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  1. Fox has been holding back on Trump wins. My count is 275 Trump but still early. Plenty of time for recounts, slow counts, and shenanigans.

    To be fair, some states by law did not start counts for mail-in ballots until the polls closed. No doubt a few changes will happen.

    1. Fox News has gone to Hell since Rupert Murdoch stepped down and turned it over to his soibois.

  2. Please (please please) do something about that ‘Lady Gag Gag’ video. It auto-plays everytime I hit the home page. blech

  3. Starting Friday November 6, residents of Prince Albert, Saskatoon and Regina will be required to wear a mask in all indoor public spaces.
    L- I wish the Premier would have announced this before election day. Roco Galati, the Constitutional Lawyer is launching Charter Challenges against the fed. gov’t. and that of Ontario. How much would it cost for us to have Saskatchewan’s government included ?

    Show your evidence, the medical science, full disclosure, that you base your policy on and be held fully responsible by the public. No hiding behind “experts”.

    Scientific method requires full disclosure of the evidence and cross examination and analysis by medical evidence world wide. Yes including Sweden, North Dakota and other jurisdictions. This in order to meet the Standard of Care required in civil law of medical matters. That has not been done from the start.

    The health of the public was clearly not taken into account in the shut down of medical services in March. The economic damage, and the damage to the economy have or will result in more life-years lost than Covid-19, according to Cancer and Heart specialists estimates. Nor where increased suicides by those who’ve lost their employment, their businesses, family break-up and the panic-demic attitude from both government and the media.

    Masks have a cost, in physical and psychological health, too. At this point, when dealing with government; it’s like Pres. Ronald Reagan’s quote in dealing with the U.S.S.R. on military agreements. “Trust but verify! ”

    Self-government by free citizens means the government answers to the citizens, arbitrary measures violate the citizens rights to liberty.

    Show your evidence to the public. Expose it to scientific scrutiny and argument.

    The death rate is 1 tenth of what it was 6 months ago. Prove your case openly or erode the trust in government and change the political climate provincially as the Trudeau regime has done federally here.

    1. The Chicoms are laughing up their sleeves on dumbazz western folks. It’s the flu. Just like the old flu they send our way every year. It always kills old people, because they’re immune compromised already. And by the way, those pretty light blue masks handed out are made in Chinah, with excruciating care and detail: https://www.newswars.com/shock-video-chinese-worker-wipes-shoes-with-face-masks/
      Try this one: https://www.eutimes.net/2020/03/china-mocks-stupid-westerners-film-themselves-wiping-feet-with-face-masks-faulty-thermometers-for-export/

      1. Last night on the War Room election special Bannon had CCP defector and Covid virus whistleblower Dr. Li Meng Yan in person for a full segment. It was important she was there in person to show the CCP and Chinese audience she is in the USA.
        When asked about Covid vaccines she said ” Why? Vaccines aren’t effective unless you do multiple shots and then have many side effects. Covid viruses mutate too quickly.
        Just live your life and if you get sick do a treatment of Hydrochloroquine, Azithromycin and zinc. It works and its cheap.”

        Here she is featured on a full War Room show ep 431 proving the CCP virus is a bioweapon

  4. Nope CBC, sorry, just telling a lie one more time doesn’t put it over the top.

    Trump has conditioned nobody.

    That’s the job of the mainstream media. And they have succeeded with about half the population. The other half knows they are being told lies, and have rebelled against it.

    So tell your viewers that for a change. They might as well know the truth too.

    1. Peter, I agree with you, but the CBC is profoundly corrupt from top to bottom, and will never change. They are incapable of it.

  5. I hear that vote counting has stopped for the night.

    Is the reproductive time for copulating votes less than 24 hours?

    1. In Philadelphia they just decided to stop all counting at 10:30pm and come back in the morning. Not like there is anybody waiting or showing some moderate interest in what those results might be. Oh well! Gotta get their beauty sleep.

      (Maybe they’re waiting for delivery of a package of some sort….)

  6. China’s President Biden will follow Blackie’s path to ensure that the Democratic Party will always remain in power. He will flood the U.S. with muslim immigrants to make it a one party state. It worked for Justin.

  7. Morning in America. Let the cheating really get rolling. Big Tech, the Chinese, the virus, a totally corrupt Democratic Party carried by a completely discredited and dishonest media are hard at work. You’ll notice the cry is not, “COUNT EVERY LEGAL VOTE.”

