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  1. I watch Dennis Prager regularly. Intelligent and insightful. If Canada or any other country wants to eliminate cov2 all that they have to do is stop paying politicians and bureaucrats. The flu will vanish with their first missed paycheck.

    1. The big Pharma is trying to turn this virus like the flu vaccine in having to have it…meanwhile the virus has mutated and the vacinne is useless. Great for political hype but that is it.
      Our opinionated news just don’t get it. I guess it does when our governments constantly pay them.

        1. “The flu will vanish with their first missed paycheck.”

          – Bet’cha that would work on global warming too!

      1. Prager is pretty vanilla. The biggest knock is that he’s a bit TradCon in a boomer cuckservative model.

        In other words…too liberal.

    2. Bingo! Or the teachers. Cut the teachers salaries in HALF for the half-assed remote learning nonsense my wife has been doing for since last March. Yes. I am saying to CUT a chunk of my household’s income. The teachers UNIONS would end the lockdowns inside 1-week. The UNIONISTAS are making all the decisions.

    3. VOWG – Cov2 as you put it or Wuflu as I refer to it has spawned a massive and all-encompasing industry.
      The media has taken control and has all kinds of items to fill in their endless ‘news-hours’ with even more nothingness.
      Unions have seized the opportunities to focus on the trying times their members are encountering dealing with their jobs so you and I are “safe”!
      And everyone is ignoring the people losing their jobs and paychecks because those people hiding under the bed NEED to be “safe”!
      This is not going to end soon, if ever, and it is not going to end well.
      Thank GOD I am past employment!

  2. From what I have read, the mRNA vaccine is a significant advancement.

    From the Washington Post It is different from more traditional vaccines, which often use a weakened or dead version of a virus, or a laboratory-generated protein. Both vaccines use a snippet of the virus’s genetic code to instruct cells to build the spike protein on the surface of the coronavirus, teaching the immune system to recognize the real thing.

    It is ironic that the Wuhan lab could let loose something so evil which results in a more effective defense against any future bio war events.

    1. Yes indeed and what I find really positive is that this new mRNA technology may well be applicable to other diseases aside from viruses. For example, suppose we could construct a vaccine to the natural bad recombinant activation that causes many cancers? Instant cancer cure for many types of cancer.

      1. Yes JB, and that won’t happen, because they will not jeopardize their funding for cancer research. Sadly, as always, follow the money!

    2. The mRNA vaccine is amazing and is the beginning of the end of so many plagues. They will succeed where DNA vaccines failed.

      1. Thank you once again for your expertise, this time in the field of virology and immunology. I’m in awe and filled with joy knowing a genuine Renaissance man has taken time out of his busy schedule to grace us with his wisdom.

        Truly an amazing achievement for a retarded proboscis monkey! Hip hip hooray!

      2. PS what part of “nobody was talking to you, asswipe?” do you not get? Back to your Commodore 64, fatboy!

  3. I am amazed at the number of people who actually think a vaccine will do anything other than enrich the pharmacology people. If flu shots prevented the flu then after 20 years of having them, the flu should be gone. It will be no different with any vaccine created for this virus.

    1. Each new mutation will warrant further restrictions, lockdowns and regulations, until the next vaccine is developed. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    2. What about those vaccines against viruses that work? Polio. Smallpox. Diptheria…and so on.
      Medical treatments aren’t just about ‘enriching the pharmaceutical companies’. Some actually work.

      1. Sorry ET, not the same. Apples and oranges as it were. If flu shots worked there would no longer be a flu as we have been pumping this shit in our bodies for a couple of decades, and guess what we still have the FLU.

      2. The point you missed by a mile it that it has to work. The some that actually work are not in question today, covid is.

  4. The mRNA technology is also, I think, brand spanking new. There are many doubters about the 90%+ effectiveness claims. There is also concern about possible long term effects given the way that the new technology is supposed to work. Personally I wouldn’t be inclined to take a leap of faith here. I agree with VOWG and JDN above. I suggest our ‘betters’ be first in line for the vaccine! When they’re all ‘cured’, I have nothing to worry about and won’t need any vaccine.

