28 Replies to “Sadly, history is repeating itself”

  1. Sorry Mark, I don’t think Democrats are doing this for “opposition research”, or for another “impeachment”. This in my mind, is about identifying Trump’s assets, and his net worth, or wealth, because Democrats and Democrat allies are planning to throw hundreds if not thousands of lawsuits at Trump after he leaves office. They plan to sue Trump for anything under the sun, from every possible direction imaginable, for as much as everyone can get. They plan to make Trump such an example of what happens to an outsider, who tries to push his way into the political arena, that any outsider in the future, will have second thoughts, third thoughts, many multiple thoughts about trying anything like Trumps has done, ever again.

    1. Then we need to change our laws regarding frivolous and politically-motivated lawsuits, don’t we? Loser pays for example. Loser pays double if the case is thrown out before adjudication.

      1. I’m not sure if Trump is going to be able to pay after he loses these suits. Empty pockets, empty accounts.

        1. So should we take that to mean that your area of expertise is being a failure in life, so you can recognize it? That would explain a lot.

    2. If they do, they won’t be going after Gen Flynn, Roger Stone or George Papadopolos and their limited financial resources.

      He would hand them back a beat down. Ex President Trump will cash in on his presidency like no other, even the Clintons.
      I think it is Biden and the Dems who will be dodging investigations as they appoint leftist cronies into key positions.
      They’re arrogant enough to show Americans the full extent of their collectivist gong show of corrupt incompetence.
      Then they face the electorate in two years.

      Will voters still think they could dump gruff Trump and still reap his policy rewards, relieved of the hair on fire head explosions and various other temper tantrums which are the hallmark of leftists denied power.

      How else can they get rich without earning it?

      Get a real job, take financial risks, use their own money, work for others’ benefit? Give back? Sacrilege.

  2. Berny is workin his way to the “ring”

    It’s sanders vs “clinton”.
    Who can get there first!?

  3. I mentioned a few days ago that Trump was well aware that the Democrats would never let him go. They declared war when he was elected in 2016. I firmly believe that Trump has manufactured a ‘dead man switch’ and this blatant effort to steal the election that is underway at the moment will be their undoing. I may be wrong in my assumption but if I am then we will lose a lot more than we can ever imagine.

    1. I hope you’re right because if you’re not the USA is no longer a Republic or a Democracy and there will never be a fair election in the USA again.

    2. Good thing President Trump did his homework in this election and by Constitutional Law every State failed in their obligations to voting regulations by the Constitution. Woohoo! Trump has won. Trump has won.

  4. @1:08 am Carl

    You say the Dems want to throw lawsuits POTUS’s way after he leaves office? It does seem rather nonsensical.
    “So that any outsider in the future, will have second thoughts, third thoughts, many multiple thoughts about trying anything like Trump has done, ever again.” What? For running for POTUS?

    Trump said that he had accountants who complied with tax laws. What crimes are you talking about?

    If I were a judge I would dismiss those cases.

    Secondly, when POTUS Trump wins his second term he might prosecute the perpetrators of the crimes of interference into an election and for the crime of treason. That would be shocking for Dems. Right? Perhaps the Dems would be non-existent after this coup d’état. Is death still the penalty for these crimes?

    1. “Perhaps the Dems would be non-existent after this coup d’état. Is death still the penalty for these crimes?”

      Rather, “attempted” coup d’état….etc.

    2. Nancy.

      It really depends on what judge he gets.
      I’m sure the libs will do all they can to find a Trump hating judge.
      As we have seen in the long 4years.

      1. Thank God we have chain of command courts and the US Supreme Court is Trump friendly.
        His ace in the whole is due to computerization., the US Constitution has not kept up and every State has broken their Constitutional Obligation of secure voting that can be traced back to the single legal voter. This is why the Whitehouse announced that President Trump will be Constitutionally back in power.

  5. Well folks, we are going to see if over 70 million Americans are willing to use the second amendment to keep their freedom. There will no longer be any other option if the fraud and treason that occurred is not addressed and reversed and those responsible charged and put in prison.

    1. ‘fraid it don’t work that way, VOWG. Trump’s famous retort to Hitlery in the 2016 debate, ” – You’d be in jail!” remains fantasy – and Hitlery remains on the loose, fat, dumb and spiteful, despite a clear-cut penalty of (and many others doing) 8 years’ hard-time for just that one e-mail of hers. So’s her husband for that matter, despite 26 trips to Pedo Island and misusing a registered charity, the Clinton Foundation, as his personal piggybank – both of which he did after Dubya cut him his pro-forma blanket pardon, so he could be jailed for both of them.

      And Enron, and Worldcom etc etc etc etc etc – lots of high-rollers who were caught in the act and walked away laughing. It seems the only high-roller who paid the price was Ep-swine, probably because he could’ve fingered so many others – and he didn’t kill himself.

      “But the big man plays while the little man pays…” – Johnny Paycheck, “Me and the IRS”. And of course, the Queen of Mean herself, Leona Helmsley: “We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes.” Happily, she was wrong about that; but she’s one of the very very few who paid for not-paying.

      1. It will have to work that way if America is going to survive, if not, then good bye. The country will fall.

  6. Of course, Prinz Dummkopf wants to do the same thing here in Canada. Your money and your bank accounts aren’t going to be yours for much longer if he has his way.

    However, we won’t be able to do that to him as certain documents pertaining to his stealing from the country–I mean, his WE charity work–are in the process of being (accidentally on purpose) destroyed.

  7. Nancy, the process is the punishment. Look at Flynn. He was framed, he is innocent. He is also ruined, had to sell his house to pay for attorney fees. They will shop around until they find a judge who will take the case, an Obama appointee, just like they did for Flynn. They will keep him in court until he dies.

  8. I am counting on Trump being Trump.
    The Demons have made no secret of their intent,both toward Trump and Family and toward every citizen who opposes their demonic lust for power.
    These people are doing their part to remind us that evil exists,a fact we tend to forget when all is well.
    Faced with the utter madness and malice of the Democrats,demonstrated overtly these last 5 years(Slightly more subtly for decades past),what would any practical person do?
    They cannot be reasoned with,for reason plays no part in their world.
    Their ethical and moral standards cannot be appealed too,for they have none.
    (Well double standards double plus good).
    And they have no sense of fair play,empathy as they are …well Liberals.
    Such an opponent is a clearly defined enemy,such an enemy ,to be defeated,must be destroyed.

    So when these creatures say;”Can’t we all just get along”,it means they know they are losing.
    For when they last held power,they happily used every power of the State to attack those they see as enemies..According to their spokesmen we are the enemy,as defined above.

    What I believe is coming down,is the best and most civil way to destroy these enemies within.

  9. History always repeats itself because our life spans are short, and our grasp of previous knowledge eludes the next generation, or, the one after that. That my friends, here at smalldeadanimals, is a fact that has been proven for thousands of years.