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  1. It’s going to be a great week.
    The devil went down to Georgia, looking for some votes to steal…..

    And a promise of a court case of biblical dimensions.

    Good thing the Democrat governors everywhere emptied their prisons for covid. They’ll soon be so packed there will have to be suicide squads going through them to Epstein the worst of the prisoners.

    1. Amen. I have been praying fervently for our countries election integrity since BEFORE the election … there is nothing greater than Freedom, Liberty, and human life, hanging in the balance. If the US Supreme Court doesn’t DO THE RIGHT THING and restore integrity … verifiable integrity … to US Elections … we are literally … doomed. And the Civil War is not far off.

      It is not accidental language that I posted yesterday coming from a Euro-globalist who said she was thrilled to see the whole world moving toward a “digital” future. Yeah … “digital” … where TRUTHS go to get manipulated … out of sight … out of mind … and all ‘scienci’ and whatnot.

      1. Big Brother has noted your commentary. If Biden wins, you’re much more likely for that to make a difference.


        1. Husain Obama had ten of thousands fevered voters show up for his Rallies.

          The most I saw at Joe Biden’s rallies, when he came out of the basement, was about 40 voters, and I counted 9 protective press reporters that didn’t cheer or clap.

          And Joe received more votes than Obama ? Yeah. Sure.

          I bought a winning 20 million dollar lottery, but a rabid dog ate the ticket.

          They want you to believe this crap?

      2. Ahh yes Kenji, but once it’s all digital, they will have all control. If you don’t behave, your digital account will be “frozen”, and you won’t even be able to buy food or toilet paper. If someone, even a family member helps you, their account will also be frozen.

        First they introduced Bitcoin, created by “a murky unknown source” just to get us all used to the idea of a digital currency. Next, we all are paid in digital currency, probably even bribed with a free monthly basic income. Then, although they “promised” we’d still keep and use our fiat currency, it turns out such messy fiat currency is no longer relevant in our digital new world order, so it’ll be declared useless and then done away with. Then,… then, they have full control of every aspect of our lives. Their machinations are almost complete, however, Trump got in the way, so must be dealt with accordingly. That’s why they’ve kept up the hate and pressure for four plus years.

        This was all planned to be done by 2030 with their Great Reset. Covid, appeared, and is such a great opportunity, they couldn’t pass it up, as they can now accelerate their plans. As that little ad from Trump states, “they’re not after him, they’re after us, Trump is just in the way.”

        Worse, we have allowed this to happen right in front of us, and we did nothing. Because we never could accept that there was any reason to believe all the conspiracy theories about them wanting to control every aspect and minutiae of our lives. Why on earth would anyone want that? Now we know why. In simple terms, because this is “their” world, and we just happen to live in it. Once they have full control, they can stop anything that might negatively affecting their personal elite lives and paradise! They wish to flit around the planet in their carbon fuel guzzling jets, us, we’ll have to take the bus, or walk. The “Climate change” the Green Hoax idea, was just not working well enough for them, so now they move on to other ideas. They want to have the lifestyle that they want, Including sexual slavery, pedophilia, human hunting, and dozens of other barbaric perversions that they desire to pursue. They truly do see themselves as “above the law” because the laws are for the little people, for the herd, for us. We little people don’t even have a choice about this anymore, and are only causing delaying tactics, but I truly believe our Goose is cooked, or perhaps, kooked.

        We, just don’t matter to them, and are just modern day slaves to their whims and needs, and can be cancelled and replaced at any time. Besides, there are too many of us, and they’ll be addressing that shortly. They are the one percent, of, the one percent, the quadrillionaires, and people like Soros, he’s their whipping boy, their manager, there to pass down their edicts, to have the herd, “us”, do as they see fit. If you don’t like it, if you refuse to “behave”, you will either live on the fringes, or simply be put out of “their” misery. These elites, from the Davos crowd down through the UN types, from Soros, to the Zuckerberg’s, Bezos and Gates, the Laurentians, the upper political class, Hollywood types, they are all in on it at some level or other. Some not even realizing or knowing it. The rich take care of their own, and the rich stay rich at our expense.


        1. The sad part of your diatribe GerryK, is that I consider YOU and ME to be the 1%’ers. Intelligent, educated, and rational folks who SEE the EVIL perpetrated by the economic elites … the economic 1%’ers.

          Our 1% will eventually WIN … but as history has instructed … there WILL BE BLOOD … before our rational, NATURAL, state of FREEDOM and LIBERTY is recovered.