    1. When they are all injected with the FrankenRNA, as so many have been manipulated to desperately “need”, society will achieve herd immunity. There will not be a need for more than half the population to be experimented on.
      Sorry, not taking this, maybe only after 10 years to see if there are any long term effects.
      Think Bandwagons

    2. steve h, They will have to nail me down and force that vax on me, cuz it won’t be voluntarily.

  5. I’ve been reminded after reading stuff like this of a short story called “Good Morning! This Is the Future” (1962) by Henry Slesar. The fact that it was written 58 years ago and fits today’s craziness like a spandex face mask I find more than a bit unsettling.

  6. “Our models predict”..I am sure the government models will be exactly as accurate as the ones they used in March 2020.
    “Could have,may be and projections show” All government speak for “We don’t have a clue,but we will do our best to F**k U.
    “Cases” and so those constantly moving goal posts get moved again.

    1. Speaking of moving goal posts, maybe even as accurate as the ones they use to predict the climate!

    2. JR, I believe they only have three models, Yes, No, and Maybe, they then conform whichever model they desire….for what ever effect they desire, to fit their narrative!

      All for our own good of course.

    3. I am SO frigging tired of “the models”. Not a single model has been accurate yet our so-called leaders place SO much stock in them. Part of the fear-mongering narrative I guess.

  7. Preaching to the choir. And regarding the vaccine: if people want it, knock yourself out. Conservative MP’s should focus on protecting those who don’t want it. If they don’t…take out your copy of the Charter and wipe your ass with it cause that’s all it’ll be good for.

    1. Yeah burton, they will probably add a little something to turn us all into good little globalists as well.

  8. My daughter tells me that her little Orange Co. city of Dana Pt. is simply ignoring Gov. Newsom’s “orders”. Why? Well in part because there is NO SPIKE in cases in Dana Pt. and they’ve had a grand total of 338 cases … total. The same holds true for most of Orange Co, where mostly white and working people live in LA.

    We were promised “granular data” by Dr. Birx way back in February. Yet … the States have systematically withheld and refuse to share the ACTUAL granular data that they have. Why? Because it tells the TRUTH about the China Plague. It reveals the HOT SPOTS of transmission and the ethno-economic strata therein. The government doesn’t want you to know the TRUTH about COVID … just like they don’t want you to know the TRUTH about airline terrorism. So they have the TSA search … EVERYONE. When in FACT, they only need to search Muhammed and his 13yo “cousin”. The government is SHUTTING DOWN EVERYTHING … instead of targeting the problem at its REAL sources. Yes, we have the ‘science’ and we have the ‘data’ … but it’s NOT being used.

    We need to STOP the game-playing by our overlords and force them to reveal the TRUTH.

    1. Hey Kenji,
      I used to live up hill from Dana Point, in Laguna Niguel (off Golden Lantern), some 20 years back. God’s Country, that little area.

      1. My sister in law lives in “Coto-de-Caza” (think; housewives of Orange Co.). up the canyon from LN and Golden Lantern. They keep extending the canyon development. And yes … little petite trophy wives can still get taken by Mt. Lions on the trails. Best to power walk with a buddy or two. Yep. Still God’s country.

        And yes, it is the land of trade-up husbands and trade-up wives.

  9. My son is a medical professional. He will be required by government to take whatever the government says he must take to keep his job. If he, my genetic offspring, does not get sick I might take a vaccine. If he refuses on penalty of losing his very good position, I will not take it.

  10. To my understanding, the vaccine against the influenza virus , types A and B, can mitigate the severity of it [there is no vaccine vs type c which is mild]. Therefore – I see no problem with using the vaccine. Since the elderly have, naturally, weakened immune systems, then, using a method [vaccine] that helps reduce the stress on their natural immune systems, seems sensible to me.

    I doubt if influenza can be fully to almost eradicated in the sense that polio and smallpox were – because it is capable of such flexible mutations. But – do we see the same numbers hospitalized or dead – that we used to see?

    As for the evil pharmaceuticals, there is evil in all human endeavours because of our basic psychology – but- there is also good. The cost of research to develop a new drug is enormous – and therefore, these companies have to ‘make the money’ to ‘make the money’, so to speak.

