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  1. I only watched a bit of it.

    My parents and I left Berlin (father first, my mother and I about a year later) before “die Mauer”. Any knowledge I might have of that structure and how it affected people came either from movies or documentaries like this or from my relatives.

    We didn’t have much problem emigrating to Canada as our part of the city was in the British Sector.

    It’s interesting to note that after “die Mauer” finally came down and the Soviet Union was abolished by Gorbachev, how both the Americans and Russians left in their own way.

    The Americans put on a tattoo, marching through the streets of Berlin by torchlight, which is a German military tradition. They came as conquerors and left as friends, having won the love and respect of Berliners through their efforts during the “Luftbruecke” (literally “Air Bridge”, which was the term for the Airlift).

    The former Red Army left Berlin without much fanfare or regret on the part of Berliners. Their departure was greatly unlamented.

    I was born there, but I’ve never been back. Berlin and, for that matter, Germany would be a completely foreign country to me.

    1. “The former Red Army left Berlin without much fanfare or regret on the part of Berliners. Their departure was greatly unlamented.”

      We in Poland we’re just about equally devastated as the Berliners when the Siberian Mongols left.

      1. It’s interesting that you mentioned the Mongolians.

        My mother told me numerous stories about when the Red Army came to Berlin. One thing she found scary was the Mongolians among the troops, mainly because of their fierce looks.

        1. I would really like to spend some time in Mongolia. It’s about the only compelling area of the Far East for me. But, having to deal with commies any way a trip is approached is out of the question.

          1. Yes it can. No question about it. We’re nowhere near as bad as it was then and there (said Venezuelans about two decades ago).

          2. Put your mask on and sit down .Colon, try driving to Florida. I wonder how you will feel about that when you have to get a shot for the whu who flu before you can buy food?

          3. Why don’t you ask Venezuealns or Cubans or North Koreans if they would prefer civilization now with all its imbecility to Communism with all its starvation? We’re not there yet, not by a long shot, but we may well be heading there and it seems like we’re picking up speed.

          4. For those wondering “where we are” relative to other countries which have descended into communism, look up The Tytler Cycle and assess our current condition.

    2. The situation in Berlin provided all sorts of material for spy novels, TV shows, and movies. Among the ones that come to mind for me are The Spy Who Came In From The Cold (Richard Burton, Claire Bloom) and the TV adaptation of Smiley’s People (Sir Alec Guinness and a pre-Picard Patrick Stewart).

      1. Can’t recall which of Tom Clancy’s novels had an interesting part about the US Berlin Brigade putting a valiant stand against invading Soviets. I am not taking about Red Storm Rising here (the one book that begs for a big screen adaptation) there was another one, I think.

        1. Red Storm Rising…..an absolutely fabulous book…and I totally agree with you Colon, it really begs for a big screen adaptation…!!

          That was the first Clancy Novel I read….and I ended up reading them all.

          I think it was the Cardinal of the Kremlin..??

          1. Yes I think it was the Cardinal. … maybe … all Jack Ryan books melt into one in my memory eventually. Red Storm and The Hunt for the Red October are the only two of his books that I kept.

        1. Ah, yes…. I forgot about those. I’ve watched both of them and I also read the novels.

    1. Islamists have been very quiet during Trump’s tenure. Let’s see if that continues.
      Sweden is getting smarter all the time. Soros may have to increase his Soros there.

      1. Soros is a Greek word for “coffin”, even though he is a Hungarian Jew.

        Death surrounds the man and his family. Go figure!! Guess he has is just trying to live up to his family name.

    1. There’s that magic word again, the word that started all the insanity, “models”. They were wrong before and are still wrong now. Incompetent people should not be allowed to vote for equally incompetent people.

  2. Remarks by Dr. Roger Hodkinson, M.D. ex-Chairman of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Examination Committee in General Pathology in Ottawa, to a committee of the Alberta government Tuesday. One version has already been taken down by YouTube, probably for specious reasons, because that’s how they roll. I think you can find it on Bitchute and Vimeo, too:


    Only five minutes of audio; worth a listen!