          1. Yes Kenji, my thanks for your kind reply.
            It is sad that my post was so long it became a “diatribe”, which is precisely why I call this thing a Pandora’s box. So many threads that it’s not possible to convey everything that is suspected or being manipulated. All deliberate in my opinion. Creating so much diffusion, it’s just not possible to evaluate, without the conspiracy thing thrown in your face. The scary thing is, it’s working, and they are winning.

  2. When half the population embrace communism there will never be anything fair ever again in America or Canada. That is where we find ourselves at this very moment.

    1. +1 Your posts generally save me the effort of responding to a thread.

      Sad that so many (other) people in both countries are unable to recognize the glaringly obvious.

      1. OWG – Nemo2 et all
        I could not agree more…we are standing at the precipice.

        Allowing Public Servants to Unionize was, I believe, the beginning of this slide into socialism coupled with (in Canada), a publicly paid for broadcaster whose mission appears to me have been – from the beginning,….. “Social Engineering”. The cbc was even then brought into the fold of UNIONISM or at least a huge supporter of it…along with socialized medicine. (The initial pile of “free shit” we always talk about)…

        It’s been a continuous slide downhill since then.

    2. I am such a terrible pessimist. I used up all my optimism on hoping for a good leader to vote for.
      The corruption is making sure that is impossible.
      Even Ford turned to the dark side by Trudeaus blackmailing with our money.

      You know it’s totally rigged when many things you used to do in the past is illegal today with regulations and government fines. Trudeau is trying to rig our future that Provinces will receive fines not following this green hoax.

    3. Yeah except if the fraud is as large as Sydney says half the population didn’t vote communist. Maybe 20% did. And if she doesn’t succeed there is no more American. There will never again be a fair election.

    4. Yup. An Algerian election. One man, one vote, one time. From then on all decisions will be made for you.

  3. Science is back!…in the White House. There will be no more hurricanes and tornados, as the climate stops changing.
    Kamala Harris will be a GREAT (vice)President!

    1. It’s fake science when then have no clue what everyday products they use can’t be replicated in their “green plan”.
      Also they fail to look at the damage they created from policies that failed. They just add more and more failures.
      That is why we have the current massive government corruption for having supports for favorite companies while many critical ones fail.

      1. Everyone says that PP’s posts are sarcasm, yet there has never been a post that would lead me to believe that. ie something that proved that maybe PP was not a rabid socialist.

  4. Is it just that the population have chosen ‘communism’ or that the population are so manipulated that they really are not choosing but instead are pawns in an enormous power-grab?

    When the power, and it is a power, to run a nation moved from the control of an hereditary aristocracy, into the control of ‘the people’ – then, those-who-want-this-power moved to How Do We Control The People and make them, the one day of every few years, Vote Us In Power?

    And so- the brainwashing and manipulation of The People began – to ensure that One Day of Voting ensured that our new Elites – were in power [and the wealh that results from this power]. Simple. They took control of socialization – in the schools, in the local governments – by funding these institutions. So, the curriculum has to follow The Ideology [think of censored books, of required ‘sex education classes’ etc]. And, these governments took control of the media [think of Trudeau funding Canadian media if and only if they support Liberal policies]. And – dividing the population into separate ‘Identity Blocs’ – and making these populations adversarial to each other and dependent on govt funds [this is a huge tactic of the US Democrats].

    What’s new in this strategy to control the people – in their One Day of Voting? Well, they’ve controlled the schools and the media; they’ve made huge sections of the population dependent on government funds – so, what about the actual process of voting? In Canada, the people are further made irrelevant by our Charter, with its bilingualism law, that renders at least 80% and more of the population unable to play any role in government – and, our electoral system that puts the most MPs in the big cities – where all the government-dependent population live.

    In the US – it seems that they’ve moved to sabotage the actual electronic method of voting!! This was almost inevitable – given the Fact that Trump represented – not the Elite – but, indeed, The People. Trump was and is, a fight by The People to take back power from the Elite in Washington. [Canada doesn’t have such a movement and isn’t even close to realizing how trapped-as-peasants Canadians are]… And so, the Elite in Washington have fought back – for four bloody years. Everything from riots to Mueller to impeachment to ..daily 95% media attacks to….Endless. And then, came The Vote. Of course they sabotaged it.