    1. ET, I am fucking old and will not take this shit only under the circumstances I previously stated.

    2. “But – do we see the same numbers hospitalized or dead – that we used to see?”
      Sorry ET but that has a major problem.
      As in; How would we know?
      For when the Wuhan Plague failed to kill as many people as a moderately “bad flu year” these very same bureaucrats said this”You,the public,cannot use the Annual Flu Death Numbers,,cause we just make those numbers up”..
      But trust us on the Infected,Dead or recovered numbers for The Dread Covid..

      What is truly amazing 9 months in,there is still no approved therapy.No clear and effective prevention plan and apparently no understanding that Public health officials are not authorities on life outside the civil service..
      Fools and Bandits are truly at the helm,as every day of this Plandemic reveals.

      1. I agree with your comments, John Robertson, about the Wuhan Virus; that is, that I strongly, totally, doubt the statistics on infections, cases and deaths [and these three categories are not the same]; I doubt the statistics in every country, never mind China and N. Korea [-which claims no cases or infections]; I doubt the US data, for the reports are that the govt gives 20K to hospitals for each death due to the virus. I doubt Canadian data – which doesn’t differentiate between ‘infections’ and ‘cases’. I acknowledge that the ‘experts’ refuse to compare any of these three categories with a normal flu season; and that the politicians are trapping us, and themselves, in political games-for-power.
        I also agree that the politicians – I won’t say the doctors for I think there is more agreement among them – but the politicians refuse to accept the various therapies and drugs that apparently DO work. And refuse to acknowledge the devastating psychological and economic effects of lockdown.

        My post regarding vaccines and the flu – referred ONLY to the value of vaccinations. And that I felt that the current common flu vaccines did work to reduce the numbers and severity of this flu. And that I felt that one couldn’t or shouldn’t vilify all pharmaceutical companies.

        As for Old White Man – I’m probably as old as you, and my age doesn’t prove or disprove my opinions.

        1. Um’, ET, did you phone home yet?

          Your posts though logical and informative, unfortunately don’t allow for the baser reasons, those being money and power.

          A real cure would herald freedom and salvation, but then the drug companies lose their funding, and politicians lose both money and power, so it ain’t gonna happen bro! Keeping us fearful and behaving is good politics….at least for the politicians.

          1. Unfortunately, GerryK, the letters ‘ET’ refer to my actual name, not the film; therefore, the analogy, if you are using it as ad hominem, is lost on me.

            And I completely disagree with you that a cure for the Covid Virus would result in the drug companies losing their funding. That doesn’t make any sense; after all – a vaccine that works will be extremely profitable.

            Nor does it mean that politicians will lose both money and power. Do you seriously think that corruption in our government – and I refer to both the Washington swamp and our own Laurentian elite – will end if we develop a vaccine against this virus??? Is this virus the only avenue for their corruption?
            As to the origin of the virus – all we know is that it originated in Wuhan – and probably – in the laboratory. Whether deliberate or accidental, we’ll probably never know – but one result is clear; The Chinese have greatly benefited from the economic – and political -implosion they unleashed.
            And some of our politicians have greatly benefited by increasing their authoritarian powers.
            But there is more to a nation than its government – corrupt or otherwise – and I see no way that those politicians can prevent a viable vaccine from development and use.

  11. Lockdowns are a huge waste of time and money and even if you manage to make it work by locking everybody in their homes, the minute it’s over, the virus is right back on the loose, except you are a lot poorer and more in debt.

    1. Tim, agreed. Lockdowns haven’t worked since the beginning of this scamdemic so why they work now? I honestly can’t express how angry and frustrated I am right now with the lack of leadership this country (nationally, provincially, and municipally).
      At the risk of repeating myself, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting to get a different result.”

  12. Things in Manitoba have gone bat shiite crazy. We’re now not supposed to leave our homes except for essential reasons. “Manitobans can report compliance and enforcement issues by visiting http://www.manitoba.ca/COVID19 and completing the reporting form, or by calling 204-945-3744 or 1-866-626-4862 (toll-free) and pressing option three on the call menu.”

    They are complaining about a lot of frivolous “tips” clogging up the works. I am delighted to hear this. It’s time to give the tip line the long gun registry treatment.

  13. Can anyone tell me how the Extreme-Orient nations are handling COVID at this point? It is very hard to source this info.