    1. Confirmation of what I have been saying from the get go. There are thousands of medical professionals who confirm the same thing daily. WHY ARE WE LOCKED INTO THIS NEVER ENDING CHRADE OF A PANDEMIC???? Do I really have to say it?

    2. Thanks. I think that tells us what we need to know in an authoritative, succinct fashion. I am worried about the levels of support for forced vaccines. People are reacting like naive children, rather than thinking for themselves. They get away with this because people are conditioned into believing and obeying authorities. In this instance it is destroying our society.
      Vernan Coleman ( for those who are fans — as I am) has put up two pdf’s of recent books — one of his essays on Covid manipulation, and the other on the ineffectiveness of masks.
      http://www.vernoncoleman.com/main.htm (The books can be found on the Health link).

      I don’t express my skeptical views among friends because most of them are brainwashed. This leaves me feeling defeated, but I don’t know how to change people’s minds. Logical argument does not do it. When I have tried, I get dismissed as a “conspiracy threorist”. It goes back to — was it Goebbels? — to control people you just need to make them afraid. Seems to work.

      1. “Don’t know how to change people’s minds”
        Why bother? I too am surrounded by half-wits, scarrity-cats and sheeple. May as well talk to a lobotomized Australopithecus.

      2. Thanks for the link, LindaL. A lot of interesting reads. Like you, my husband and I don’t share our skeptical views with brainwashed friends and family; it just isn’t worth it.

    3. gordinkneehill

      AWESOme….Totally awesome.
      Finally some common Sense from a respected source.
      But will the NAZI’s (NenXi – Iveson), listen.???

  3. https://youtu.be/tSuCuoQxI20 more exciting news coming from the WEF. I can hardly wait to face no power, no internet and no commerce, guessing we will be on digital currency by the time it happens? Russia Russia Russia? Or China China China like Otoole was chanting this morning?

    1. Steven, we will reach a point where those of us who are able will take what they need from anyone, anywhere, at anytime and the “elite” will be the first to go down. There will be no protection against a hungry man who has a family to feed. Anarchy and chaos awaits us unless we stop our governments in their tracks and get back to “normal” and individual freedom. This means stopping the insanity imposed on us by a flu virus.

      1. Your a wise old man, old man.
        Just been thinking this morning the same thing.
        In this US Elections, they are using dirty tricks to keep Trump from this landslide victory by going after the lawyers working for Trump and now intidating some of the Electoral College Voter into changing their votes with physical violence.
        It is obvious that our politicians are working against us now and want to cause physical harm with all this nonsense.

      2. VOWG: The history of the last 50 years proves you wrong. The elite of North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela survive and prosper. So do the elite of Mexico and all of Central and South America. They control the armies and the massive Deep States. The poor and hungry stay poor and hungry in those countries. Canada may not be headed to a Venezuela-like state, but Argentina-status is a real possibility.

        1. In the 1920s, Argentina had a per-capita income on par with modern western economies. Then a series of dictatorships brought the resource-rich nation down. Corporate Hollywood gave memories of the Person dictatorship its approval, casting Madonna as Eva Peron. Naturally, the movie got positive reviews from the establishment critics.

        2. No Ottawa, those elites were changed several time before kim jong mentally ill took control. that they are still there shows that canadians could possibly do the same thing , at least those do not try and enslave me. I am damn sure I can take at least one with me. What do you you really think about communism?

  4. Blacklock reports that Angry Adolf spent almost two and a half million taxpayer dollars trying to get that UN Security Seat. And he didn’t even get a lousy T-Shirt.

    1. Seems to be one of Trudeau’s favorite places to dump Canadian cash on….and still not a bloody t-shirt.

  5. Apparently telling Trudeau what you think is a career limiting move for a minority female Liberal MP. And I don’t mean Jody Wilson-Raybould:

    Motherf***er, who the f**k do you think you are speaking to?” she howled and hung up.

    “Caesar-Chavannes told Trudeau she didn’t want to be a token. Yet it is clear that is exactly what he had in mind for her, as with so many other members of his caucus who ticked electoral boxes.”

