sidney Powell & Election Lawsuits Update; Kyle Rittenhouse RELEASED & MORE – Viva & Barnes Live!


    This isn’t for those that think Sidney Powell can walk on water. Barnes explains in DETAIL the mistakes made but he thinks there’s still a chance.

    And for those that haven’t heard…

    **This is truly painful to watch. The Trump campaign just declared that Sidney Powell (who was featured by the Trump campaign a few days ago) is not representing the campaign.**


    1. Right now Trump has to win the election. Suppose Sidney Powell’s claims are largely true. There are too many people in power across the country and across party lines that don’t want any of this to come to light. They’ll fight Trump’s reelection for their own survival.

      Or maybe, as Barnes points out, Powell got sidetracked by a disinformation campaign and also wasn’t competent in managing election litigation.

      Let her critics be right for now; I still respect and trust her.

        1. Fake news, totally. Debunked as edited image of another suit.

          Points for the thought though, maybe its a prediction of future events?

      1. Kate, I read the same thing.
        PLUS, not being associated with the Trump campaign means she does not face election law strictures.

  2. Back in July, there were rumblings (no pun intended) that the Chinese ”Three Gorges Dam” was going to collapse.

    Like many other Fake News Media smoke and mirrors features, , it was difficult to glean the grain from the chaff.

    5 months later, no collapse yet!!


    1. Marcus, it says I cannot reach that page. I wanted to read it as my brother who is a long retired drug rep and I were talking about quercetin last week.

  3. There is a video at The Burning Platform from Manitoba showing an emergency room in Steinbeck . Not a soul in it. I do not know how to send a link, so go there, it is eye opening. Not a single person there and not a car in the parking lot.

      1. I already saw it I just lack the skill to post the link. Thanks, others may want to see it.

        1. Classic case of CBC Full on PURE FAKE news generation.
          The screeching of CASES – CASES – CASES is propaganda worth of praise by Josef Goebells himself.

  4. Blacklock reports a new federal holiday has been passed. However it only gives federal employees a paid day off. That will cost taxpayers six hundred million dollars. But please remember, they are entitled to their entitlements. Meanwhile this morning, Blackie’s bought and paid for CBC is excited about its exclusive interview with Obama, and Blackie’s bought and paid for CTV is excited about a children’s book regarding Biden’s dogs. Funny the difference in the media between the start of the Trump administration and the start of the Biden administration.

    1. Ontario John, the $600,000 million may be a gross overstatement.
      Being paid for doing nothing at home won’t be much higher that paying to do nothing at the office. Maybe 20% of that figure?

  5. Great Leader Kim Sung Trudeau is a busy boy today. He will be virtually talking to a grade four and grade five class at a school in Ontario. He is so wonderful!

    1. Blackie is continually in campaign mode but Mondays are always especially busy for him as he explains what a wonderful job he’s doing and how evil Conservatives are because they ask him questions while he is busy concentrating on helping Canadians get through and beyond this pandemic crisis.

  6. From the CBC.
    For those who would trade their liberty for security to the state.

    “The Fifth Estate has learned the RCMP received crucial details, including the identity of the suspect and that he was driving what appeared to be a fully marked replica police car, from the first person they encountered on the scene that night in Portapique at 10:26 p.m., nearly 12 hours before they shared it with the public — information victims’ families say could have saved the lives of their loved ones.”

    This is not easy to read.

  7. We have such a corrupt goverment in whole from the left to the so called conservatives This falls under the “Must Read” category before it’s gone folks, some amazing research into the corruption!
    This needs to land the #CrimeMinisterTrudeau in prison with a bunch of others………https://twitter.com/i/status/1172587427443007489

  8. I read this declaration as nothing more than a tactic to ensure they are separate entities both financially and operationally. Trumps team is held to a different set of financial rules than Powell. In court filings no one can claim they are doubling up with cases from a common source. There are two groups coming after the miscreants.