  8. A lot yet to happen. The fraud is just ramping up and the stopping of the counting in several states, where Trump was ahead should be very concerning. Until the electoral college is finished there can be no decision. And states like PA are going all in on the fraud.

  9. I think that Trump will win PA, but the stopping of the counting by Democrat officials when they saw which way the wind was blowing, and when they figured out how many more votes they would need in Wisconsin, Georgia, and Michigan is banana republic stuff.

    But the R’s have held the Senate, which means that Hunter’s laptop is going to be given a thorough going over. Biden will be forced out one way or another before next year is over, should he win. And he might.

    1. “the stopping of the counting by Democrat officials when they saw which way the wind was blowing……..is banana republic stuff”
      This is beyond that; in a banana republic the fraudsters usually have the fake ballots in place on election night so they can be counted.

    2. But can you imagine a Giggles Harris as president?. She will laugh herself todeath with the stress. North America is doomed!.. And so are we.. Turdley and Harris will destroy the economy North/South.

  10. The media is excited that the first transgender has been elected, and a Black Lives Matter terrorist has been elected.

    1. Sarah McBride and surprise, it’s a Democrat. And if you go to the Wikipedia article, the obviously male McBride is never once described as being anything else than female, from birth…read it for yourself. Even gave a Ted Talk.

        1. Xim/xer/xit’s “husband” was a xim/xer/xit in reverse. Yeah, one of those…..

      1. Interesting that there’s a Biden connection with xim/xer/xit.

        By the way, the “husband” was a xim/xer/xit in reverse. Yeah, one of those…..

  11. BIDEN MUST CONCEDE and save face. It’s pretty obvious, Trump won PA, TX, NC, MI, GA. The more they count, more Trump leads.

    1. Jim, Biden has been instructed by Deep State Hillary that Joe must never concede. The moment Joe Biden concedes the subpoenas start flying and Michael Flynn will be released from prison and Trump will appoint him head of the FBI. This is why the Deep State has instructed all their Dem minions to stop the counting and ramp up the printing presses. Waaaaay too much at stake for a concession speech.

  12. Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa congratulated Donald Trump on what he described in a tweet as a clear victory in the U.S presidential election, becoming the first European Union leader to do so.
    “It’s pretty clear that American people have elected @realDonaldTrump @Mike_Pence for #4moreyears,” said the leader of the tiny Alpine country, which is homeland of first lady Melania Trump.

    “More delays and facts denying from #MSM, bigger the final triumph for #POTUS,” tweeted Jansa, a rightist politician who had supported Trump ahead of the U.S vote.

  13. Meanwhile here in Blackie’s Canada Infrastructure Barbie will be handing out more money to indians. And the Grand Poobah of indians will be demanding more money today. Liberal lackies continue to speak for hours in order to filibuster any attempts in committees to examine Great Leader’s pandemic spending. The NDP will be calling for free dental care for everybody, and the Bloc leader wants Angry Adolf to commit to turning Canada into a green paradise.

  14. Drag it out over several days. That way the trucks with Biden ballots don’t all show up at the same time.

  15. I thought …here we go…
    One could see it happening in real time — they just stopped reporting any new numbers from the last 6 states that have the most electoral votes.

    Here it is 24 hours later and the same 6 states aren’t anywhere near reporting the count.

    Oh wait, FNC just projected: Biden wins Wisconsin.

    This is so rigged, by 5:00 pm Biden will have his win, will there be balloons and fireworks. Did they get the Champagne on ice yet?

  16. Leftist douche at the new york times writes this headline of course “When a President Sabotages His Own Country. Donald Trump may hug and kiss the flag, but he is undermining our election’s legitimacy and our government.”

    You know after all the Obama years and the stuff they did and tried to do, the unbelievable amount of TDS in the last 4 years and what THEY have done to undermine their election’s legitimacy and their government it’s time to start dealing with the left by force. They use force either literally in the streets or by government using unjust laws, big tech subsidies so they do their bidding and the media. And all of this is plain to see by anyone who is not a leftist enemy.

    Anyway, here’s the article and the archive of it in case you have to make an account to to read it.

  17. The Dems are exposed for election fraud. Multiple ridings with more votes than registered voters, all swing states.
    This will be reversed by the courts. Media cannot contain this fraud.
    Trump will win.