    Apparently the help never spoke back in the Trudeau household when he was growing up.


    1. Apologize that I posted a reference to the article.
      But I digress.
      Is she suggesting that she was nothing more than a wardrobe accessory much like a fake beard?

      1. In Justin’s case, more like very dark makeup for his favourite costume.
        I think he may actually hate those cultural, racial and gender groups he claims to support.

    2. One black Liberal — just across the River from Ottawa on the Quebec side is another token Black. (I met him once — very nice, and I think he should rethink being a Liberal). Anyway, he is regularly trotted out for the BLM photo-ops and was asked to vouch for Trudeau when the blackface story came out. Honestly, everyone in that party is token, except for a very small group in the PMO, and they get their instructions from the UN.

  6. Today the NP features an article on a diatribe written by ex liberal member for Whitby.

    In the referenced tome Ceasar-Whatshername, describes the conditions that preceded her exit from politics.
    From a quick read of the Ivison column it’s apparent she and Ivison are the last to realize the depth of intellect of the sock monkey.

  7. More evidence of gross incompetence in the top levels of the RCMP:

    “But four years later, the plan to become an international intelligence player has fallen flat: Ortis is awaiting trial for alleged security breaches; three of his former staff are suing the government for alleged harassment; and an independent review commissioned by the RCMP has cited senior police officials responsible for the NICC for a “clear failure in leadership.” ”


    Note: Very useful RCMP organization chart at the end of the article showing who was “in charge”. All have continued to prosper despite their “clear failure in leadership”. Canada’s Deep State – growing ever larger to serve you less and less, but control you more and more.

  8. What happened in Wayne County, Detroit last night?

    The count wasn’t certified, good thing for POTUS, the commissioners meeting went dark, and when they came back live, revoted and certified the county vote, reversing their decision.

    This is why. Threats. And the 2 GOP commissioners were DOXXED on Twitter as well. If thats not election interference….


    1. Ned Staebler is part of this along with Abraham Aiyash
      The 2 GOP commissioners were also able to secure a condition to their certification.
      Michigans Secretary of State agreed to an audit of Wayne County…
      The first hour of War Room is dedicated to this.
      The fun starts at 3 minutes
      They are domestic terrorists as defined by the criminal code. The law is read by Raheem Kassam at 52:20
      After that Bannon says “lets make Ned Staebler famous” and the team goes through who this guy is.

  9. I was in West Germany in 1961 when the wall went up. Woke up at midnight to the sound of chaos. We went on full alert with live ammo for all weapons. All duece and a halfs had machine gun rings over the cab and the 50 cals were loaded and locked. We were expecting the Russians to come through the Fulda Gap. After 6 days, we stood down to normal business.

  10. Impetus behind the QAnon movement:

    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Police in north Florida announced the arrests of 178 people following a “large-scale” human trafficking operation.

    Tallahassee police held a press conference Tuesday morning on “Operation Stolen Innocence,” their two-year-long investigation into trafficking in Florida’s capital city.

    Police Chief Lawrence Revell said the operation began back in November 2018, after investigators discovered a 13-year-old child’s image on a prostitution website.

    RELATED: Reports of violence, abuse, trafficking rise as pandemic continues to isolate the vulnerable

    Their Special Victims Unit rescued the girl, and their overall investigation ultimately resulted in the 178 arrests announced Tuesday.

    Revell said 106 people have been charged with felonies, while 72 face misdemeanor charges. Another 19 suspects will face federal charges, he said.


  11. Toronto Sun reports that the auditor for Ontario, is ranting that Hitler Doug Ford is not doing enough to fight global warming. The auditor points out that one of the reasons we are not doing well, is because people are increasingly using natural gas to heat their homes. Stupid Canadians think they need to heat their homes in the winter.

  12. Exodus from California


    California has 12% of the US population, but 50% of the homeless.

    All the people leaving California for Texas will turn the state blue. Texas will become another California but with at least one big difference; it’s hotter and much more humid than California.