    So- the question is: Will the People allow their rights to govern – be abandoned and handed over to an Elite in Washington? How will they fight for democracy? Canadians simply ignore – grab the CERB – and ignore the debt.

    1. ET, in 2007-08 the economy was in a PLANNED down turn, this allowed the ‘elites’ to put their sock puppet obama in , that cause Trump to win, as obama didn’t not deliver to the people. In 2019, they destroyed the world’s economy, to to better control the election process and control the voters. I believe that Engels and Marx used the RCC as a model for communism, as my friend said, for complete control, and I added and absolute control. The RCC just threatened with HELL, and when that didn’t work, they just burned a witch or two. It’s interesting to see what the left will try, and how long before their useful idiots actually catch on, how many useful idiots will die or be encamped, before they revolt?

    2. Quite right, ET. I agree with your analysis. This will not end well. You cannot simply, blatantly, filch an election as has just happened.

      Does anyone remember Oklahoma City in 1997? The difference now is that I suspect large parts of the public have begun to sense who the real enemy is. It would not surprise me if parts of the United States become “no go” zones for CNN, WaPo, NYT reporters.

      Elections have consequences, and stolen elections will likely have larger consequences. All this of course does nothing except benefit Russia and China.

    3. In the US their Constitution describes the republican idea of the consent of the governed.
      We call it responsible government and meld it with peace, order and good government.
      When government becomes responsible only to itself, as we now see in both countries, voters’ link with leaders is severed.
      When the leaders can act how they like, for their own interests, they are nothing more than rulers, uninterested in leading.

      Add that to the idea of risk averse government using taxpayer$ to shield itself from accountability, and you have the malignant administrative state. Its march, unchecked by fair elections or other means, always ends in tyranny, as governments doubles down on the failure of their self-interested and power sustaining policies, eventually turning on the people they “represent.”

      Here we are today. Up until the internet, Democrats and Grits controlled the media, which they added to their control of the education system, the arts, and a plethora of oppressed entitled to their entitlement statist rent seekers.

      But the internet changed that, it democratized information. No longer did people have to rely on the half-truths of leftism.

      They could decide for themselves. That, combined with Hillary Clintons ridiculous corruption and campaigning, changed the tide just enough to give Trump and the Republicans a great victory in 2016. DeMarxists would not countenance that again.

      They tried hijacking the justice system because they felt they couldn’t beat him electorally. When that failed they corrected their error of letting an informed voter change for themselves. No, they had no right to think the Trump way, so their vote had to be nullified. They also had to be kept ignorant, so the social media and tech giants, the new robber barons, took back the public narrative by promoting their false narratives while claiming the truth as conspiracy theory and enough fell for it.

      But voters are not realistic as a group, imo. Too many bought the idea of Democrats ruling just like Trump without the temper tantrums, riots and neutered legislatures. Now they think they have it made in the shade.

      They are wrong for three reasons. First, the founding fathers in the US saw wisdom in mid-term elections, a constant check.

      Second, the GOP still won big in the House, though could lose the Senate, but prevailed big time in state legislatures.

      Finally, there are 73 or so million voters who will never accept being cowed now that they’ve tasted the sweet flavour of liberty.

      But, one more mid term DeMarxist power grab and vote will seal the fate of the Republic.

      Canada has no such aforementioned protections. Are we beyond help? With Trudeau reimagining our prosperity, likely.

      At least as we are constituted now. TY and welcome back ET, your thought provoking analysis is forever enjoyable.

  5. Yesterdays War Room ep 525
    Lin Wood is the 1st 30 minutes


    At 35 minutes with a second
    segment at 52 minutes
    Vincent K. a data analyst from Switzerland has gone through the voter rolls finding thousands of votes coming from beyond the grave. In 2 districts within Michigan and Pennsylvania
    Multiple voter ID numbers that have the same first name, middle name, surname and DOB. They then confirmed their voter status as active.

    Vincent and his team started out with over 700,000 dual votes and have narrowed it down by eliminating other factors. They are now at a firm number of 160,000 names of dual voters in Pennsylvania and Michigan.

    They found switched votes from R to Dem and canvassed the voters by phone to inform them of their findings.
    #learn to code

  6. Trudeau wants the 90% of white Canadians to feel racist for being born white and bring in many millions of migrants on government assistance of course.

      1. I noted this when Pierre began introducing multiculturalism; it was apparent (to me anyway) that he envisioned little ethnic ghettos controlled by Tammany Hall type Ward Bosses. Shades of LBJ and “I’ll have those…..”.