    1. And, the focus, and schedule, is different for Rudy’s team, and Powell’s team. Sidney will take longer, therefore it’s Rudy’s actions that matter in terms of the actual vote.
      Don’t be distracted by these lower court dismissals, they are necessary, to get to the Appellate court and USSC. The last dismissal was good, apparently, as it was expedited, and saved a little time, to go to the next level.
      Time is not on their side, clearly.
      There are some things still not entirely clear, but, one suggestion is that the EC vote, overall, has to be certified, to lock in the crimes. But if the EC is certified, does that not mean that PEDO JOE is POTUS? I guess the movie has to play out, to see what happens next.

  9. Blacklock reports that deputy dictator Freeland is trying to explain how two hundred million dollars meant for small business loans, ended up being given to public administration. Even though federal agencies were not eligible for the money.

    1. MIke Yeadon posits an interesting relationship with countries that had severe std FLu in the year or two prior to covid did far better in shaking this virus off as opposed to those that had very mild seasonal flu.

    1. I don’t think it was hole lot different in my home . We cut wood ,hay worked beside our father learned a lot of life skills. I watched a 8 year old or there about at the dump back a huge 4 wheel drive tractor with a trailer on it down a turning road . His father stood out side and watched . The skills this kid is learning will be with him his hole life . Working with your parents is good thing.

  10. Here is a very detailed analysis of voter FRAUD in Montgomery county, PA.
    The team involved breaks down a data dump anomaly that favors Biden by a gross margin. It implies a cover-up trying to repair other suspicious dumps.
    “In particular, we examine a highly anomalous update to mail vote totals in the NYT/Edison data which enormously benefited Biden, and which looks suspicious on a number of dimensions.”

    1. I’d call the list bogus, coz the last line item is the largest % expeniture ( everything else?)

  11. Get ready for the shooting, ’cause it’s coming: https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2020/11/fighting-words-david-horowitz/
    All that 60’s stuff was just the lead up to today’s events. It’s a war, baby.
    “Democrats are not democrats; they are totalitarians. They have declared war on the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, the Electoral College, the Senate, the Supreme Court, the election system, and the idea of civil order. They have called for the Republican President of the United States to be de-platformed and jailed. Their obvious goal is a one-party state that criminalizes dissent. To them, support for such basic necessities as borders and law enforcement are racist. If you oppose their efforts to legalize infanticide, they will condemn you as enemies of women, and if you make videos of their confessions to selling body parts of murdered infants, they will – like Kamala Harris – throw you in jail. ”
    I wonder if Kan-eh-jians have joined the dots yet? The LPOC/NDP/GREEN all love them some Democrats….open borders Roxham Road, flights inbound from Chinah every f/n day, Fascist Premiers and their local COVID Kontrol. Parse the words of our Fust Neshuns and their enablers. If you are white “Old Stock” you are marked for obliteration, “by any means necessary”. Parse the words of our Hair PM and those around him. Don’t believe me? Buy some popcorn, sit back and watch. If you aren’t working ’cause COVID, you’ve got the time to do that, at least.

  12. Fox News has the list of new appointments that will be serving Dementia Joe. Its the Obama Administration 2.0 Yes the Obama gang is back! Why they even have Iran’s favourite banker John Kerry, who will be in charge of global warming scams. He will sit at the cabinet table and push all sorts of money wasting green projects.



    A lot of people still seem to not understand what this means, so let’s lay that out for a minute.

    PCR tests look for RNA. There is too little in your swab, so they amplify it using a primer based heating and annealing process. Each cycle of this process doubles the material. The US (and much of the world) is using a 40 Ct (cycle threshold). so, 40 doublings, 1 trillion X amplification. This is absurdly high.

    Yes, it is casedemic.

  14. Regarding Sidney Powell:

    “Sidney Powell is practicing law on her own. She is not a member of the Trump Legal Team. She is also not a lawyer for the President in his personal capacity.”

    I agree with the campaign’s statement that I am not a part of the campaign’s legal team. I never signed a retainer agreement or sent the President or the campaign a bill for my expenses of fees.
    My intent has always been to expose all the fraud I could find and let the chips fall where they may–whether it be upon Republicans or Democrats.