    So Texans get ready for:
    – electric system failures
    – micro-management of your forested areas, and lots of wildfires in your future.
    – a ban on fracking. Start importing Saudi oil.
    – lots and lots of business regulations

  13. The only successful armed revolt in the U.S.A. since its break from great Britain in 1776 took place shortly after WWII. The revolt was against corrupt politicians and crooked elections.

    “Corrupt politician Paul Cantrell was in complete control of McMinn County, Tennessee, his whims enforced by the violent Sheriff Pat Mansfield and his deputies. On Election Day, Cantrell and the sheriff seized the ballot boxes and brought them to the jail “to be counted” in secret. Soldiers came home from World War II to find their community in the grips of this corrupt political machine. These veteran soldiers, who became known as “The Fighting Bunch,” armed themselves and lay siege to the jail as the National Guard closed in. Led by Bill White, a curmudgeonly marine sergeant who fought through hell in the Pacific and came home to learn his family had been terrorized by corrupt lawmen, these veterans were not to be denied. After six hours of gunfire and dynamite blasts, Boss Cantrell and Sheriff Mansfield fled the state. The deputies surrendered. The ballot boxes were opened and counted. The GI slate was elected, and the story buried.This episode in U.S. history has never been more relevant, but has never been fully told.”

    Description of the recently published book: “The Fighting Bunch” by Chris DeRose.

  14. Berlin COVID protest broken up near Brandenburg Gate:

    Police have used water cannon to break up a protest by thousands of people in the centre of Berlin against changes to the law on coronavirus measures.
    Berlin authorities said protesters had ignored requests to wear masks.

    They announced the decision to halt the protest minutes after the Bundestag (German parliament) began debating reforms that give the government more powers during a pandemic.

    1. I wonder how many of those 13,000 who supposedly died of COVID had other underlying conditions or comorbidities, or were suicides, car crashes, Cancer, heart failure, regular flu etc, etc, etc. If it’s anything like in Alberta, the real number is probably less than 300.

      Yea….lots of Disinformatzia – Everywhere the Western Press lives. In Germany it’s evolved into an artform – near genetic.

      1. Steakman-
        “Disinformatzia” exactly.
        Everywhere there’s a lot of government fabrication going on for ultimate control. They are singing from the same song sheet simultaneously. Individuality is out the door.

        Kudos to gordinkneehill for his post regarding:
        The remarks by Dr. Roger Hodkinson were bang on. This is the most truthful bit that we’ve heard in a long time.

        We need a new slogan, something like:
        “Decouple From Government Oppression Now”


        P.S. I broke with my usual silence the other day. Was at Costco and I said to one of the employees that all the COVID measures were useless because the cause was a “hoax.” I got a blank stare in return.

        1. I am not surprised Nancy one bit. One only need look about Calgary with the thousands of DRONES walking outside with their masks on…or driving by themselves…BRAIN dead for the most part.

          As I’ve said, i refuse to wear one and simply say if accosted, “I’m exempt”. This whole thing is complete and utter BS. Anthony Furey in the TO sun had a great article today. Seems that in Alberta since Jan 2020, we have had only 10 people die SOLEY from COVID…….10 People…!!! And that is right from an AB Govt Publication. All the rest had 2-3 or more comorbidities & other complications with the majority being over 65.

          NOW we have that DirtBag in Calgary, Tom somebody who is the “Municipal Emergency Chief”…?? Whatever the hell that is, demanding that Calgary do a 28 day TOTAL Lockdown with only ESSENtIal Services operating..!!! MADNESS.!! This wannabe NAZI has ZERO LEGAL standing to enact that bit of utter Idiocy.

          We have nothing more than a CASEDEMIC and are led to believe all hell is breaking loose, when in fact there are some serious assholes in this country fully willing to enact TRUDEAU’S Reset….and it has squat to do with some 2 bit virus.

          Glad to see there is a Legal Group determined to take the city to court should Nenxi and Tommy move forward with their totalitarian plan and fight them. Should they enact this BS, I will NOT COMPLY.

          1. Re: Your last paragraph:
            Right on!
            The Legal group is there to decouple from totalitarian measures. These GOVERNMENT people have well paying jobs, yet they are trying to stop a person from feeding themselves. They don’t own us.