    1. This is just another tactic of ‘Voter Manipulation’ – which puts the Voter into a passive position where he feels ignorant and amoral to even question What The Government Leaders Say and Do. And bringing in more migrants – on government assistance – makes these ‘new citizens’ a dependent population who will readily Vote For The Leader.

      Note how often this is done – and the contempt of the Elites for The People. Remember Obama’s claim that The People were bonded to their ‘guns and bibles’. Remember Hillary’s definition of The People as ‘The Deplorables’. What if you tried to criticize a POLICY of Obama’s? You were a ‘racist’. And in Canada – dissent simply isn’t heard – or- is threatened, as Trudeau did with The Rebel.

  7. Did anyone ever question the breathless announcements about campaign fund raising that permeates the US election cycle? I am sure most people think the fund raising went into advertising and campaign workers. It would seem as though it went to Dominion in an effort to be the highest bidder. Ever wonder how all those really weak candidates seem to get elected?

  8. Well, here’s a very loud hint that things are about to blow up. This possibility was dismissed a few weeks ago by our oh so knowledgeable and omnipotent media as rank conspiracy theory.

    Where does the Trump team get their vote totals from? Why state that Trump got a landslide of 410 EC votes? Here: The Dems and their accomplices are fcked.


    1. I fervently pray this is true. I hope this isn’t another ‘watermark’ story that has been scoffed at. My #1 fear is that there is no one in the Deep State who would assist the Trump Admin. in detecting vote fraud. They are too busy with 3-hr ‘workout’ lunches, and ‘conference’ junkets to Hawaii and the Bahamas to protect election integrity.

      1. Military Intelligence Kenji. They’ve been involved, via Patriot Flynn since Day One. Along with NSA.
        Since FBI and the Clowns (CIA) are totally corrupt, others are enlisted as loyalists.

        The election was monitored in the SCIF by MI & POTUS on Election Day. It’s all been tracked. The numbers are not drawn out of thin air. And most importantly, Wood and Powell have both made bold, specific statements and accusations that, as seasoned, experienced lawyers, you don’t make, without professional risk of disbarment. So has been said by knowledgeable others elsewhere. Think Truth Bombs that are seemingly impossible, compared to the corrupt media narrative. And we know the media lies and lies constantly.

  9. Posted this last night in Tips but thought it might garner a little more attention here also.

    Courtesy of Newsmax,


    A little question about what has transpired in the last two weeks. If the lawyers in this fiasco representing Trump and trying to prove the integrity of the election can provide evidence of a foreign actor being involved and that foreign actor was either aided and abetted by American citizens or if American citizens had been aided and abetted by a foreign actor wouldn’t that come under the auspices of military authority? As CinC, wouldn’t Trump have the authority to order the military to conduct an investigation and charge accordingly. As a national security threat, militarily, why would the DOJ or the FBI be involved? Any comments would be appreciated.

    Question still stands can anyone shed some light on what action the military can take on this if it is a presumed national security threat. The way the Democrats acted on the Steele Dossier I’m convinced that Trump and his team have more than enough evidence to pursue this.

    1. Read this Antenor. This was the trap, set for the Demarxists, media, Big Tech, and their accomplices walked right into:


      The US isn’t a pre-crime country, the crime had to be carried out. Think STING operation. And, the upshot? This has to go all the way, in other words, for the full weight of the STING to operate, and the investigation/charges to follow, the fraudulent election has to be fully certified. And that’s when Trump goes to the USSC with the case, where full disclosure will occur, including, the report from the Executive Order.

      The DeMarxist plotters and accomplices have no idea what’s coming at them.

  10. The Democrats warned about Dominion and its apparent ability to manipulate elections and then it dawned on them that it had the ability to manipulate elections. The question, as always, with this kind of thing depends on the viewer. Is it a feature or a flaw?

  11. Sorry to break it to you Sidney, but in DeMarxist land, where they’ve planted their Joemala flag, coins are the same on both sides.

    You simply flip it as many times as required. All perfectly legal of course. Actually, tracks covered well enough?

    I don’t think her affidavits are as compelling as she thinks, so her claim the statistical evidence is irrefutable is unpersuasive.

    But they are all great lawyers so we shall see.

  12. Good to see ET wade into the fray again. Always good points, and well stated.

    The people may have chosen socialism, socialized health care, schools, and now news media and the like, but these Canadian frogs are having great difficulty jumping out of the near boiling water now.
    It was choice then, and now is manipulated.

