19 Replies to “Art Of The Deal”

  1. I wonder if Biden will move the embassy back to Tel Aviv, just as he’s promised to roll back the new Title IX guidelines which are forcing universities to provide accused students with some modicum of due process.

    1. Everything that Biden can roll back, he will. The Democrats mission with his administration is to erase Trump’s presidency from existence as much as possible. Iran deal? Back on. Southern border? Tear down those walls. Title IX? If you’re male, screw you. Critical Race Theory? Everyone fall in line. Etc.

      All with Harris chomping at the bit to take her seat behind the Resolute Desk. Biden won’t finish the term. Not a chance.

      1. They also want all lawyers who helped President Trump disbarred.
        Make sure to discourage any future insurgents and uprisings will have severe consequences.

        I imagine many other people would be rounded up and if they don’t lawyer up, go to jail mostly for perjury charges seem to be the normal route now. Catch you in the smallest of lies.

        1. They’re going to make sure nobody messes with them again, and that includes the voter. Cue the water cannons.

          1. Really turn the US into a shit hole place and not just the big cities as they branch out their hate for humans agenda. Trudeau is a follower of this crap too.

  2. If “little joe and the big, fat ho” are put in charge, I foresee everything accomplished by President Trump placed in the clearance aisle. Including saying his name out loud. Pray unceasingly for your children and grandchildren.

    1. If you can’t wait, just go to CNN. Talking over points being organized as we speak. Too bad about that $1b CBC parasite subsidy.

    1. Yep, I predicted that a few days back…leftists hate Israel because Arabs have more melanin (generally) than Jews.

      More melanin = the right to do anything you want to people with less melanin. Burn down cities, call every non-melanin-enriched person a racist from the cradle and sell millions of books doing so, etc etc.

      1. Also, Israel has been more successful than her Arab neighbors. They have agriculture, industry, jobs, social structure….
        Compare that with Palestine.
        According to Marxist practice, all success must be punished. Those who are failures are always more righteous than those who succeed. They think of it as sticking up for the little guy.

        1. Absolutely right. Envy is one of the greatest drivers if not THE greatest driver of people with no ability to self-reflect. Helps too if you have bottom-feeding “philosophers” like Marx and his current acolytes telling you it isn’t envy but righteous anger.

  3. Lefties hate Israel as much as Trudeau loves himself.
    Biden – now named The Old Fool – doesn’t know whether to take a dump or play checkers half the time so his handlers will decide for him…until his handlers are nurses in the dementia ward.
    The Democrats like drama and conflict and back door shenanigans.
    The neocons liked plain out war.
    Trump likes to make good deals and get rid of shitty deals.
    YTF is Obama looked at with adoration?

    1. One word: melanin. Hell, he isn’t even descended from slaves, he’s half REAL African and half lily-white American. Bullshit sits on the throne stinking to high heaven, and rules everything in the 21st century.

  4. Damn it, is everybody a stupid as I think they are. I lost my last post because I was so angry I was smashing my key board. The profanity is best not repeated.