    The evidence I’m compiling is overwhelming that this software tool was used to shift millions of votes from President Trump and other Republican candidates to Biden and other Democrat candidates. We are proceeding to prepare our lawsuit and plan to file it this week. It will be epic.
    . . .
    Sidney Powell

    I believe Lin Wood and Jay Sekulow are also in the same position as Sidney Powell.

  15. I’ve lost a lot of respect for my fellow Edmontonians today.

    I went to the AMA to renew my membership in person and I was both karened and kevined.

    Karen #1 was an AMA munchkin young enough to be my granddaughter. She was quite irritating and didn’t like it when I refused to use the hand sanitizer. Then she reprimanded me when, to make a long story short, I defended myself from Karen #2 and Kevin #1. How dare I not be “respectful”—never mind that Karen #2 stuck her nose in my personal business without my permission.

    I was standing in line, minding my own business when Kevin #2 reprimanded me for not wearing a mask. When I told him I had an exemption, he told me that I should have stayed home.

    I’ve long been dissatisfied with how AMA’s staff conducted themselves as they clearly know nothing about people, let alone customer service. I now have a reason to boycott that outfit and do things on-line. Maybe the only time I’ll ever have to go there would be with respect to my vehicle registration, particularly when I bring the truck I inherited to Alberta.

    I’m old enough to remember when something like what happened to me was considered rude and an invasion of privacy. I guess being karened and kevined nowadays would be an “intervention”, an attempt to rescue me from myself.

    And, no, I won’t thank them for what they did.

      1. You have my sympathy.


        As I said, I told that to Karen #1 and she reluctantly accepted it. Kevin #2 told me gruffly that I should stay home.

        There are some people who’ll insist that they have the authority to boss around anyone who doesn’t play the game like everyone else. I’m pretty sure that Karen #1 overheard Karen #2 starting into her Nazi-like “if you don’t want to do things by their rules…..” tirade and Kevin #1 who asked when I last received a butt-kicking when he didn’t like my response to Karen #2. (He gagged when I asked him when he last used his brain.)

        So, like we’ve said on numerous occasions on SDA, it’s acceptable to attack anyone who doesn’t conform to the ideology, but not acceptable for the non-conformist to put up a defence.

    1. What a phoney article eh?
      People just can’t help themselves sometimes. Heard talk from an old person who said that back in the old days of party-line phones people used to listen in to other peoples’ conversations and got carried away and joined in the conversation sometimes. Ha! There were Karens back then too. Proves that some people have no shame.

      1. Heard talk from an old person who said that back in the old days of party-line phones people used to listen in to other peoples’ conversations and got carried away and joined in the conversation sometimes.

        That’s one reason why radio amateurs are advised about what they say on the air. We transmit in the clear as encryption is not allowed. That means all and sundry who happens to be tuned to the frequency one is on can hear the traffic.

        Invariably karens and kevins claim they act that way because it’s for one’s own “good” and one is too dumb to know what that is.

        Maybe I should have talked to myself in German, but I’m sure that Karen #2 would have surmised that I wasn’t amused and would still have poked around.

        1. Today was just another Manic Monday.
          Hope you’ll be better tomorrow B A. I had an incident last week that took time to get over. It happens.

          How does one say “get lost” in ciphertext? Or, perhaps the sentence “no speaky English” is a good idea in some cases when confronted with rudeness. On the other hand, these people love their power trips.

          Stay cool!


          1. I had other business in that part of town and I was cussing and fuming for much of the way.

            It only goes to show that some people’s parents didn’t raise their offspring properly.

  16. Kate:

    I can post, but anything with even just one link is caught in the filter.


  17. Under the category commies defending commies, True North reports on NDP and Green Party MPs speaking at an event to demand the release of the Huawei executive.

    1. That’s a double hitter. We have to pay for installation of these things plus pay for the power used once these things are installed on city owned property. Nice guy! /s

      1. But….. but….. but if it saves only one Tesla…..!

        He reminds me of some of the politicians I encountered while I was out of work during much of the 1980s. To them, and I mean representatives of both the Liberals and the PCs, being unemployed was a result of making “poor choices”, so why should they be concerned with constituents who are obviously shiftless and lazy?