    The next 2 weeks of the American Republic are it. Now or never Ms Powell, and Godspeed.

  13. The most frightening comment she made? The same compromised voting machines will count the Georgia Senate runoff. Goodbye sweet America. We are ALL California now. A supermajority Communist politburo. And our FBI, CIA, NSA, et.al. did … NOTHING. Nothing. Why nothing? Because in 8-long years of an Obama Admin., our Deep State was made impenetrable. Our government bureaucracy of hardcore leftist employees is the ULTIMATE firewall protecting the Communist takeover of America. What a sad, sad, end to our beautiful nation.

  14. This cow Sidney Powell is out of her mind. I hope Kemp and Raffensperger sue her fat ass off.
    Chris Christie called Trump’s legal team a national embarrassment. They are certainly a joke. Tutti Frutti Rudy and Powell should be disbarred.

    1. Yes, no one she’s talking about is suing her. Given her history, she should have deep pockets, but they’re not suing her.

      Which suggests that they don’t want to face discovery. If she’s right, then the legal process of discovery could prove her main point. Why do you think they’re not willing to take that risk?

      There are minimal limits to disbarment, as Bill Clinton found out after lying under oath (and losing his license as a direct result). If you have evidence of anything other than rudeness on the part of Rudy and Powell, then let us hear it.

      Oh, I forgot, you drop your nuggets of “wisdom” like a passing seagull, and won’t engage in anything that requires thought.

    2. Hey look! The ass is calling someone, he isn’t fit to breathe the same air with, nasty names. Be gone. Back to giving Little Joe b. j.’s

    3. “I hope Kemp and Raffensperger sue her fat ass off.”

      You’ve never heard of discovery? The reason dishonest people never sue.

    4. Powell does not have a fat ass, but Chris Christie certainly does. Why should we care what he thinks? He is just another crooked politician. There is no substance to your comment. I think you are watching too much CNN.

    5. You are crude and … not likable.

      Grow up and don’t call a woman, whose brief case you couldn’t even carry, a cow.

  15. Yes, the population chose ‘communism’, though it’s more like fascism, the government decides who will make it and who will succumb.
    It is the government in this country that is killing jobs so easily it is breathless. Then they give alms to those that have no jobs and those that have no jobs are going to support the government.
    See how that works?

    The so called ‘Liberal’ government of Canada with its idiot führer is willfully destroying Alberta’s economy, it is absolutely destroying it every day by design without any regard. They claim it to be because of death cult of ideology of naturally occurring changes in the climate of the planet. They, these idiots are telling the eager population that they are going to stop it.
    Can anybody in their sane mind accept that?
    If the planet is due for change of climate, it will change, it may be for the worst for some and better for possibly the most. It will change and the idiot and his press cartel is not going to stop it.

    In spite of anything, the population is going to vote for the idiot.
    Then again who do you vote for, the so called ‘Conservatives’ are in on it, that they want to take a detour as to possibly get favor with the plebeians, the end result is the same as the ‘Liberal’.

    One has to hold back on rant since there is not enough space, time or inclination to go on what seems to be like throwing peas against a wall.
    It just needs to be repeated a lot and often.

  16. Unexceptional Americans have thrown away American exceptionalism.
    The Republic is dead.
    It cannot be reclaimed – it’s too late.

    1. It’s not dead, not so long as there are more than 400 million firearms out there, mostly owned by DEPLORABLES.
      Besides, this isn’t lost until the USSC says so, Jan 20th is the key date.

      Who gets inaugurated matters to your point.

      If the House picks POTUS,, it won’t be Plugs.

      Let the DeMarxist hordes destroy THEIR cities. The DEPLORABLES will protect theirs, and show the Antifa mewlings who the real Patriots are

  17. Powell described a secretive vote-flipping operation devised by a veritable who’s who of conspiracy theory tropes:
    George Soros,
    the Clinton Foundation,
    “communistic” actors in Venezuela (including late ex-president Hugo Chávez),
    China and
    thousands of election officials from both parties.

    She also repeated an allegation made by OANN, Congressman Louis Gohmert, and others that
    accurate voting results had been transmitted to the German office of the Spanish firm Scytl,
    where they were tabulated to reveal a landslide victory for Trump, and
    that a company server had been seized in a raid by the United States Army.

    Sounds legit.